Are We Sleepwalking Into The Next Election? (Part 4 of 6) . . . Gender Equality is Now Essential to our Survival

She Avoids Aggression

Elinor Gadon PhD, an American cultural historian, author and academic, makes the point that, in recent archaeological research, there is no sign of warfare in any Neolithic Goddess cultures, as there is no evidence of fortifications, violent death, invasion or conquest. Perhaps this is why it is postulated that women would never send their children to war! JTC

In this new millennium 21st century Society is saddled with systems way past their sell by date.

. . . A 15th century democratic system, complete with glass ceiling

. . . An 11th century monetary system that increasingly holds the world to ransom

. . . A 2000 year old surveillance system being replaced by modern technology

. . . A ‘feudal’ attitude to Women who represent half our species

 In this series of 6 posts I will offer a view on why I think we might be sleepwalking into Election 2015

Part 4 of 6: Gender Equality Is Now Essential To Our Survival

In Jungian psychology – please stay with me! – the anima and animus represent the masculine and feminine characteristics of the unconscious, (true inner self), in every one of us. The trick, we are told, to becoming a balanced person, capable of taking full advantage of what Life has to offer, is to get these two aspects working in balance with each other – in a similar fashion to left and right brain activity.

From this basic understanding of how we function, it follows that there is a duty upon us to ensure that both the male and female of our species are also working in equal balance and harmony with each other, for our long-term benefit.

Let me also emphasise at the outset that, when I refer to balance, I do not suggest for one moment that women have to mirror what men do to achieve equality. Balance, for me, can only ever mean that there is an equal application of power and perspective from women in this thing called Life as that which has traditionally been exerted by their male counterparts.

The current imbalance has been with us since we were cave-dwellers and has seriously affected our ability to balance our development as a species. It is like a Greek galley, with all of the rowers on one side being made incapable of making their contribution to the ship’s progress. In this state, the galley will only ever travel in endless circles, experiencing the same restricted journey and making it incapable of achieving its true potential.

From the cartoon images of cavemen dragging women by the hair, to the modern-day atrocities of rape as a weapon of war, men have dominated Life on Planet Earth through their physical strength – no more, no less.

I believe that this gender imbalance has also contributed to our constant conflict over the millennia, as the testosterone-driven male ego functions across the broad spectrum of activities of our species. Please remember, this is an observation and not a criticism, as the subject matter is far too important . . . and, after all, I too am a man!

If we step back and look at the contribution women have been allowed to play in our Evolution, we will see it has moved from derisory to limited but growing. This imbalance in our overall development has been held in check by the influence of our traditional institutions, including those responsible for our moral wellbeing, as they continue to diligently resist full gender equality.

From the very beginning of time, men have had the skills to provide and women the skills to sustain. Going back to our caveman, we see Life at its simplest as the male put the food on the table and the female saw to the critical reproduction and ongoing maintenance of our species.

What seems patently obvious to me, with the problems we are now facing, is masculine-driven short-term thinking – and here, profit is very much a masculine value in its demand for instant gratification. We are constantly inventing new ways of providing, be it financial instruments or decimation of this Planet’s resources, but the feminine energy, force and concentration necessary to SUSTAIN what we are doing is non-existent.

This suicidal pattern will never resolve itself until such time as we recognise the essential and critical contribution women must now make, calling a halt to our historic spiral of constant conflict and self-destruction.

In those areas where women have reached positions of power, it has been because they have applied themselves with far greater diligence than their male counterparts, often suffering harassment and sexual abuse as a by-product of the process. Just imagine how our world will change when this tenacity is harnessed for our collective good.

The task before women now, as I see it, is to bring new values into the arena, thereby introducing a greater balance to Society’s current values. After all, we don’t differentiate between them as taxpayers and so are they not entitled to the power they are paying for?! Let’s face it, there are plenty of opportunities for women to bring their special talents to the struggling arenas of media, banking and politics, where the public are increasingly demanding greater transparency and respect towards the 99%.

The ‘Club’ environment that now exists between government and the corporate world has to be broken and power returned to the majority. The 2015 election is not about Left and Right in my opinion. It is about putting people in power who will break a system that has turned democracy and general elections into a sham. WOMEN HAVE ALREADY SHOWN THEY WANT TO PLAY THEIR PART AND THAT IS WHERE OUR SUPPORT SHOULD BE!

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done” . . . and look what he achieved, together with the people of South Africa.

I would simply add to that: “When our lives near completion, how will we justify any apathy?”

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By J T Coombes