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OPENNESS . . . The New World Order!




For millennia, secrecy and stealth have been the primary ingredients in the acquisition and maintenance of power within our species. It is how the 1% have ruled, whilst setting the people against each other to keep them from turning on their rulers.

We have now moved into a whole new world where maintaining the ignorance of the people is becoming more difficult. From WikiLeaks to Edward Snowden, the odious Trade Agreements and now the ‘Panama Papers’, human morality, supported by the internet, is driving a coach and horses through the very heart of the traditional power base of the Old World Order of the ruling few.

As far as this latest revelation is concerned, reports suggest that sums of between some $1 to $2 trillion have been taken out of circulation and hidden away. Whilst we have all been aware that this sort of thing goes on, the sums now brought to light are truly staggering and could resolve the current plight of the poor if put back into circulation.

When you consider that this money was originally created out of thin air and then passed to the very people who already have more of it than the rest of us and who then take it out of circulation and hide it away (often legally), the whole current financial system is corrupt.

It is not only the credibility of the financial system itself that is now in question but also the governments who condone and support it. After the American Senate bullied Switzerland into opening up its secrecy rules, “to subvert further tax evasion”, we now find that the game has been moved to, of all places, Reno, Nevada, USA!

Rothschild has opened a trust company here and is moving clients from places like Switzerland and Bermuda, where new international disclosure requirements are now required, to Reno where they are not. You really couldn’t make this stuff up!

What we have here is a lack of any morality whatsoever, as the rich and corporations use and abuse the services of Society at a greater level than the rest of us but, unlike the rest of us, are not made to contribute their fair share to support those services.

At a time when technology is putting people out of work and with no solutions being attempted by governments, rather they are focused firmly upon supporting neoliberalism, it makes this type of financial abuse not only criminal but morally obscene.

In amongst all of the reporting on these latest revelations, are the various interpretations of vested interest. These range from a conspiracy to unseat the Icelandic Prime Minister (11.5 million pieces of dynamite information to do this? Hmmm!), to discrediting President Putin who, it would appear, does not use this type of financial service (although I am sure he is not ‘lilywhite’!).

Attempts have even been made to undermine the authenticity of the global group of journalists involved. I’m not sure this group have an ulterior motive, although the media they supply certainly do. Sadly, the Guardian, in spite of its valiant support of Edward Snowden, has introduced the red herring of Putin in its reporting of the whole affair.

The fact that all of this information, from WikiLeaks up to the present, has been made available without profit being sought speaks volumes about the integrity of the people involved. Whistle-blowing has become the last bastion of morality and integrity in an increasingly corrupt neoliberal world. Its values represent something inherent in all of us and something we deeply respect . . . the truth!

What, for me, is the most significant aspect of this whole story is that 370 journalists from 70 different countries supported these latest disclosures and worked in an unprecedented scale of co-operation for over a year to bring these revelations to light. It is a development of unparalleled importance in the current balance of power within Society.

It may be that their efforts will be suppressed by global media in the hope that the story will fade and business can continue as usual. I am not so sure, if Ed Snowden and WikiLeaks are anything to go by. In this 21st century we are no longer ignorant, nor are we misinformed (for very long), as the world of Information Technology opens up the secrets of the increasing levels of abuse that currently run our world.

The Old Order know what is going on but are, I would suggest, helpless to stop it (even with Surveillance), because their world has been constructed and can only succeed through stealth and secrecy and our new world of ‘Openness’ is simply not conducive to supporting or tolerating this.

Perhaps the worm has now found an effective way of turning, as we seek a return to a world in which the needs of the 99% receive the compassionate attention and support that is currently directed at the 1%.

Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Who Actually Owns ‘Our’ Money?

banks photo

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller  

In a piece last week http://www.globalmagnacarta.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=631&action=edit

I alluded to the ‘farcical’ nature of our money, as the taxes we pay are now used to compensate us when the banks steal our money . . . We seem to be paying for everything!!! As I pondered this the penny suddenly dropped.

(I know, I know. Not the brightest in the chandelier but I get there eventually!)

I was explaining how the next collapse will see the banks convert, not our taxes this time but our savings, current accounts and investments into their assets. “But they can’t do that” I hear you say, “It’s OUR money!!!”

Ah! No! Sadly it isn’t . . . It’s theirs! They print it (out of thin air) and then distribute it as 97% of the world’s currencies, charging us compound interest for its use (In Greece’s case at 18%). Every note, coin and digital statement in our pockets, purses, wallets and bank accounts is their property, we are merely borrowing it.

As their property, they can do with it whatever they like and that is precisely what they do. Before the penny dropped I wrote on a number of occasions about 2008 being the greatest financial heist in the history of our species. Sadly I have been misleading you and doing an injustice to the banks. As it’s their money no theft occurred!

All they did was move their money from our ‘taxes pot’ to their seriously broken ‘banking pot’ to repair the damage they had done with all of their sub-prime mortgage/odious debt lending. In taking it out of our ‘taxes pot’ this then left governments without any money to run their countries and so they had to borrow from the banks, something many couldn’t afford.

Therefore the banks insisted governments applied ‘Austerity’ measures, to meet these new debt commitments, which provided them with the excuse to take what isn’t theirs, namely our national assets. They can do all of this because they own and control the global supply of money, which they can hand out or take back whenever they choose and currently there is nothing our governments seem to want to do about it.

When the next collapse occurs they will move their money from our bank accounts into their own bank account, thereby making them solvent again and removing another vast chunk of money out of Society. In Europe the appropriate legislation has already been enacted to make it all appear legal to us, when in fact they don’t really need these cosmetics . . . because it’s all their money. (Just making the point again!)

The widening gap between the rich and poor is because the banks are now choosing to put their money, by the trillion, in the hands of their mates – the global corporations. They are not putting it with the people, who could start the economy growing again, because they choose not to.

Our enslavement by debt is, I believe, the means by which they are hardening their already extensive hold over a now very shaky global financial system that is riddled with Odious debt. (It may also help suppress our growing liberation by the internet.)

It is difficult to find alternative reasons, as I watch the tyrannical ferocity of their demands for the total capitulation of the financially insignificant country of Greece. The world is coming to recognise that this is not responsible banking practice but intimidation in its rawest form, designed to send out a clear message that nobody stands up to the banks.

And from both political and financial perspectives this treatment gets a lot worse. Not only are they destroying democracy, by putting unelected representatives in to run the country but also destroying it with debt. Demanding Greece now takes a new ‘credit card’ with a higher credit limit, to be used specifically to pay off the ‘credit card’ previously issued to them, (and invest little of it in the country), is simply repaying Odious debt with more Odious debt!

Over the years I have read a number of purported conspiracy theories, which to date I have taken with a pinch of salt. These theories suggest that all of the American Presidents who have been assassinated, from Abraham Lincoln to John F Kennedy, had one thing in common. They were all committed to taking away from private banks the issue of the country’s currency and returning it, many would argue rightfully, to a government run Public Banking system that would be of far greater benefit to the people and the economy.

As I ponder this and the mystery that still surrounds the death of JFK, I begin to wonder about these supposed conspiracy theories. Is it possible that what to me was previously ‘farcical’ is indeed lacking in any humour whatsoever?


Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

The Natives Are Rising!

rebellion photo

I am an eternal optimist who believes in the omnipotent forces that hold Life in balance. I refer to forces we cannot see or touch but have been at work since the dawning of time.

Our beautiful Planet, which we are abusing unrelentingly, is now so far out of balance through climate warming that its melting ice caps will, if necessary, flood all land masses to cool things down. If we are wiped out in the process it is not personal but simply a result of the Planets need to rebalance itself!

For humanity, balance is achieved through the omnipotent forces of Trust and Integrity, the lynchpins that hold human fallibility in check, as we go about fulfilling our most basic of needs to create, support and nurture a home, family and each other.

We are now, like our Planet, in a state of growing global imbalance, as these disciplines are ignored in pursuit of the narrow financial beliefs of the few. They have taken us out of balance by making ‘profit and debt’ the single dominating forces in our lives, achieved by deliberately weakening the democratic process we have designed to hold Life in balance.

Interestingly what the 1% are blind to, as again they seek to create a New World Order, is that throughout our history no single belief system has ever achieved the domination of our species they crave. The 99% hold the consensus, as the birthplace of all dissention against narrow beliefs and the source of all new leadership and new beliefs . . . this has always has been the case and it always will be.

The present assault on democracy follows the same pattern that happened in Rome and has been repeated by all the other ‘man-made’ power structures right up to the present day. Power creates abuse, which creates distrust, which leads to collapse that is brought about by the revolt of the people as, for example, our history with France and Russia remind us.

Our present rulers know this and so, as their greed becomes all-consuming and they try desperately to hold on to the status quo by suppressing the people with greater and greater levels of violence and aggression. Their blindness does not recognise that by such extreme actions they are again creating a tipping point. This is particularly so today as the internet breaks down all of the traditional barriers they have used to keep us separated and subdued.

When Society is pushed out of balance the unrest begins and the greater the imbalance the greater the unrest. That we are now experiencing this unrest from a united young and disenfranchised globally is a first in our history, taking us into uncharted waters.

This imbalance has accelerated since the 2007 financial collapse and the subsequent money printing by banks and governments, which has bypassed the people it was originally promised to. Instead it has gone to the few, at miniscule interest, for them to invest in their own companies and other ventures, providing vast paper profits and ensuring the gap between the rich and the poor grows ever wider.

Such is the scale of this greed driven abuse that we now have the classic signs of another financial disaster that will make 2007 pale into insignificance. Whilst share prices are escalating, profits continue to diminish, providing no foundation upon which to support these record stock market prices, other than the money printing!

Conclusive proof of the reality of the situation comes with the news that at the recent Davos Economic Forum it was revealed that the rich are now beginning to panic at how the people will react when the next collapse occurs. They know it is coming and like the Nazi hierarchy at the end of World War II, are now heavily investing in remote properties in New Zealand and South America. Even Sotheby’s Reality in New Zealand confirmed the situation and the paranoia and fears for personal safety that is driving the purchase of these remote properties.

In his annual report Lord Jacob Rothschild, no less, has warned his investors that the focus must now be on preservation of shareholder capital, rather than short term gains, “as the geopolitical situation across the planet begins to resemble World War II”. The ‘geopolitical situation’ to which he refers is the growing fear by the rich of vast social upheaval and rioting following the next ‘2007’!

We live in Capitalism and its power seems inescapable. However the same was said about the ‘divine right of Kings’ and that was resisted and changed by human beings, driven by the immutable universal forces of balance.

We are in unprecedented times, where the outmoded order of kings is being replaced by the democracy of the Global Village, something we will either painfully grow into or perish in the process. Would we have it any other way?!

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

It’s the People . . . Always the People!

What a week last week was for the global financial system. In America we are told that large European banks, including Santander and Deutsche Bank are possibly going to fail Federal Reserve stress tests on their ability to survive another financial disaster.

They have had 7 years now to get their act together, with trillions of dollars printed and our tax money stolen to ‘save’ them. Is the global banking system so corrupted by bad debt that no amount of money printing will save it?

The cynic in me says they are deliberately keeping their reserves as low as possible because it’s their own money. When the system does another ‘2007’ and it will, then why waste their own money when they can use ours? This time however it won’t be our taxes but our cash, as the money we have in banks, be it in the current account, a deposit account or any account will be taken, screwing the people once again!

Now let’s look at Europe and the quandary Brussels is facing as the battle between Greece and the troika reaches new dimensions. This has nothing to do with money and all to do with power politics. In no way can the Greeks be allowed to reduce their debt to ‘manageable’ proportions as it will be an admission of irresponsible banking practice and create a dangerous precedent with Spain Italy Portugal and Ireland. The pound of flesh has become a reality!

Whilst ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is being played out on the world stage, ‘Shylock’ in the shape of the European Central Bank has now declared that its strategies for economic recovery are not working and its monetary policy options are exhausted. Financial stimulus must now come from governments spending more, or acting directly to make the private sector do so.

Isn’t this precisely what the new Greek government is trying to do and the ECB won’t allow, or am I missing something? Whilst this game playing continues there is little concern for the people falling below survival level in order that interest on debt is paid.

Our global financial system has now been bent so far out of shape as to make it unworkable. We are in uncharted waters where even the financiers don’t know the effects of what is currently going on, as money is endlessly printed out of thin air.

If we go back to basics, money was created to ease the means by which we traded our assets. In the beginning coins were made from gold as a means of guaranteeing the value of an exchange.

Then paper money came in and its value was guaranteed by a promise that it could be redeemed against gold. In the 1970’s the link with gold was broken when that ‘doyen of integrity’, Richard Nixon, took the dollar off the gold standard. Instead Governments made laws stating that currencies are legal tender and they will guarantee the value of each coin and note.

How will they do that . . . who knows? We can see and touch gold and it is reassuringly heavy, whereas a promise from government carries no weight or reassurance whatsoever. Now any amount of money can be brought into use and the figures are so vast they are meaningless.

Meaningless they may be but interest is charged on every coin, note and bond that sees the light of day. With current low or non-existent interest rates the problem is just about contained but the Federal Reserve tell us rates will have to go up. If we are choking now what happens then?

Money is no longer a means of trade but a tool by which global society is being returned to the feudal times of centuries ago and Greece is evidence of this. This mind-set is causing millions of men and women to be divested of the ability to bring up a family and keep a roof over their heads.

There is increasing talk of Agenda 21 and a UN led takeover of humanity by stealth. It has been dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’, the classic manner by which the 1% destroy the credibility of criticism and useful debate. As our world becomes financialised it is made more malleable to abuse and control, making more sense of all that is happening.

In this 21st century people’s lives are systematically being made harder by debt, terrorism, surveillance and the destruction of democracy. The internet is bringing these seemingly disjointed actions out into the open and in so doing joining them up.

Our world is in need of radical change. This change can only come from a new breed of leaders who will meet the challenges we now face and re-inspire the people by working for their common good.

Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

The Secrecy of Davos

Whenever there is a global summit, no matter whether G7, G8, G20 or G208! two things wind me up about all the razzmatazz. Firstly, the headlines stating great achievements have occurred and then, with monotonous regularity we learn there are problems.

The second really presses ALL my buttons when the leaders get together for the obligatory group photo op. The first thing I do is carry out my standard ‘character assessment’, by looking at each face and asking the same question: “Would I buy a second hand car from this person?” The answer is always a resounding . . . Don’t even have to finish this sentence, do I?!

Why the pictures . . . New agreements, Global unity? Oh give me a break! And the cost of these ‘bun fights’? If people knew the vast amounts of their money involved to achieve an unbroken record of failed agreements – to quote Henry Ford: “There would be rioting in the streets”.

If we turn now to the World Economic Forum and their annual meeting, held each year at the end of January in Davos in Switzerland, we find a completely different can of worms. Here attendees are primarily made up of the 1%. Secrecy abounds on who is there and what the full agenda includes, with no official photo ops, like the ‘G’ Summits.

OK, we have the staged publicity, of which last week’s theme was all to do with climate change and how desperate the situation is now becoming. Al Gore was there to berate everyone for turning up in their private jets. (Can’t really see Rupert Murdoch getting the train, can you!) The whole publicity stunt seemed to me to be hypocrisy verging on the farcical, given that most of the attendees are bosses of the global corporations that have created the problem in the first place!

Perhaps that’s the reason for all the secrecy, although I think it is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We are talking here about people who are the bosses of the people grabbing all the publicity at the aforesaid ‘G’ Summits. Forget climate change, I suspect the main topic on everyone’s lips was “What the @**^! are we going to do about TTIP, Tisa, TPP, and CETA, now they are all out in the open?!

When I first heard about TPP, what staggered me was not its scope for democratic abuse, although that was bad enough but that it had been on government agendas for 10 years before being ‘whistleblown’ into the public domain! How could this be I kept asking myself, until the penny dropped. WEF is the perfect environment in which something as radical as this could be conceived and developed on such a global basis and in such secrecy.

Meetings in secure conference rooms in a remote place like Davos present little problem for the CEO’s and politicians who need to get together and devise and implement these strategies. Lost amongst the 2500 attendees and public fanfare of ‘climate change’, meetings such as this are happening all the time and achieving more corporate goals than the supposed main theme of the forum . . . and certainly more than any ‘G’ Summit ever has!

Secrecy is the stock in trade of these global institutions. If we look at the IMF, we have its public face in Christine Lagarde, a very intelligent and erudite lady with beauty and charisma. She is just as comfortable speaking at a financial conference as she is appearing on the pages of fashion magazines. Perfect in the high profile position she holds and a necessity, I would suggest, given current IMF imposed ‘austerity’ measures and their crippling effect upon the people of Greece, Spain, Portugal and others . . . But who are her bosses?

Can you name the head of the World Bank? No, neither could I without looking him up, until a piece in the Guardian showed a photo of Jim Yong Kim. I’m sure he is equally charming but given his power, what do we know about him? Nowhere near as much as we know about former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and the other ‘G’ Summit attendees.

Little by little the internet is helping us to lift the veil upon the real power on the Planet. As we become more knowledgeable so we can understand what we are up against and how to respond.

It will bond us as never before, because bonding is the only result ever to come from injustice and abuse. Edward Snowden showed us that, as well as the Greek people last weekend. Social media has taken us global and the momentum of the lifting veil is building.

I can think of no better way to conclude on secrecy, than with the wisdom of Samuel P Huntington:

“Power remains strong when in the dark; exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate”.

Until the next time


P.S. Just set up another site to further promote my work. Any RT’s would be greatly appreciated. http://www.magnacarta.gb.net/

Thinking from his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want IT! By J T Coombes


War + Christmas = Football!

100 years ago the first Christmas of the First World War offered a huge window on how united we are as a species and the effort necessary to keep us apart.

The trenches in that battlefield were close enough together that the soldiers on both sides could talk to each other. A respect developed that allowed each side to collect their dead and wounded without threat.

Such was the rapport that on Christmas Day the war was ‘unofficially’ put aside, as men climbed out of their trenches and came together to talk and exchange gifts with the ‘enemy’, as well as playing football with them along a number of stretches of the battlefield.

The ‘official’ reaction was horror, encapsulated by a young Charles de Gaulle who spoke with disgust about this “fraternisation and the lamentable desire of French infantrymen to leave the enemy in peace”. Another wrote of the “unfortunate consequences when men become familiar with their neighbours opposite“. Adolf Hitler, a young corporal then, spoke with disgust on the subject . . .  An omen for the future!

Brutal reprisals were made on officers and men to subdue any future fraternisation. For me this defines the historic mind-set of ‘Divide & Conquer’ and a perfect example of how the 1% have manipulated and turned the 99% against each other for millennia to protect their hold on power.

During this worst of all wars, the abuse and arrogance of the former showing no concern for the cost of human life or misery. The latter enduring horrific loss of life because of continuously futile charges against machine guns and artillery. (The first day on the Somme saw 57,000 British casualties alone!)

What is it that drives this insane commitment to certain death by so many, with countless stories of the youth lying about their age so they could join up and (unknowingly) feed the slaughter?

The answer, of course, is in the word unknowingly! The propaganda machine has always been brutally efficient, showing then such images as enemy soldiers laughing as they spitted babies on their bayonets and the equally manipulative call to arms with, Your Country Needs You.

How could any young impressionable individual ignore these carefully prepared and placed messages, nor the taunts from others with minds already manipulated? And so they found themselves in water logged trenches, where disease and death go hand in glove, whilst recoiling from daily artillery bombardments that traumatised many for the remainder of their lives, if they actually survived!

I would argue that the true nature of people cannot be suppressed indefinitely, as this Christmas time 100 years ago demonstrated, with friend & foe burying their differences. This lack of aggressive agenda is a defining quality of the 99%, when left to their own devices and despised and feared by the 1%. They know that if they let up for a second with their constant manipulation and propaganda the people will rise up and overthrow them, to live a more peaceable life in a more peaceful world.

As long as that power and those who wield it, is enshrouded in veils of mystery the charade continues. However, we are moving inexorably into a new era, where the internet is tearing down those veils. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, through their individual courage and integrity, have shown how manipulation and propaganda operates today.

The lines are being as vividly drawn now, by the 1% towards the 99%, as they were with the trenches in that odious war. But once again we are seeing people climbing out of their trenches, uniting and supporting each other in peaceful protest across the globe. And again it is being met by increasingly violent police action and surveillance that attempts to continue the suppression.

Like the First World War, this conflict won’t be over quickly, as the internet is an indomitable force for change. The 99% are discovering that threatening differences they have been constantly fed about each other are no more than the characteristics we all share, simply with a different language and colour of skin.

We are learning that we all laugh and cry at much the same things, we want our children to be healthy and successful and we want to enjoy our lives as freely and fully as possible. We are recognising the abuse that is stopping this from happening and that it is something worth fighting about.

The game of Football has now begun . . . and will continue, unabated, for many Christmas’s!


Until the next time


Thinking from his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It!

By J T Coombes

Was 2008 the Beginning of the Assault on Democracy? (1 of 2)

Six years after the banking disaster of 2007/8 it seems to me the greatest devastation has been to people rather than the economy.

We now have growing levels of unemployment, (no matter what the ‘reported statistics’ say) and a ‘well educated’ youth imprisoned by backbreaking debt and without the means to repay it. On top of this we are seeing the collapse of Society’s infrastructures of health, education, pension provision, and privatisation of energy and rail services, to name but a few.

This got me thinking about what sort of conversation took place between the banks and government when it all fell over and what is behind it all.

(Not sure I’m any good at satire but try this for size):

Curtain Opens . . .

Banks – “Hi. We’ve just made a serious mess of things and need a load of dosh . . . NOW!”

Government – “We can’t spare much, we usually borrow from you!”

Banks – “Come of it, your Treasury is loaded”

Government – “Yes but that’s taxpayer money!”

Banks – “Look, we are on the verge of a global banking collapse and too big to fail because the world would implode! It’s our money remember, we only lend it to you. We now want it back for a while to get it into our banks so they can start lending again and restart the economy”

Government – “Put like that how can we refuse?” And so they all go over to the Treasury.

Banks – “Road Tax money. Hmm we’ll have that. More potholes will slow traffic up and reduce road incidents. Blimey look how much money you’ve got for Healthcare, we’ll have half of that. And look at all that Benefits money, we’ll have half of that as well. Help you cut down on the scroungers!” And so it goes on until enough money is found to back up the banks.

Government – “Hmmm, not sure we’ve got enough money to run the country now”

Banks – “Don’t worry about it. We’ll print some more and lend it to you!”

Government – “That’s fine but also not sure we can pay it back.”

Banks – “Don’t worry. We’ll make it a condition of the loan that you have to introduce ‘Austerity’ measures to meet the repayments. Part of those measures will include selling off your public services (at discount prices) to help with those repayments”

Government – “But that could take decades and anyway isn’t this what you have done in Greece, and Spain, and Italy? In fact across Europe and America as well as the undeveloped countries?”

Banks – “There you go . . . We’re all in this together, welcome to the club!”

Curtain closes

What is not understood by the majority of people is that the money we use is the banks property, which they only lend to us. The words on banknotes about “Bank of England” and “I promise to pay the bearer” etc. are for branding purposes only to show that our government has declared their money as our legal tender.

As it is their money they can do with it what they choose as well as charging for its use by way of interest, that’s fair enough. However, they have now put so much of their money into the system that the interest payments on this mountain of money will keep us in penury for a lifetime, if not several lifetimes. The banks know this and hence the softening up message from the IMF MD Christine Lagarde who was reported as saying that “debt and unemployment could become the new normal.”

Whilst banks are more than entitled to charge for their services, charging interest on loans has greater impact. In the same manner that Austerity is not a financial solution but a means by which to control and plunder Society, Debt too is a means of applying control through obligation. We have all seen the fine print on loan applications, although whether we read it all is doubtful. If we did we would realise that the bank will assert absolute control over our lives, by seizing what we own if necessary, to ensure their loans are repaid and our obligation to repay is therefore assured.

The same goes for countries and so the question has to be asked . . . has the banking collapse provided the means by which democracy is now being neutered through debt obligation? It certainly seems to be the case as financial institutions, be they banks or corporations, exert increasing dominance over our lives, with little concern for the inequalities and suffering this is causing.

Tomorrow I will write about how our money supply is like our water supply and the part our government has to play if we are to come out from under the financial yoke now placed upon us.

Until the next time


Thinking form his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It!              By J T Coombes

I Hate the Phrase ‘Ruling Elite’ They are Not . . . ‘Elite’ that is!


By Tewy (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC-BY-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

This is the definition of ‘Elite’ from Wikipedia:

In General, elite means the more capable group of the peoples. The selected part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

I would like to argue that this phrase has now come into common use to define a superior group within our species who are somehow better or more qualified to hold the positions they do than the rest of us. I would also argue that to be better or more qualified implies they must have gifts that benefit the rest of us, or else why are they elevated to this dominating position within our Society?

What we are actually defining is a group of people who have skills in the creation and management of wealth, and who apply those narrow skills diligently to protect and grow that wealth and the power that comes with it. This process of protecting and growing comes at a cost to the remainder of Society, who are suppressed from gaining similar rewards for their efforts. If this is the reality, how can they be ‘Elitist’ by the above definition?

The process itself is achieved by sponsoring and directing governments (which the majority have elected to power), to pass laws that benefit them. Whilst this is now a commonly acknowledged practise what is constantly overlooked is that if we had not elected those governments into power in the first place there would be nothing to sponsor or direct. I accept that we elect governments into power from the information we are given, or because of tradition, but in the end it is OUR power that sets in place the means by which the ‘Elite’ manipulate Society for their benefit.

If this power base of government cannot come into force without our compliance then surely it is us that are more capable and superior in abilities with the real power and must therefore be the “Elite”. Our compliance is far more powerful that any amount of money! Sadly however, what is happening at present is that instead of us dictating what government does for our benefit, we hand that power away by not making our presence felt once we have put them in power, and worse . . .  governments know this!

We have the tools to take back that power and assume our rightful position as “Elitist” through greater application of our growing skills with social media. This has already been proven with many successes already under our belt across the globe. The ‘Ruling Elite’ believe in themselves first and foremost, and with this self-belief they then use the tools at their disposal. It is time for us now to find that same self-belief within every one of us, in that respect we are no different to the ‘Ruling Elite’. We must now find it, trust in it and use it, the tools are already there.

But also we must find a new phrase for our new found power . . . “Elite” really doesn’t work for me and I don’t think it does for you either!

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‘Web Voting’ A New and Powerful Democracy


By Brian Sims [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0) or CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The internet has had a greater impact upon humanity than any other event in our history. For the first time people are now empowered to be able to interact directly with each other across the Planet, sharing their personal hopes and fears as well as their thoughts and beliefs.

The Arab Spring in 2010 illustrated this new environment to us in all its glory as the world became aware of the protests that our traditional media would not focus upon, as well as protesters supporting each other across the world. Who would have thought that Arab protesters would be sending messages of support to Occupy protesters in America who were facing ever growing levels of police violence in dealing with peaceful protest!

This gradual merging, as a species, is now driving a coach and horses through the traditional barriers of race, colour, creed and gender that have been used by the governing classes to separate and control the masses over the millennia. This new ‘people empowering’ stage in our evolution is sending shock waves through the established order, as they struggle to maintain the type of traditional control and suppression now being exposed through the integrity of whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden and many others.

We are now witnessing desperate attempts to wrest back that control through the increasing regulation of the internet, and fuelling  growing resentment by its users. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for example, is trying to force service providers into codes of practice that support surveillance and an increasing censorship over what people can and can’t say – very much the old way of doing things! Keeping the masses in ignorance may have worked in the past but people are waking up to their new found freedom and are unwilling to let it go, rightly so.

It is here that we see a powerful new democracy emerging, supported by the rising powers of activist groups such as 38 degrees in UK, Move On in USA, Get Up! In Australia and Avaaz globally. Their very proliferation across the planet is evidence of how people are seeking and finding new ways to be heard and bring about change.

This activity is best typified when Rupert Murdoch, one of the most powerful men on the planet, attempted to acquire the controlling interest in BSkyB in June 2010. In political circles it was seen as a ‘done deal’, but after heavy petitioning by 38 degrees and Avaaz he was thwarted by both public opinion and unsavoury allegations of phone hacking. This example demonstrates the raw power of this new democracy when projected upon what was previously seen as a cosy political/corporate environment.

Badly shaken by actions like this the reaction is to try and smear the credibility and reputation of the perceived threat, like the campaign launched to discredit Edward Snowden (or worse, to give it no coverage at all!). Lord Tyler went as far as to describe 38 degrees members as “rent a mob” and Simon Burns MP in 2011 describing them as “almost zombie like”.

Here the traditional arrogance of the powerful, in attempting to undermine the actions of the masses, are symptomatic of a knee jerk reaction that is driven by fear. They seem incapable of recognising their complete lack of respect for those who certainly voted one of them into power, widening the divide and understanding between the old world and the new. This inability to recognise and successfully adapt to the changes now going on in the world could see them quickly become labelled ‘Dinosaurs’, adding to their growing problems of credibility.

What they also fail to understand and accept is that in any democracy people, as voters, are the most powerful members of Society – something I’m not entirely sure voters have complete confidence in yet. After all, without votes governments can’t get into power and corporations have nobody to sponsor! That’s right . . . without the actions of the voter’s corporations and government have no power!

This is in full evidence with the results of last weeks local UK elections and EU election results that followed on. The three main parties suffered humiliating dents to their political status as UKIP and right wing parties were given huge voter support. And this was achieved in Europe with only a third of voters turning out!

It makes no difference which parties were promoted or demoted for the sake of this argument, the important point is that people power (or a third of it in this case), changed the then current political power bases and THE ESTABLISHMENT WAS TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF MANIPULATING THIS.

Over the generations both politicians and business have been very aware of this, hence their use of the media to manipulate the public’s perception of the democratic process, making them appear as the masters of Society, rather than their true role as servants. The reality is that if they don’t do as we wish we show our displeasure at the ballot box, and if we don’t like their products or services we ‘vote’ with our feet, both of which they fear intensely.

The expansion of people empowerment through ‘Web Voting’ does, I believe, directly correlate to the levels of abuse now being perpetrated upon those same people. This is born out with the increasing control of the media, surveillance and the creation of purported global threats to the public such as terrorism. Once again it demonstrates the very real fear inherent within the established corridors of power, as they recognise the growing voter awareness of political abuse and the ability of the internet to now deal with this, gradually reducing the power they have exercised for too long.

The time of totalitarian states is now receding, in spite of what we are currently experiencing, because of our natural evolution into a Global Village. We are not the same species we were just 100 years ago, and therefore incapable of returning to the feudalism of the past.

The old order of ‘divide and conquer’ is imploding, as we witness the growing lack of credibility of our traditional institutions and our demand for their replacement by more democratic people based structures. It may take a while but the 99% are beginning to confront the power of the 1%, and will eventually control it with a powerful new democracy . . . That’s what Evolution is all about!

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