Abuses of our NHS . . . The growing Cancer within Society


I have now personally come face to face with the reality of a modern health service that is driven by a business model, rather than the traditional vocational model of compassion and care. Our health is weighed against cost and this shallow, and to my mind irrelevant value in this instance, determines our quality of life as we grow old.

What I find myself having to deal with is that my financial contributions, paid in good faith over many years, are now irrelevant in my efforts to get medical guidance and support. I have been a part of a giant Ponzi scheme, as immoral and corrupt as Robert Maxwell’s theft of his pension scheme in the 80’s and Bernie Madoff more recently. This has been brought about, not by a crooked financiers, but successive governments over many decades that we have elected and trusted to manage the needs of Society.

[A Ponzi scheme pays earlier investors (taxpayers here) using the investments (taxes) of later investors (taxpayers), using the considerable balance to squander on the personal desires and goals of the scheme operator (the government)]

At the heart of this abuse is a system of taxation that is supported by a parliamentary system that allows the hard earned money we pay to run our Society used and abused with impunity, as new taxpayers are desperately sought to prop up the benefits payments and services, hence government enthusiasm for immigration! We pay individual taxes for individual services that have now become a joke. For decades Road tax does not go solely to the upkeep of the roads nor National Health Insurance payments to our health services . . . and what the hell is Value Added Tax and Capital Gains Tax used for?!

Sadly, we already know the answer. In spite of all these separate tax ‘labels’, suitably increased at Budget time (booze & fags have been favourites for decades), all the money goes into one pot and is dished out according to political whim. Here lies the true cancer within Society as our politicians demand and prioritise constant involvement and a place at world summits and international institutions whose activities we can no longer afford to support.

This has been brought home to me with the now infamous Iraqi war and a most obscene aspect of it I had never before considered. We pay no ‘War Tax’ and yet it is by far the most expensive activity government can embark upon, making benefits and health budgets look like petty cash. So where did the money come from, to enable Tony Blair to support the wealthiest country on the Planet in this irresponsible action, and which part of Society’s services had to take a cut back to pay for it . . . or worse still, did he borrow the money, resulting in the austerity driven financial misery we now find ourselves in?

And this is the obscenity I hadn’t considered. Because of all this financial ‘jiggery pokery’ our services are being cut back, including the NHS as ‘Peter is robbed to pay Paul’. This has resulted in soldiers who fought in the Iraqi war, many of whom came back with serious injuries and/or psychological damage and subsequently discharged from the army, being unable to gain the medical support they so desperately need from our health services . . . Why?! Because the money has already been used to pay for the war, or to pay for the interest on the debt acquired to support the war.

My own experiences pale into insignificance compared to the abuses being perpetrated upon brave young men who have put their lives on the line in return for which they are dumped like broken dolls on an equally broken Society. I am sure there are politicians who are aware of this horrendous situation but are constricted by a parliamentary system that suppresses any form of dissent towards party doctrines and policy. How the rest of them sleep at nights is beyond me.

We live in an era of ‘career politicians’ who are only interested in the world of parliamentary power and the trappings that go with it. As the superstructure of Society implodes with the greed and lust for power of those politicos, it is up to the people to make a stand . . . there is nobody else!

At a time when political parties are shaping and launching their manifestos for next year’s election I believe it is time for people to shape their own manifesto*, filled with their requirements for the rejuvenation of a healthy Society that they want, rather than corporate masters. It is for the people to use their voting power which, be under no illusion, is the ultimate power in this or any other democratic country, to insist politicians adopt their manifesto and values or they don’t get voted for . . . END OF STORY.

The time of political electioneering on worthless manifestos that are thrown away the minute a party gains power must end now, and the only way to do that is for people to assert themselves. It is possible and they can do it, they just have to believe in themselves!

I have believed for a long time that for people to regain their power they need to only vote for the minority parties at this next election to break the current stranglehold of the 3 party system. It won’t bring the country into chaos because it’s the Civil Service that runs things, not politicians, who simply point these administrators in political directions.

Another general election will need to be called because no government will be able to be formed. It is at this juncture that people power finally comes into its own, as the political establishment realises it has been played at its own game and people have won this time. The message is ‘clear’ (throwing our PM’s favourite phrase back at him!), public apathy is gone and people want results from whichever party adopts AND IMPLEMENTS their Peoples Manifesto, including the end of our Ponzi tax system.

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The thinking behind the words to this blog come from: Global Magna Carta Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes www.globalmagnacarta.com

*(A website is currently under construction to carry the embryo of a Peoples Manifesto with sub categories that address individual issues such as Surveillance, The role of Public Banking, ‘Extremism’, Abuse of the Oceans, Taxation, Healthcare and so much more.)