Are We Sleepwalking Into The Next Election? (Part 1 of 6)

In this new millennium 21st century Society is saddled with systems way past their sell by date.

. . . A 15th century democratic system, complete with glass ceiling

. . . An 11th century monetary system that increasingly holds the world to ransom

. . . A 2000 year old surveillance system being replaced by modern technology

Voting with what we now have will never solve the problems we now face

 In this series of 6 posts I will offer a view on why I think we might be sleepwalking into Election 2015

 Part 1: A Parliament No Longer Fit for Purpose

As the electioneering begins, with statistical manipulation and dubious messages of economic recovery, with party faithful battling with each other over who did and said what, and manifestos that become the written evidence of future political deceit, I can’t help feeling we are sleepwalking into the next general election.

The purpose of Parliament is to ‘manage’ the needs of Society for the benefit of that Society, (supported by Magna Carta which successfully dealt with the constant abuse of the people by successive monarchs). Up until 150 years ago a relatively balanced democracy was achieved, with little excessive abuse of the type now being experienced by the population at large.

However, as the Charters 61 clauses were whittled down to just 3 by 1969 we have seen a sea change in the way Parliament operates and Society is managed or, as many would now agree, we have returned to the abuses perpetrated by monarchs all those centuries ago.

Parliament has grown into an exclusive ‘Members Only Club’, with rules regulations and traditions going back hundreds of years. As with any exclusive club, its very exclusivity divorces it from the outside world, placing a glass ceiling between the electors and the elected. Within this cocooned environment a two party system has been allowed to grow that dictates who will join, or be forced into obscurity as an ‘independent’ member. Voter choice at election time is therefore limited to candidates who have agreed to tow the (2) party line on how we live Life, the remainder standing little chance of gaining influential admission.

These hallowed confines make it difficult, if not impossible, to control abuse of power and privilege. Like all clubs the system has been developed for the benefit and protection of its members and human nature being what it is will take advantage. Rules are put in place that have allowed wholesale abuse of taxpayer money, from personal expenses scandals to the death of our soldiers in an illegal war.

But there is something far more sinister now taking place that is eroding the very foundations of democracy as we know it. We are seeing the growing alliance between the corporate and political worlds as big business is welcomed through the clubs doors to become its ‘associate members’.

In this new and ‘extended’ club those in charge of the public purse are turning it over to the private sector at an alarming rate. In essence corporation’s losses are now being underwritten by the taxpayer, as was the case with the banks bailout in 2008. In addition they are allowed to get away with minimal payment of tax so necessary to support the social infrastructure companies are reliant upon in order for their businesses to function – roads to transport there goods and services, healthcare to provide fit employees, education to provide literate employees and all of the support services that go with housing those employees.

In addition ‘club’ members are passing over to ‘associate’ members the public utilities they had been entrusted with to provide an integrated support service to ALL members of Society. So not only are corporations not contributing towards these support services they are being encouraged to take them over as an additional profit source that will exclude sections of Society unable to contribute to that profit – the sick, those in outlying locations where trains and buses won’t want to go and education where text book content can be edited if it contradicts corporate policy.

Indeed the tail has come to wag the dog as the dictates of the corporate world dominate over the needs of the electorate. We now have a situation where corporations take the risks but it is the taxpayer who picks up the tab when the gamble fails. In the case of the banks it is common financial wisdom that what happened in 2007/8 will happen again soon because the same lax authoritative environment has been allowed to continue. We have mind numbing debt from the last failure how can we take on more debt when it is repeated?

Parliament is quite happy for us to argue amongst ourselves about the pros and cons of one party over another. As long as we believe each party has a solution to the other party’s mismanagement the Club continues unchallenged. It’s how it has survived for so long and is gradually taking us to hell in a handcart.

This ‘Club’ environment is no longer fit for purpose to a 21st century Society. The 2015 election is not about Left and Right in my opinion, it’s about maximum disruption of this cosy Club environment.

Disruption can be simply achieved by not voting for either of the main parties. With no clear winner able to assume power another election will need to be called. (The country will not collapse as the Civil Service administer its running).

It is at this point that the 99% regain control over Parliament by demanding that all parties standing in the new election give an irrevocable guarantee that legislation will immediately be implemented giving power to the people to sack MP’s. (The mechanics are easy by utilising current petition procedures through Social media or such).

Also please be aware that by not voting for your own party you are not being disloyal, far from it! You are wresting power away from the corporations and putting it back in the hands of the people, by exercising the most powerful tool in democracy . . . Your Vote! Parliament is no longer fit for purpose and needs to be shaken out of the arrogant complacency that is rife within the building. Voters are the only body capable of achieving this!

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done” . . . and look what he achieved, together with the people of South Africa. I would simply add to that:

“When our lives near completion, how will we justify any apathy?”

Until the next time

Part 2 will talk about Democracy, Surveillance and the Internet

Thinking from his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It!            By J T Coombes