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Abuses of our NHS . . . The growing Cancer within Society


I have now personally come face to face with the reality of a modern health service that is driven by a business model, rather than the traditional vocational model of compassion and care. Our health is weighed against cost and this shallow, and to my mind irrelevant value in this instance, determines our quality of life as we grow old.

What I find myself having to deal with is that my financial contributions, paid in good faith over many years, are now irrelevant in my efforts to get medical guidance and support. I have been a part of a giant Ponzi scheme, as immoral and corrupt as Robert Maxwell’s theft of his pension scheme in the 80’s and Bernie Madoff more recently. This has been brought about, not by a crooked financiers, but successive governments over many decades that we have elected and trusted to manage the needs of Society.

[A Ponzi scheme pays earlier investors (taxpayers here) using the investments (taxes) of later investors (taxpayers), using the considerable balance to squander on the personal desires and goals of the scheme operator (the government)] Continue reading

Politicos ‘British Values’ + Magna Carta 2 Insult the Electorate . . . Again!



Apparently the latest gimmick from No 10 is to revamp Magna Carta, the most respected constitutional document in the world, in yet another attempt to salvage the nose diving reputation of Education Secretary Michael Gove and Parliament. In yet another skimpily thought out attempt to regain some credibility with the public, it is now latching on to next year’s 800th anniversary of the original Charter, (funnily enough in an election year), to try and see if some of the respect and majesty held for this historic document will rub off on the shallowness of modern politics. Continue reading