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Core Belief 8: From ‘Profitable’ to ‘Charitable’ – To repair the damage we are now causing our Planet and each other by adopting ‘Charitable’ human endeavour over ‘Profitable’ human endeavour, prioritising the broader values of charitable thinking and endeavour in how we live Life, ending our current profit driven path to self-destruction.

Who Actually Owns ‘Our’ Money?

banks photo

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller  

In a piece last week

I alluded to the ‘farcical’ nature of our money, as the taxes we pay are now used to compensate us when the banks steal our money . . . We seem to be paying for everything!!! As I pondered this the penny suddenly dropped.

(I know, I know. Not the brightest in the chandelier but I get there eventually!)

I was explaining how the next collapse will see the banks convert, not our taxes this time but our savings, current accounts and investments into their assets. “But they can’t do that” I hear you say, “It’s OUR money!!!”

Ah! No! Sadly it isn’t . . . It’s theirs! They print it (out of thin air) and then distribute it as 97% of the world’s currencies, charging us compound interest for its use (In Greece’s case at 18%). Every note, coin and digital statement in our pockets, purses, wallets and bank accounts is their property, we are merely borrowing it.

As their property, they can do with it whatever they like and that is precisely what they do. Before the penny dropped I wrote on a number of occasions about 2008 being the greatest financial heist in the history of our species. Sadly I have been misleading you and doing an injustice to the banks. As it’s their money no theft occurred!

All they did was move their money from our ‘taxes pot’ to their seriously broken ‘banking pot’ to repair the damage they had done with all of their sub-prime mortgage/odious debt lending. In taking it out of our ‘taxes pot’ this then left governments without any money to run their countries and so they had to borrow from the banks, something many couldn’t afford.

Therefore the banks insisted governments applied ‘Austerity’ measures, to meet these new debt commitments, which provided them with the excuse to take what isn’t theirs, namely our national assets. They can do all of this because they own and control the global supply of money, which they can hand out or take back whenever they choose and currently there is nothing our governments seem to want to do about it.

When the next collapse occurs they will move their money from our bank accounts into their own bank account, thereby making them solvent again and removing another vast chunk of money out of Society. In Europe the appropriate legislation has already been enacted to make it all appear legal to us, when in fact they don’t really need these cosmetics . . . because it’s all their money. (Just making the point again!)

The widening gap between the rich and poor is because the banks are now choosing to put their money, by the trillion, in the hands of their mates – the global corporations. They are not putting it with the people, who could start the economy growing again, because they choose not to.

Our enslavement by debt is, I believe, the means by which they are hardening their already extensive hold over a now very shaky global financial system that is riddled with Odious debt. (It may also help suppress our growing liberation by the internet.)

It is difficult to find alternative reasons, as I watch the tyrannical ferocity of their demands for the total capitulation of the financially insignificant country of Greece. The world is coming to recognise that this is not responsible banking practice but intimidation in its rawest form, designed to send out a clear message that nobody stands up to the banks.

And from both political and financial perspectives this treatment gets a lot worse. Not only are they destroying democracy, by putting unelected representatives in to run the country but also destroying it with debt. Demanding Greece now takes a new ‘credit card’ with a higher credit limit, to be used specifically to pay off the ‘credit card’ previously issued to them, (and invest little of it in the country), is simply repaying Odious debt with more Odious debt!

Over the years I have read a number of purported conspiracy theories, which to date I have taken with a pinch of salt. These theories suggest that all of the American Presidents who have been assassinated, from Abraham Lincoln to John F Kennedy, had one thing in common. They were all committed to taking away from private banks the issue of the country’s currency and returning it, many would argue rightfully, to a government run Public Banking system that would be of far greater benefit to the people and the economy.

As I ponder this and the mystery that still surrounds the death of JFK, I begin to wonder about these supposed conspiracy theories. Is it possible that what to me was previously ‘farcical’ is indeed lacking in any humour whatsoever?


Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

A British ‘EU’

britain photo

We are just 3 years from the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and I question what has been learned, be it political, financial or social. Politicians have certainly birthed a bureaucratic monster that devours whole countries and spews out endless rules and regulations from their ingestion. It demands uniformity instead of integration and offers little in return.

Like the banks, the EU has become ‘too big to work’, with its growing detachment from the very people who vote it with power and whom it is supposed to serve. Instead we are now seeing a monolith, controlled by the banks, exercising a style of power normally associated with dictatorships, if Greece is anything to go by.

If this is it after nearly six decades of European ‘Unity’ I, for one, really don’t want to continue. Business would disagree, I know but current research by independent bodies such as Open Europe suggest that in event of a Brexit we could survive in the big wide world of free trade, with little difference to GDP if we work our talents.

If we now know that ‘too big’ doesn’t work, we also know that ‘small is beautiful’. After all, look at Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand and many more who are all doing quite nicely thank you!

Following the Scottish Referendum last year and the groundswell of popular sentiment across the whole of the UK for greater independence, the response from Club Westminster has been a string of platitudes to Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the larger cities in England, with the usual lack of substance or political will.

I would like to offer here an argument for us, in some ways, mimicking the structure of the EU on these islands. Creating independent governments for Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England would have many benefits, not least in bringing new motivation and thinking to how we run our lives.

Club Westminster has gained too much control and increasingly abuses its power as it divorces itself from the electorate and aligns with the corporate world. ‘Localising’ government brings the whole democratic process back to the people. The closer to the people the more accountable government becomes, something Brussels practices in reverse!

By encouraging the potential for national development in this manner, each nation can realise the true potential of its people and natural resources without fearing the need to subsidise the other players. Instead of subsidy we open up profitable trade and barter with each other and a far healthier underlying support system in the early days of this fledgling union.

Like any new venture, the better and longer you have known your partners the greater the chances of success. We could not ask for a better relationship than that which lies within the strength of our history, thereby providing a strong foundation for each nation to go out into the big wide world.

Leadership is critical, as four governments led by career politicians without vision would have political point scoring outweigh the development of each country’s potential. It is here that some common direction and values are necessary and I am drawn to a constitution that would hold all four accountable to democratically agreed common values.

It would certainly address protection of the Earth and its inhabitants, debt free money supply, gender equality, unsullied education of the young and true democracy, with freedom of the internet and more. With such a ‘Magna Carta’ drawing and holding the union together, in the early days at least, it might be watched over by the only institution that has solely focussed upon our national values and has no political or corporate affiliations . . . Our present monarchy.

I know this could be a bone of contention for some but think about it. Our royal family has a unique background in simply caring about this country and its people through a true understanding and experience of ALL the four components of this new union. Who is more trusted and better able to call each government to account to its people for breaches of the constitution?

Of course there would be a central council of the WISE (Wales Ireland Scotland England) to run joint responsibilities such as defence. This would form a meeting point for joint ventures and new directions, as well as resolving union problems and abuses. Thereafter we would have autonomous countries free to earn their keep and pay their way under the umbrella of a British Union.

I accept this is a scant overview of a vast subject that will take considerable debate but the thrust of my argument is twofold. Firstly we would not go under if we left the EU, because we are free of crippling regulation and second, for the common good of the people who make up the majority, ‘small’ works over ‘big’ every time!

Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

A ‘MacDonald’s World’

Authors note: The following are my observations on how Society has changed during my lifetime. I make no judgements as to right and wrong but simply ask a question about the direction in which we are now headed.
As a kid growing up in South London in the 50’s, Society was getting over the war but was also fairly settled. As I look back it described the nature of our Britishness as a people, with a monarchy at the helm of that identity.

We left our keys in the few cars that were available then and homes were rarely locked and bolted. Even our criminals had a code of ethics that ostracised anyone convicted of taking a gun, or worse using it, whilst committing a crime.

Napoleon once described us as a “nation of shopkeepers” with the proliferation of family businesses that competed for our individual needs. To them we were ‘Customers’.

In the 60’s foreign businesses, particularly from America, brought their methods of trading to our shores. ‘Super’ markets and ‘Warehouse’ traders selling everything in volume, from toys to carpets appeared and slowly replaced our intimate family businesses.

(Churchill struck a deal with Roosevelt in which, in exchange for US intervention in WWII, American business would be allowed free access to our people.)

These changes saw the demise of the customer as the new businesses, with their endless aisles of goods sold purely on price, slowly but surely changed our identity into consumers and ‘units of profit’. Napoleon, I’m sure, is grinning down at us now!

These new business methods demanded cheap labour and so, over the ensuing decades governments encouraged many immigrants to travel, sometimes thousands of miles, to enter an alien Society in the hope of improving the quality of life for them and their families. Naturally they had a different culture to ours and so they gathered together and formed their own communities to find a sense of identity and belonging.

As the numbers increased so tensions grew, as British values were challenged by these different cultural beliefs and values that our governments had ill prepared us for. Their priority was to meet the demands of employers for more workers, particularly to do the mundane jobs we did not want to do. Their reactive solution to this growing problem was endless ‘anti-racial’ legislation, which sought to insulate the differing cultures and which, sadly, challenged Social integration and cohesion.

Knife crime grew, as did gun violence and our values were again moved from a ‘Bobby with a whistle and a truncheon’ to fully armed and protected squads on constant call and alert. The settled Society that I knew as a kid had disappeared, replaced by an environment that breeds stress, rather than contentment.

Even the flagship of our British values, our monarchy, is under attack from foreign owned media. The purpose is to remove this global icon as the bedrock of our identity. It is a part of a strategy to take away an important aspect of our self-sufficiency as a nation, making us easier to control, a subject I have touched upon before. If this critical institution goes the same way as our shopkeepers it will be like stripping a Rolls Royce of its iconic Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. Our iconic global Trade Mark would be gone and an important part of our Britishness with it, with nothing to fill the void.

Our way of life has undergone a vast change in a relatively short space of time, caused by the demands of an increasingly dominant business culture. This culture seeks to destroy national values and replace them with a global sameness that will bend to the demands of their market place. It requires not only consumers and cheap labour but also vast quantities of cheap natural resources.

It is here that I come to the nub of my concerns about life in this 21st century. Britain is not the only country being stripped of its identity, as debt and migration become the norm and MacDonald’s appears on every high street and back street across the globe. In losing our national identities we lose our uniqueness and the ability to teach and learn from each other.

The very differences that were misused to create endless wars in our past are also the means by which we can come together, as the internet now shows us the inherent qualities each nation has to offer.

As I write TTIP is being bulldozed into legality and will see the final destruction of our sovereign democracies and identities. It will create a ‘MacDonald’s World’ where everywhere you go on this Planet you will find the same burger, same retail outlets, same consumer culture and same abuses. We are now in serious danger of allowing the Global Village we are headed towards to be shaped and destroyed by the corporate world, as they pursue their own narrow goals.

Life is too precious and so are we, for abuses of that scale to become a reality. We need new leadership that will again fight for the people.

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Is Greece the Catalyst?


Syriza photo

Whilst I am not a supporter of any extreme beliefs, be they religious, political, financial or corporate, I think it took this type of thinking to begin a reaction to the abuses the Greek people have been enduring for the past 5 years. Even just a superficial understanding of finance shows that ‘Austerity’ is not a solution to their problems but merely a means by which the troika could support the plunder and control of Society.

What I find repugnant is the origins to the problem and the subsequent abuse which simply added insult to injury. In the beginning it was irresponsible politicians who sought to stay in power by borrowing more money. They were supported with even greater irresponsibility by Goldman Sachs who, we are told, used some ‘creative accounting’ to ensure the new funds, on which they earned obscene fees, were hidden from the gaze of the Greek people and EU application forms!

The actions of both parties was premeditated abuse, as they were all fully aware of the consequences of this joint irresponsibility upon the people. It mirrored the same consequences that irresponsible lending achieved with the US sub-prime mortgage fiasco, resulting in the same pain and misery. Whilst the troika were quick to impose severe penalties on the Greek people, no such penalties were imposed upon Goldman Sachs for irresponsible lending. More irresponsibility? . . . You decide!

The sinister human cost of ‘Austerity’ can be measured by the escalation in levels of suicide, the degradation of people who previously held responsible jobs and now search the garbage for sustenance and the country’s youth, half of whom see no chance of getting a job in their lifetime. Let’s just stay with that last point. Can you remember your youth and the knowing that all you had to decide was which type of job or career you wanted to pursue.

How would you have felt after 5 years of despair of ever finding ANY employment and then hearing the MD of the IMF telling you it would be something you might have to get used to! If ever there is a breeding ground for young terrorists it has to be here. Watching ISIS and the others striking blows against the Capitalist system must look increasingly more attractive as your time without a job, or any purpose to your life just continues seemingly endlessly, fuelling a growing anger.

People are not stupid and particularly not the young. As a species we are designed to reach a point where the powerful forces within each of us push us to find a mate, build a home and bring up a family. The greed of the political and corporate world has overlooked this fundamental aspect of what we are all about, resulting in frustration, resentment and anger building up like a global pressure cooker, until a backlash occurs.

Believe you me it will be no damp squib when it comes, because we are abusing primal forces here and the energy this generates will do whatever is necessary to return balance to all that is so much out of balance now on this beautiful Planet. The reactions of the Greek people, after Sunday’s election results, endorse the desperate need to end the abusive slavery of ‘Austerity’.

People are not sure how Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza party will improve matters but the very fact that he is prepared to defiantly stand up to abusive methods that are not yielding any results after 5 years has touched a nerve, not only in Greece but elsewhere.

In Spain the Podemos Party Secretary General, Pablo Iglesias, is now suggesting Syriza’s victory could be repeated there, as levels of discontent at ‘Austerity’ also continue to grow. Given similar climates in Portugal and Italy, will we see a groundswell from the political backlash in Greece, as other old political orders, seen as condoning and supporting the abuse, come under attack?

Possibly but what I do sense very strongly is that we are reaching a global tipping point. Like every bad general, those in power are spending all their time concentrating upon winning every battle, not aware that they are losing the war. Surveillance and debt to suppress, QE to keep a bankrupt financial system afloat and secret trade deals to support unlimited profit growth and castrate democracy will all eventually implode from their own abuses.

In the meantime, whatever it takes to ignite and unite people globally will bring matters to a head and Mr Tsipras and Syriza could well be that spark. This time however, unlike the Occupy ‘movement’ who fought valiantly outside the corridors of power, we have a political party with defined leadership fighting within those same corridors . . . Interesting!

Until the next time.


P.S. Just set up another site to further promote my work. Any RT’s would be greatly appreciated.



Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

The NHS is Society’s Responsibility

Nigel Farage tells us the “NHS might have to be replaced by private health insurance” which means there is no political salvation from this lunacy, even from the new kid on the block. Westminster truly has lost the plot in avoiding its responsibilities to the people.

Let’s get right back to basics and remember that this is a SUPPORT SERVICE to Society. It is a non-profit insurance scheme which is paid for by that Society in the sure knowledge that, like any good insurance policy, it will look after ALL of its members in times of hardship without fear of fault or favour.

We have an aging population that all parties have been aware of for a very long time and which they have systematically and irresponsibly buck passed on to the next incumbent, ensuring we arrive at the mess we are now in. Healthcare is a moral issue, not political or financial and demonstrates the level of care Society has towards its sick, old and infirm. Currently that caring is being torn apart by the profit and greed of unregulated Capitalism!

This has been made abundantly clear from the experience in America in particular, where the very people who need the support cannot get it because they cannot afford it, or are not acceptable to insurance companies. Profit is ‘Playing God’ (often by tick boxes!) in discriminating who it can make money from and who it will allow to suffer, or die!

We are being dragged, kicking and screaming, towards the US experience by a Parliament who is obligated by one of the many conditions of the ‘Austerity Measures’ imposed when taking on an ever growing mountain of debt we have not authorised. We are in the grip of career politicians who care little about this country and its people, in their desperate attempts to remain in power at any cost.

What is so repugnant to me is there is no respect for people in any of what we are now experiencing. This Unregulated Capitalism not only makes profits from employees and consumers but also now looks to make profits from them when they are sick.

After a lifetime of working for one, or a number of companies, those same companies seek to shrug off the responsibility they have to repay their workers with a secure retirement they have earned from contributing to those companies’ profits as those very same consumers and employees.

I would suggest, that we should be coming at this problem from a totally different direction than a parliament that increasingly cow-tows to their corporate masters. By looking at our current financial systems and recognising that money is no longer our servant, we can see that it is being encouraged to become our master, focussing entirely upon subduing and controlling us through debt – Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy are perfect examples.

By following the example of strong leadership in Peru and other Latin American countries we need to confront the very core of the problem first and foremost. Once we take control of printing our own money, instead of borrowing it from banks at a horrendous cost in interest and debt obligations, of which the NHS is but one such abuse, we are in a position to become masters of our own destiny. The interest alone we are paying would go a long way to funding a health service the rest of the world would be envious of.

In this, an election year, I am dumb founded that our political parties are pussyfooting around the perimeter of this problem by pursuing ‘business models’ as the solution to the care profession.

Such is this irresponsibility that patients are dying unnecessarily and the morale of our conscientious doctors and nurses is on the floor, driving many of them to emigrate to a more supportive environment. Not one of our leaders seems embarrassed by this national disgrace, given what we have invested in training these wonderful people, only now to abuse and lose them.

Fighting and arguing about the many individual abuses within the health service will only allow politicians to counter-argue that privatisation is the solution. It has to be attacked from the fundamental core issue of debt ladened obligation that is making our governments increasingly more secretive and ‘economical with the truth’ on the direction they are forcing us to follow.

Left and Right can offer no way out because they have created the problem by systematically ignoring it. People must demand their power back this May by supporting the party that will introduce People Driven Referendums on any and everything there is sufficient interest in.

I bet the NHS would be the subject commanding the number 1 position . . . and then something could be done by the people for the people!


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It!  By J T Coombes

2015 . . . The Death Throes of Capitalism

Madness is badness of spirit when one seeks profit from everything. Aristotle

The overriding importance we place upon the dominant need for endless profit displays all of the symptoms of human addiction. If you accept that compulsive behaviour is a fallible human condition, I believe that when we created profit, we activated the compulsive qualities within the money we use for trading with each other.

After all, the poppy is a beautiful flower, but becomes a powerful drug when transformed into opium. Grain and grape are harmless and nutritious foods until transformed into whisky, wine and brandy.

Profit stimulates the compulsive impulses of greed within the barter process, as we strive for that big fix of something for nothing.

The primary symptoms of compulsion, I would suggest, include:

  1. Obsessive behaviour – A single focus on the fix, and little else.
  2. Irresponsible behaviour – A fix at whatever cost.
  3. Compulsive behaviour – Constantly repeating actions and behaviour known to be detrimental, or of high risk.
  4. Denial – That a), b) and c) above are not the case.

In the pursuit of profit, a couple of hundred years ago Britain became Great on the back of the slave trade. Here, the tantalising myth of something for nothing – captive human beings – carried with it scant regard for the misery this pursuit of profit caused.

Justification for those actions can, in part, be derived from our makeup as hunter/gatherers, and the need to fulfil the basic human drive for both achievement and survival.

However, the excitement that came from hunting for food was tempered by the fact that there was little benefit in gathering more than we needed, because the excess rotted back into the ground. The greater the excess, the greater the waste.

On the other hand, we can gather and hoard limitless amounts of profit without seeming deterioration of the commodity. This subtle, but significant, difference to our gathering instincts for survival seems to me to stimulate the compulsive forces within us.

We are now seeing this played out across the globe as our beautiful Planet is ravaged by greed rather than the need to fulfil our basic requirements of sustenance. The potential for Unlimited profit growth from limited planetary resources is a ‘no brainer’.

As this becomes increasingly evident we are turning to more extreme sources of profit. The support services within Society, be they education, healthcare, transport, water or energy, like the slave trade, are now being plundered regardless of the impact it has upon the people.

In the financial arena the limitations of profit from planetary resources has seen our ingenuity turn to flighty ‘financial instruments’ that few understand. They are eagerly traded in global ignorance, because of the vast profits they are capable of, resulting in the financial disaster of 2008.

We see addiction at work here as financial organisations continue the very activities that created the last disaster as the compulsion for profit repeats this blind irresponsibility. This time it will not be the taxpayers that pay but the investors as their savings are stolen to replace the bad debt and losses.

For me the true obscenity of this addiction is the profit derived from the human misery of war. Here we see vast amounts of profit derived from the sale of ever more sophisticated and expensive armaments. Whilst this has been going on for centuries, since the Iraq war a new source of equally vast profits is now being made from the, (often shoddy), rebuilding programme after the war has ended.

It is bad enough to get this double bite at the cherry from the sordid business of warfare but to deliberately cut back on the quality of what is rebuilt for the sake of profit and such vast profit at that, is repugnant beyond words.

We are now told by the Pentagon that warfare is likely to be a constant part of Life in this 21st century. With the advent of terrorism fighting against the cancer of a greed driven Western Capitalism, they have created a self-perpetuating source of profit from human misery that points to the worst possible aspects of this addictive condition.

I believe Capitalism suits us as a species. When properly regulated it inspires and motivates individual endeavour. However, like a heroin addict with a credit card, the frenzy of unregulated abuse that Capitalism is now overdosing on will eventually lead to the destruction of this beautiful Planet and its inhabitants, unless we tackle this sad human fallibility . . . and tackle it soon with strong government!

Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It!            By J T Coombes

TTIP: Gross Political Irresponsibility


By World Developement Movment ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday I looked in stunned disbelief at the headline in The Independent – ‘Philip Morris International threatens to sue Government if plain packaging introduced’, with a picture of a cigarette pack beneath it. Something we have all been fearing with this Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has already begun . . . And the deal hasn’t been ratified yet as I understand it!!

What does Philip Morris know that we don’t was my first response, closely followed by “If this is the beginning, where will it all end?” As a Society we have been nurturing the abolition of smoking for many years now. Laws have been passed that would now appear to be totally worthless with this agreement, undermining the very fabric of our democracy.

And what happens if Philip Morris win an obscene ‘profits over health’ action such as this. Does it create a precedent for the other brands to jump on the bandwagon and take our Government for zillions? Let’s not forget that this is taxpayer money we are talking about here. What you have is a lunatic situation where a corporation could take our money without selling any of its products because of this crass agreement . . . Corporate Utopia!

If we then follow this to its logical conclusion we will have sports car and motorcycle manufacturers suing the Government because of the 70 mph speed limit on motorways as it is harming sales of their speedy machines and impeding profits. An identical situation to cigarettes I would suggest, where legislation designed to safeguard our welfare is restricting profit growth.

Far more frightening to me is what havoc could be wreaked upon our food, as manufacturers sue because they are banned from using additives to prolong the life of their products and the knock on effect to their bottom line. Let’s face it their track record is already worrying, particularly in the case of companies such as the king of GM, Monsanto! Continue reading

Gaza needs a Mandela


South Africa The Good News / [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The thinking that created the problem is quite incapable of solving it. Albert Einstein

Compulsion is inherent within the human condition, often pushing us to extreme and destructive behaviour that is beyond comprehension. It is stimulated by many things, including the derivatives of harmless aspects of Nature. A poppy is a beautiful flower until turned into opium, grape and grain are nutritional foods until distilled into alcohol. Both then fuel the destructive compulsions of drug or alcohol addiction.

Aggression is also an inherent part of that human condition, and it too has a compulsive element of ‘tit for tat’ revenge when the anger becomes overwhelming. The growing depravity of the violence we are now experiencing in the Middle East is witness to this compulsion at work, something I believe could also have happened in South Africa in the 1990’s. Continue reading

NHS and the Obscenity of Capitalism

Madness is badness of spirit, when one seeks profit from all sources. Aristotle

I know someone whose mother was the youngest of 11 kids and, in the latter years, watched as each of her brothers and sisters died from cancer, in one form or another. She then watched her husband die from it. He was a temperate man who took to whisky in the latter months to get 4 hours reprieve a night from the “wire brush that was continually at work in his anus”. His brother also went from it, and his youngest son from a radiation leak in the nuclear submarine that was his work. This incredibly stoic lady also eventually succumbed to this evil disease.

I knew the family well and am confident that if I could call her back to day and tell her that there are now companies that seek to make profits from the suffering of others she would look at me with total incomprehension. To her our health was a responsibility of the state, as the only body within Society capable of providing the truly vocational service with the essential care and compassion needed for our sick and ill at health.

Over the recent decades Capitalism has had a good run for its money, as it ravages the Planet and abuses the inhabitants by relegating humanity to ‘consumers’ of its increasingly shoddy products and services. Not only are the products and services shoddy but so too is the treatment of the people it employs, and without whom it could not function. Having brought the Planet and its healthy inhabitants to their knees it is now turning its toxic attention to the unhealthy within Society, as the last remaining and untouched source from which to continue its abject addiction to limitless economic growth.

In a healthy Society it would be the job of government to restrain this mad rush to self-destruction, as it looked to the best interests of that Society as a whole. Sadly we are in an era of career politicos. Clever young men who attain high office and vast powers without the necessary years behind them to provide the essential wisdom that fuels the integrity needed to wield such power.

Society is therefore cast aside by them as they are seduced by, and bend to, the will of global corporations who have now set their greedy eyes upon the sick. Modern government is bereft of mature and visionary leadership, something we are made increasingly aware of within the corridors of power, from abuse of taxpayer money to abuse of the young and old alike. It is reminiscent of the latter days of the Roman Empire and no doubt will meet a similar fate as history repeats itself with monotonous regularity.

Or, we could wake up to the reality of what is happening and seek people who have a proven track record of standing up to multinationals and are in no short supply within the charitable sector. They have the requisite mind-set that focusses upon the sustainable management of this Planet, and a care and compassion for its inhabitants. Putting this thinking and values into parliament would instantly transform the frightening reality we currently face. We could do a lot worse!

Until the next time.

Thinking that is taken from his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Profit is an Addiction . . . and We Have to Face this Fact


Millennia ago, when we bartered firewood for meat we could see how much firewood we needed to cook the meat and how much meat we needed to feed ourselves, making it easy to trade with each other to satisfy our immediate needs.

When we created money, we introduced a whole new can of worms into the business of barter, without realising it. This money we had created was useless in directly feeding, clothing and sheltering us.

Because it was not an essential commodity it was difficult to work out what it was actually worth. This complication meant that an intangible value was placed upon a shell/coin, which could then be bartered for tangible items such as a cow/sheep/water/clothing etc.

It is here that human nature then took over. The individual with money sought to transfer as few useless coins as possible, in return for as many essential life-sustaining goods as possible. In that moment, profit was born. Continue reading