Are We Sleepwalking Into The Next Election? (Part 2 of 6) Democracy Surveillance and the Internet

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In this new millennium 21st century Society is saddled with systems way past their sell by date.

. . . A 15th century democratic system, complete with glass ceiling

. . . An 11th century monetary system that increasingly holds the world to ransom

. . . A 2000 year old surveillance system being replaced by modern technology

Voting with what we now have will never solve the problems we now face

 In this series of 6 posts I will offer a view on why I think we might be sleepwalking into Election 2015

 Part 2 – Democracy Surveillance and the Internet

In part 1 of this series I argued that the UK Parliament is no longer fit for purpose. Of greatest concern to me is that they have allowed, and been a party to, the sudden erosion of democracy that has occurred since the financial collapse of 2007/8, in tandem with other governments around this planet. The more I read and understand about the events following this irresponsible financial disaster, it becomes clear that rather than doing the honourable thing in bailing out the banks to safeguard the world economy, we have been manipulated into a power play for global domination by dramatically increasing poverty.

People were not consulted about this vast transfer of financial resource from the many to the few because it was meant to demonstrate that democracy, as we have known it, no longer has any teeth. In just a few short years large corporations have turned themselves into global entities that wield more power than many governments, and are not accountable to the electorate within this new ‘democracy’.

In this new order, profit not social infrastructure rules, accountable only to the bottom line and not the people who contribute to that profit. As these monoliths cruise the world seeking out the cheapest labour and resources, people have become trapped in a regime of repressed wages and social standards that are taking us back to the Victorian era.

They are also forced to pay for the social infrastructure of transport, healthcare, refuse disposal, benefits etc. essential to the smooth running of businesses that abuse them, as those same corporations evade this responsibility by relocating their offices to tax havens around the world.

All of this is supported by Governments, desperate to hang on to power, who have been seduced into taking on mind-numbing levels of debt which can never be repaid, turning themselves into ‘corporate servants’ in the process. Remember, they are now obligated to selling off our public services at discounted prices as a condition of the loans and debt they have taken on!

In this strangled political environment the thin veneer of democracy has simply melted away, with people being told they are listened to . . . and then ignored (Fracking is a perfect example, if one needs to be found!)

Using a similar tactical deception to ‘Too Big to Fail’ with the banks, ‘Terror’ is being promoted to justify a level of surveillance so vast that it now sits like a toxic cloud over a global Society. ‘Surveillance’ has been with us for millennia, under the religious guise of an ‘All Seeing God’ who was aware of our every word and action. This surveillance too was sinister and suppressive but had more to do with controlling our morals.

What has superseded it however, has nothing to do with morals. It is there to suppress and control ABSOLUTELY. People who have previously enjoyed some measure of freedom are now becoming incarcerated by a ‘technological spy glass’, creating a human pressure vessel of gargantuan proportions that is policed ever more aggressively to curb the least sign of revolt. As each day passes George Orwell’s spectre of ‘1984’ becomes a growing and frightening reality.

What Orwell could not foresee however, was the birth of the Internet and its meteoric impact upon the way in which we as a species communicate with each other, changing forever how we live Life on this Planet. The Technology Age has arrived and its implications for emancipation of the masses have not been lost upon the old order of power.

In the past this order has been able to remain hidden from public view, operating in the background through the growing control of the money supply, which in turn controls governments and countries. However, the internet is now lifting the veil on this power, bringing to mind the immortal words of Samuel P Huntington “Power remains strong when in the dark; exposed to the light it begins to evaporate.”

Perhaps these words are behind the pressure to now contain the freedom of the internet as the Federal Communications Commission in America seeks to ‘manage’ how we use it. Whilst it does not have formal authority from Congress to regulate the internet, an important ruling early this year in the US Court of Appeals has effectively given this body vast global powers. This is particularly worrying as the FCC, (aka the US government), will follow in the wake of its partner the NSA!

As with the destruction of democracy and the growth of Surveillance mentioned earlier, this assault upon the free world continues to be achieved by constantly diverting the attention of the masses. Here the media, utilising the internet, sensationalise global ‘terror’ and spreading fear and concern as it is intended to do.

If we add to this the growing reports of these terror groups being funded and supplied as a part of the furtherance of US foreign policy, the likelihood of an early end to conflict is unlikely. It also explains why US defence spending is now higher than it has ever been and also higher than the next 8 countries COMBINED, including China and Russia! – (Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.) America can see the challenges now manifesting to its power hold on the world.

And if conflict is not enough to divert our attention from the global takeover, we have been bombarded by a constant stream of global health scares, of which Ebola is the latest. Whilst I have absolute compassion for the victims and their families, over the past ten years, again effectively aided by the expansion of the internet, we have had the following alleged pandemics, the majority of which eventually rang hollow (Can you remember them all?!): Swine flu, HIV/Aids, Bird Flu, SARS, MRSA, Cholera and Radiation from Cell Phones. As one dies down another quickly replaces it in an endless procession of fear mongering.

Returning back to home ground and the UK, we are very much wrapped up in this turmoil, aided by our government’s contribution to this growing ‘feudal’ world. It is therefore understandable why Parliament is quite happy for us to argue amongst ourselves about the pros and cons of one party over another. As long as we believe each party has a solution ‘Club Parliament’ has successfully ‘divided and conquered’ us, and is able to continue unchallenged with the bidding of its corporate masters, taking us to hell in a handcart in the process.

We cannot resolve the global problems but we can do something about our own. This ‘Club’ environment has to be broken and power returned to the majority. The 2015 election is not about Left and Right in my opinion, it’s about maximum disruption of this cosy Club . . . and it may be our last real chance to do something, as corporations become more entrenched!

Disruption can be simply achieved by not voting for any of the main parties. With no clear winner able to assume power another election will need to be called. (The country will not collapse as the Civil Service administer its running).

It is at this point that the 99% regain control over Parliament by demanding that all parties standing in the new election make an irrevocable undertaking, guaranteeing that legislation will immediately be implemented giving power to the people to sack MP’s. (The mechanics are easy by utilising current petition procedures through Social media or such). If they refuse they will not be in the running for our vote . . . and we have already demonstrated that we mean business!

Also please be aware that by not voting for your own party you are not being disloyal, far from it! In the first phase you are wresting power away from the corporations and the old order, putting it back in the hands of the people, by exercising the most powerful tool in democracy . . . Your Vote! Parliament is no longer fit for purpose, as its takeover by business has demonstrated. Voters are the only body capable of reinstating the democratic process we now so desperately need! Believing in ourselves and the power of our vote is the first step!

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done” . . . and look what he achieved, together with the people of South Africa.

I would simply add to that:

“When our lives near completion, how will we justify any apathy?”

Until the Next Time . . . When the subject will be: Debt and a Predatory Economic System


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It!

By J T Coombes