Parliament is becoming a shambles

When the Speaker of the House condemns senior politicians for what, to all intents and purpose is sharp practice we, as a democracy, are in serious trouble.

It is becoming blatantly obvious that the Prime Minister is seeking political credibility through a hard and determined attack upon the EU, some of which is justified, but to ‘bend’ the rules yesterday to deny debate upon the arrest warrant shows a disturbing turn of events.

Visionary leaders have focus and determination in directing the way forward but this leadership is not visionary. Rather it is hell bent upon holding on to power by any means, whilst appeasing the wishes and needs of its corporate lords and masters.

This is now becoming blatantly obvious as wholesale Fracking begins across the countryside in spite of strong opposition by the people. The gross distortion of democratic process that TTIP will introduce does not bear thinking about. You can forget a publicly run NHS as it would attack the very core of TTIP. Its proponents would cry, with savage greed, how it inhibits the ability of corporations to make profits.

The fact that this odious agreement has been kept so secret from the electorate, not for months but years, could only be achieved with the compliance of Westminster and that is frightening. What credibility does the parliamentary process now have to uphold undertakings given by David Cameron to a referendum on membership of the EU in 2017 if he regains power?

That this was even offered upon condition that we vote him back into power again illustrates to me that corporate sponsorship is now seriously undermining the credibility of a democratic Parliament to the extent that voters must be bribed and coerced rather than wooed, as they traditionally have been.

There is no longer a relationship with the people that holds their confidence, as the needs of global corporations are placed before the needs of a country’s citizens. Integrity is a word often scorned these days but it is fundamental to the interaction between human beings. Voters elect on a basis of trust in what they are told. If integrity is not a powerful force within that process then manifestos become written evidence of future lies, something we evidence more and more these days.

The very fabric of Society cannot exist in a distrustful environment. People need confidence that their needs are being taken account of and defended. How can they plan their lives, build a home and raise a family when political priority is directed away from the diverse means with which to live Life and towards the narrow confines of profit?

Yesterday’s abuses in Parliament have again demonstrated a political mind-set that cares little for the people of this country as it focusses intensely upon power at any cost. Here is the core reason why the gap between the rich and the poor is growing ever wider. Wages are deliberately held down to improve profits and our young impoverished by debt to again control the employment market and future generations.

The parliamentary process, it seems, is impotent to this abuse and so we can no longer have confidence in a broken political system. Corporate sponsorship of political parties is a mutually beneficial but insidious relationship of power and greed which only the people can break up.

The solution lies with the people, as it always has. Revolution is not something we enjoy but we have taken to action when so called, as Oliver Cromwell demonstrated with a monarchy that thought it had a divine right. Maybe we need a new Cromwell, in the shape of a totally new party capable of harnessing the trust and power of the people to end the cosy ‘club’ Westminster has now become.

Until the next time

Thinking from his book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It!        By J T Coombes