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Abuses of our NHS . . . The growing Cancer within Society


I have now personally come face to face with the reality of a modern health service that is driven by a business model, rather than the traditional vocational model of compassion and care. Our health is weighed against cost and this shallow, and to my mind irrelevant value in this instance, determines our quality of life as we grow old.

What I find myself having to deal with is that my financial contributions, paid in good faith over many years, are now irrelevant in my efforts to get medical guidance and support. I have been a part of a giant Ponzi scheme, as immoral and corrupt as Robert Maxwell’s theft of his pension scheme in the 80’s and Bernie Madoff more recently. This has been brought about, not by a crooked financiers, but successive governments over many decades that we have elected and trusted to manage the needs of Society.

[A Ponzi scheme pays earlier investors (taxpayers here) using the investments (taxes) of later investors (taxpayers), using the considerable balance to squander on the personal desires and goals of the scheme operator (the government)] Continue reading

Politicos ‘British Values’ + Magna Carta 2 Insult the Electorate . . . Again!



Apparently the latest gimmick from No 10 is to revamp Magna Carta, the most respected constitutional document in the world, in yet another attempt to salvage the nose diving reputation of Education Secretary Michael Gove and Parliament. In yet another skimpily thought out attempt to regain some credibility with the public, it is now latching on to next year’s 800th anniversary of the original Charter, (funnily enough in an election year), to try and see if some of the respect and majesty held for this historic document will rub off on the shallowness of modern politics. Continue reading

Profit is an Addiction . . . and We Have to Face this Fact


Millennia ago, when we bartered firewood for meat we could see how much firewood we needed to cook the meat and how much meat we needed to feed ourselves, making it easy to trade with each other to satisfy our immediate needs.

When we created money, we introduced a whole new can of worms into the business of barter, without realising it. This money we had created was useless in directly feeding, clothing and sheltering us.

Because it was not an essential commodity it was difficult to work out what it was actually worth. This complication meant that an intangible value was placed upon a shell/coin, which could then be bartered for tangible items such as a cow/sheep/water/clothing etc.

It is here that human nature then took over. The individual with money sought to transfer as few useless coins as possible, in return for as many essential life-sustaining goods as possible. In that moment, profit was born. Continue reading

Magna Carta in a nutshell

By Uploaded by AzaToth. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons |Source=http:By // |Date=1297 |Author=Edward I |Permission=PD |other_versions=Magna_Carta.jpg }}

The Problem

King John (1166–1216) was proclaimed King of England in 1199 and along with this title came lands in France. It was said that John had dangerous personality traits that exuded spitefulness and cruelty, evidenced in his mistreatment of French nobles that eventually resulted in the loss of these lands.

His subsequent failed attempts to regain them through continuous warfare resulted in his growing abuse of his subjects from the high taxation and futile loss of human life his obsession caused. Many of his nobles became increasingly discontent with this tyranny as he began imposing new taxes without their prior agreement, breaking with feudal law and customs of the times and bringing the country to its knees.

At the same time he also succeeded in angering the Roman Catholic Church and was excommunicated by the Pope in 1209.

The Solution

1214 saw the nadir of John’s reign. After yet another failed attempt to regain his French lands he returned to England to extract further taxes and a new army but was met by rebellion. After bloody altercations with his people, the nobles sat down with the king and negotiated 63 clauses that made up the first document which, through the power of the written word, would force the then elite to cease the abuse of the majority.

Magna Carta came into force on 15th June 1215. Of particular significance was a section now called clause 61, which established a committee of 25 nobles who oversaw what the king was up to. They had powers to overrule his will and even confiscate his property if he defied the dictates of the Charter.

The Outcome

Unfortunately Magna Carta was not an overnight success in curbing John’s abuses, as he chose to ignore much of its contents up until his death a year later. However, his successor Henry III agreed the Charter’s place in Society in 1225 and this was granted in perpetuity in 1237. For the next 600 years this famous Charter determined the manner in which those we give our power to governed Society, by defining and maintaining the rights and freedoms of the people.

This Charter remained intact until 1829 when clause 26 was repealed. With this action a precedent was created, and over the next 140 years the majority of the Charter was repealed, leaving just 3 clauses remaining after 1969.

With this loss we seem to be returning to the abuses of 800 years ago, begging the question as to whether a new updated version of this Charter is now needed … and “the nobles” to go with it. JTCoombes

Extract from: ‘Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If they want it!’ by J T Coombes


I Hate the Phrase ‘Ruling Elite’ They are Not . . . ‘Elite’ that is!


By Tewy (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is the definition of ‘Elite’ from Wikipedia:

In General, elite means the more capable group of the peoples. The selected part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

I would like to argue that this phrase has now come into common use to define a superior group within our species who are somehow better or more qualified to hold the positions they do than the rest of us. I would also argue that to be better or more qualified implies they must have gifts that benefit the rest of us, or else why are they elevated to this dominating position within our Society?

What we are actually defining is a group of people who have skills in the creation and management of wealth, and who apply those narrow skills diligently to protect and grow that wealth and the power that comes with it. This process of protecting and growing comes at a cost to the remainder of Society, who are suppressed from gaining similar rewards for their efforts. If this is the reality, how can they be ‘Elitist’ by the above definition?

The process itself is achieved by sponsoring and directing governments (which the majority have elected to power), to pass laws that benefit them. Whilst this is now a commonly acknowledged practise what is constantly overlooked is that if we had not elected those governments into power in the first place there would be nothing to sponsor or direct. I accept that we elect governments into power from the information we are given, or because of tradition, but in the end it is OUR power that sets in place the means by which the ‘Elite’ manipulate Society for their benefit.

If this power base of government cannot come into force without our compliance then surely it is us that are more capable and superior in abilities with the real power and must therefore be the “Elite”. Our compliance is far more powerful that any amount of money! Sadly however, what is happening at present is that instead of us dictating what government does for our benefit, we hand that power away by not making our presence felt once we have put them in power, and worse . . .  governments know this!

We have the tools to take back that power and assume our rightful position as “Elitist” through greater application of our growing skills with social media. This has already been proven with many successes already under our belt across the globe. The ‘Ruling Elite’ believe in themselves first and foremost, and with this self-belief they then use the tools at their disposal. It is time for us now to find that same self-belief within every one of us, in that respect we are no different to the ‘Ruling Elite’. We must now find it, trust in it and use it, the tools are already there.

But also we must find a new phrase for our new found power . . . “Elite” really doesn’t work for me and I don’t think it does for you either!

Until the next time

Water Cannons in London . . . The Ultimate Contempt for Democracy

Water cannon

By Vitaly Kuzmin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

When the headlines rang out in the morning papers that Boris Johnson had bought water cannon to maintain the safety of London streets the contempt he and other senior politicians have for the electorate became glaringly obvious.

That the need for this intense level of crowd control had never been proven on mainland Britain speaks volumes about the manner in which we handle freedom of speech and peaceful protest. In protests last year the police introduced the tactic of “Kettling” the demonstrators without the need for forceful assaults of the kind these horrendous weapons can inflict.

Indeed some police forces are showing real concern at this new development in crowd control as, rightly so, they believe it will change dramatically the relationship between police and the public. It is accepted that there are aggressive elements at demonstrations who simply like to disrupt and be aggressive, but they are not the majority. Water cannon go beyond the line of democratic action in a country that is the home of free speech and will introduce greater aggression by protesters as their frustration to make a point is further diminished.

The timing could also not be worse, as people continue their anger at the increasing surveillance society our own GCHQ seem to be spearheading across the globe. If water cannon are the ultimate contempt for democracy then surveillance has to be the ultimate hypocrisy, as it is obvious government can hand out being spied upon but can’t take it themselves!

But there is a more sinister theme running beneath the surface and that is the mind-set of government ministers who seem to have little or no respect for the people that elected them to power. This is forcefully demonstrated by Boris Johnson’s actions over these water cannon. It appears, from press reports, that it was the ability to buy them on the cheap that motivated him, overriding concerns about the already poor relationship politicians have with the electorate and our history as responsible peaceful protestors. If this isn’t seemingly rubbing our noses in it with a vicious crowd control machine bought as a ‘job lot’ to score political points over Theresa May, I don’t know what is!


This is arrogant contempt of the most vile, offering a vivid insight into political thinking these days. I accept we are in an era of ‘career’ politicians and so any form of vision in directing this country is at a premium, but holding onto power at any price is now increasingly becoming the norm, of which this is a gesture of the most extreme.


All of this shortly after having to listen to Michael Gove pushing “British Values”, without having the first clue as to what he was talking about, something that became very evident after the launch of this latest sound bite. Well Messrs Johnson and Gove, let me tell you that “British Values” are about playing fairly with the people who put you and your mates into power, and there is an election next year.

I for one will be pushing for the electorate to only vote for minority parties and not the three main parties, whose time must now be coming to a close, as it becomes increasingly obvious how out of touch they are with the electorate. The country will not come to a grinding halt, as the Civil Service will continue their splendid job of running the administration of this country. Of course another election will have to be called to find a majority party but a powerful people generated kick up the backside will have been delivered to Parliament that MAY get you all thinking about the best interests of the electors, instead of politicians and their corporate sponsors.

Until the next time

Birmingham . . . Education Not Manipulation!


Parent’s day at Eirfan’s KindergartenCC BY 2.0 Emran Kassim from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Images and beliefs planted during the educational process, particularly in junior school, are a powerful tool with which to shape future Society, something religious institutions have recognised and used for centuries. Within state schools education has been a political ‘football’ as successive governments, like religions, have sought to impose their vision of how to nurture our young.

Just like a football the direction of education has bounced back and forth, leaving teachers and pupils at the mercy of whatever fad our ‘career’ politicians have hit upon as a means to win fame and fortune. Sadly this political manoeuvring is driven by a lust for power and lacks both vision and depth of thinking. Each successive Education minister reacts to the opinion polls, or worse continues and ill though out strategy that lowers the morale of the teaching staff because no one direction can be sustained for very long.

This is particularly pertinent where religious teaching is concerned because it has been the cause of more human suffering to our species that any other type of belief system. Great power can be achieved over many people through religious belief and the manner in which this power has been exerted over the centuries has cause the deaths of billions of innocent people as one belief system vies with another for control of our species.

In Birmingham it has reared its ugly head again as reports offer that Islamic fundamentalists seek to take over and control the agendas of schools in the city. Their intent is to introduce their own narrow belief system with the intention of shaping future Society in Birmingham and, hopefully the rest of Britain. The outcry their actions have evoked suggests their beliefs have little or no credibility in a free society that will not tolerate any reductions in that freedom. Sharia law will not gain acceptance across a multi-cultural society that is seeing the growing emancipation of women, the odds are too great, as women enjoy the fruits of their hard won battles for gender equality.

In an era where the status quo of our entire species is undergoing radical change the like of which is unprecedented in our history, with the communications explosion, globalisation and multi-culturalism, Society is struggling to cope and that has a devastating knock on effect to our children!

Education has to be the central rock upon which we guide our young through these times of vast social upheaval and must be the conduit through which thinking, data and guidance on these changes must travel.


For this to happen effectively our Education policy must be put in the hands of a government who has and understanding of what is now going on and the vision to drive the ‘School Bus’ safely along its journey to global emancipation and understanding. Reacting to another burst in the dam, as has happened over the Trojan Horse affair, by calling for ‘British values’ is indicative of someone wholly out of their depth and relying on the shallowness of sound bites to resolve a serious problem.

Our children and the teaching establishment deserve better and this must be reflected in how we vote next year. I believe we should vote for minority parties to send a crystal clear message to parliament that we have had enough. The country will not grind to a halt because it is the Civil Service that runs things, politicians merely point them in a particular direction. What it will do is scare the hell out of the main three parties and knock the arrogant smile off the faces of the leadership.

We are in too much of a mess now through shallow political values, closely aligned to the corporate world, that have created debt, fracking, surveillance, unemployment, the rape of our healthcare services and so much more. Voters have the real power and government has to be brought back under control by voters increasingly calling the shots. They can do it they just have to wake up and realise it!

Until the next time.


Democracy in UK Now Seriously Under Threat


Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 May 2005. Website:


With the contents of this year’s Queens Speech now in the public domain we have the evidence of the further serious erosion of democracy by government. We have known for a while that David Cameron has a personal agenda to eradicate all obstructions to his pursuit of a fracking bonanza that will lay two thirds of this country open to exploration.

As if this wasn’t enough he is now ignoring the desires of 74% of the public who do not want the current Trespass Laws changed to allow chemicals to be pumped under their property without their consent. It has always been said that “An Englishman’s Home is His Castle”, identifying our feelings of security in shutting our front door behind us when we return home and thus being inviolate to the world at large.

Now Parliament, with little dissent, seems intent upon using its power to push through critical abuses of our rights as human beings to live our lives as we choose. That is defying the core of the democratic process. We decided and the elected carry it out. Sadly we are in an era of “career” politicians, where the elected are convinced they know better and are shaping a state of their choosing.

If ‘their choosing’ benefits the majority then I can see nothing wrong but sadly the continued alienation of the people from the political process is the only result of current political practice. There is no visionary leadership but rather a determination to hold on to and wield power.

We have seen our social services collapse before our eyes as successive governments have placed the needs of business before the needs of the people. We are told that business must be free to do whatever it deems necessary to create jobs but jobs are not forthcoming, only an increasing divide between rich and poor.

The banking collapse was the greatest betrayal of the electorate by government as taxpayer money was used like a sponge to soak up the bad debts of unregulated banking practice. The most glaring evidence that business must not be free to do what it likes, but carefully controlled to resist the lure of easy profits from dubious business practice at the expense of the people.

People are becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of abuses coming out of government, from the expenses scandals, to corporate lobbying that nullifies the democratic process and surveillance that strikes at the very heart of our privacy, all of which the taxpayer must pay for.

All that is left now to reassert democracy is the internet and the power of social media to enable us to speak freely and directly with each other. The mushrooming across the globe of people driven campaigning sites such as 38 Degrees, Avaaz and many others is having an impact upon both business and politics as people react to current abuses.

Most notable was the clipping of Rupert Murdoch’s wings when he and parliament believed his takeover of BSkyB was a forgone conclusion and people demanded he be stopped . . . and in no uncertain terms he was stopped! Time and again people power has asserted itself to the extent that governments are now troubled by this supposed interference to ‘party line and policy’. But this is the very essence of how people reassert a true democratic environment and fight back against current lack of transparency and political skulduggery.

Whether it is fracking, EU membership, healthcare, student debt or the myriad of other abuses perpetrated in the interest of business or political expediency people now have the tools to effectively fight back, as well as the ballot box. On the latter it would be good for the political establishment if only minority parties were put in power from next year’s elections, as a mark of national discontent at the ‘3 party system’ that is now crippling this country.

The country would not fall into chaos because the Civil Service runs the administration of our services, politicians simply point them in a political direction. Certainly a vote of discontent of this size would provide a severe and necessary wake up call to the political establishment, destroying the arrogance and contempt that currently prevails towards the electorate and sounding a warning that people have had enough of the abuse from the current political system.

Another election would be quickly called and new manifestos drawn up which more closely align to what people are calling for, and not political interpretation of what they think people want. All of a sudden there would be a new respect for voters and the power they are able to assert. It would be good for people as well, to see their actions causing tremors in Whitehall in a manner never before achieved.

The means to do all of this exists now, it just needs for people to want to do it . . . it really is that simple! I would like to see a start now with something we can win which is the curtailment of current government fracking activity across the country. It will destroy our countryside and could poison our farmlands forever with chemicals the industry is loath to disclose. How exhilarating to win and then turn to the next subject as we build a message for the 2015 elections.

Until the next time

If you would like to support my petition to seriously reduce government sponsored fracking in this country follow this link:

The Horrors of Fracking (2)      . . . Could it devastate our food supply?

Fracking water pumps

Water Tanks preparing from a Fracking job

By Joshua Doubek (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) is to announce a new round of on-shore oil and gas exploration licensing with about two thirds of Britain potentially on offer to exploration companies. – Source Sunday Times 11/05/2014

Welcome to the National Parks    Britain’s breathing spaces

“There are 15 members of the National Parks family, beautiful areas of mountains, meadows, moorlands, woods and wetlands.

They are areas of protected countryside that everyone can visit, and where people live, work and shape the landscape.”

“Farmers are an important group of landowners and agriculture is one of the main land uses in National Parks”

I would suggest that “areas of protected countryside” is precisely what these beautiful areas are no longer, and it will not become as easy to visit them either. ‘Two thirds’ of Britain has now become the playing field for corporate businesses in what can only be described as volume shale gas production in its infancy, and therefore totally untested.

Vested interests would argue that this type of exploration has been around for 60 years or more without headline grabbing disasters and I would agree. However what has been practised so far pales into insignificance compared with the 21st century ‘gold rush’ that is now being pushed by government.

Let’s forget the science of the process for a moment and just look at practicalities. We are talking a resource that requires ‘oceans’ of water and chemicals for its extraction, with huge volumes of BIG Lorries to transport chemicals and toxic waste. They will require a road infrastructure that will make Spaghetti Junction look like a quiet country lane in a small hamlet. Sadly this is the environment these roads will need to pass through, creating untold pressures to the many communities, of which farming and livestock is an integral part.

Then there is the question of pollution of air and water. As far as air pollution is concerned methane leaks can come from the wells themselves, but let us not underestimate the emissions from the plethora of powered equipment, rigs pumps and compressors etc., necessary to pump the water and chemicals into the ground and extract the resultant gas/oil. In addition there is of course the exhaust emissions from the ceaseless movement across the country of the BIG Lorries mentioned earlier.

When we look at water usage the picture gets really scary because of the vast volumes of water necessary to the process. In America it has been estimated that during the lifetime of an average well something like up to 8 million US gallons of water will be used, which will be higher over here because shale depths are one and a half times further down. Not only will water be taken from streams and rivers that are already becoming challenged in their ability to provide for our basic needs, but also we will place our food at risk by having both arable and livestock farming competing for that same water supply.

Further potential threats to our food supply come from the fluids that return back to the surface with the extracted gas and these seem to range from 20% to 70% of what is injected. ‘Flowback’ water can be treated but it is an expensive time and chemical intensive process that profit driven corporations may become less motivated to remain involved with.

But all of this pales into insignificance compared with the long term dangers of pumping vast amounts of chemicals (which continue to remain a mystery) into the ground and their re-emergence at some time in the future. Although no scientist, I believe this re-emergence has to happen because of the sheer volume of chemicals being pumped into the ground through across the country. As these chemicals rise to the surface our food and water will become contaminated on an unimaginable scale, making us incapable of providing for our very survival.

Vested interests will argue that this won’t happen . . . BUT THEY DON’T KNOW . . . none of us do, and that is the honest truth – was climate change an issue 25 years ago!

Overall therefore it is essential for the necessary regulatory regimes needed to protect us and the environment to be put in place by government and rigidly adhered to. Here, worryingly, governments of every political hue have a poor track record of regulation, with the banking crisis still fresh in our minds, plus their ongoing relationship with corporate sponsors.

Driven by a government whose seriously depleted treasury coffers would benefit from 40% of corporate profits, (if they are kept in this country), the ability to apply responsible regulation of this industry is, I would suggest, a pipe dream.

How can any government contemplate handing over two thirds of the country to this type of commercial activity when official government figures for 2012 stated that 70% of Britain is used for farming. This is not thinking from visionary leadership but rather the short term thinking of ‘professional’ politicians seeking the means to repay massive debt they have incurred without seeking our authority so to do.

I’m not arguing we shouldn’t explore the possibilities of fracking, but we must do it responsibly over a period of years, to gain greater insight and experience before committing our country to a course of action that could become irreversibly destructive . . . climate change is quite enough for the moment!

Greenpeace are getting in the governments face with this issue and have a petition with nearly 250,000 signatures. I am writing independently of them but know they are the experts at making things happen and so you might like to add your name, if you haven’t already done so, or not, it’s up to you . . . I did.

Until the next time . . .

The Horror of Fracking and Why We Can’t Regulate it – A Warning!!


By Joshua Doubek (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The problem is all in the title. Fracking is all about ‘hydraulic fracturing’ of the ground beneath us. Simply put it’s a procedure that creates fractures in rocks and their formations deep under the earth, by injecting sand water and chemicals into cracks to force them to open further. This allows more oil and gas to come out of the rock formation where it can be extracted. In essence it is putting underground rock formations under high pressure to yield their stores of oil and gas.

Whilst fracking has been around for more than 20 years it has been on a small scale and therefore few problems that we are aware of. However the boom now taking place is changing the whole ball game in its breadth and intensity. America is leading the way and it is here that problems are now beginning to manifest. One retired high ranking oil company executive has gone on record as saying that we do not have the technology at present to make fracking safe, and current proposed regulations are inadequate. So what’s the problem?

Already the US Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a study for a better understanding of any potential dangers to drinking and ground water from the process. Why such a restricted study directed solely at water and not ground erosion of earthquake risk as well? Do they know something we don’t . . . again!

There has been great reticence by fracking companies to disclose the chemicals they use in the process, which include benzene and methanol. Whilst they argue these are household chemicals we keep in the kitchen, which is true, we do not use the massive quantities that fracking requires. Of more pressing concern however, is how to deal with these toxic chemicals when they return to the surface, which they are doing with increasing alarm.

Fracking also seems to have a high social cost that impinges on communities large and small. These translate into clearing large swathes of land, building access roads and drilling structures and encasing the well, together with high volumes of heavy vehicles transporting the toxic waste to disposal sites, which also threatens and heightens the risks to air, water and environmental stability. These concerns have translated into over 250 communities in the US having passed resolutions to stop fracking and why Vermont, France and Belgium have stopped it.

In April of this year a Texas family received $3 million in compensation after it was shown that the family’s health was seriously impaired by fracking activity. Children with nose bleeds, rashes and nausea and parents with similar symptoms as well as breathing difficulties, all of which began after the fracking activity commenced in their surrounding vicinity. This case is a first, as many other similar experiences by people around fracking sites have been gagged by out of court settlements with the companies involved.

Here in the UK we have had a recent similar experience in Lancashire when earth tremors were admitted to have come from fracking activity by the company involved.

With so much secrecy surrounding the actual process, and its repercussions, it begs the question as to why the government is so keen to press ahead as quickly as possible? And with this precedent for secrecy continuing, what reassurance do we have that the government can successfully regulate the industry’s activities? After all their track record with banks is not inspiring and fracking is an equally powerful industry.

To my mind it all boils down to governments need to find money to service the monumental amounts of debt it has taken on in recent years. With an election only a year away it needs some financial goodies to try and bribe the electorate to show it is being fiscally responsible. Fracking ticks all the boxes and with this vested interest it is almost certain any regulation will be lax.

Given the experience in the US over a number of years, we should be looking at a gradual development of this possible source of energy. Take 5 years say, to closely monitor the work in both intense and more relaxed conditions, whilst involving the local communities for any introduction of pollution, be it above or below the earth and in the air. Government is talking about vast tracts of land being made available and if it goes wrong, and current evidence suggests in might, the price Society will have to pay, like the oil spill in Mexico and the Fukushima disaster, does not bear thinking about!

Beyond all of this conjecture I cannot help feeling that this infant industry is beginning to look as dangerous as our already established nuclear power industry, with all the problems of how to deal with the toxic waste. As climate change brings harsher weather conditions, land erosion is rearing its ugly head. Whatever we construct to contain this hazardous waste Nature is quite incapable of respecting. With this new venture, unless we are cautious we are simply adding to the problem rather than diminishing it?

Until the next time