Politicos ‘British Values’ + Magna Carta 2 Insult the Electorate . . . Again!



Apparently the latest gimmick from No 10 is to revamp Magna Carta, the most respected constitutional document in the world, in yet another attempt to salvage the nose diving reputation of Education Secretary Michael Gove and Parliament. In yet another skimpily thought out attempt to regain some credibility with the public, it is now latching on to next year’s 800th anniversary of the original Charter, (funnily enough in an election year), to try and see if some of the respect and majesty held for this historic document will rub off on the shallowness of modern politics.

We are told the Queen will be summoned to Runnymede, the site of the signing of Magna Carta on 15th June 1216, to perform a similar ceremony, and possibly with a similar mind-set towards this political theatre as was the case by the then reigning monarch King John. The guts of the new charter is now being worked on by the legal eagles . . . who else! I’ve yet to see if there will be any contribution by the people, who are the main body affected by this political stunt, but I’m not holding my breath.

For 600 years after its inauguration Magna Carta did a superb job in keeping the powerful under some sort of control. 150 years ago however, we saw the beginning of the repeal of the clauses that formed its backbone, until by 1969 only 3 clauses were left and uninhibited power was returned to the 1% to grow evermore abusive. It is naïve at best, in our new Global ‘Village’, to believe this power can be brought back under control by reasserting ‘British Values’, and at worst a tasteless publicity stunt which will be relegated to obscurity after it has served its purpose.

Certainly Magna Carta has its place in the modern world of globalisation as a means by which to provide a vision of a future world that turns us away from our current headlong profit driven dash to hell in a handcart! If we are to effectively upgrade this magnificent Charter it has to address the problems and world we now face as a species.

To this end I have devoted 25 years of my life to this subject and would offer the following 10 visions as my thinking for the basis of a new ‘Global’ Magna Carta*, although they are by no means set in tablets of stone:-

A New Relationship with Our Planet: To create a new relationship of respect with our Planet that reflects our commitment to its future sustainable management, through recognising it as the sole supporter of all life.

  1. Towards a Global Village: Unconditional support for all beliefs and actions that seek to pursue and promote the equality and unification of Races, Religions, Creeds and Gender.
  2. True Gender Equality: Gender balance is critical to our future survival as a species and needs the acceleration of the full empowerment of women to equally influence and manage the evolution of Society by contributing their unique perspective and values on Life
  3. Respect for the Young: That all children are prepared to the fullest extent we are capable of to take up their roles as future stewards of a Global Society and this Planet, in the certain knowledge that they are also the only mechanism for World Peace.
  4. A Secure Social Infrastructure: The entitlement of all people to live their lives with respect, in a secure social environment that supports and prioritises Education and Employment, a Home to rear a Family, Healthcare and a secure Retirement as sacrosanct.
  5. Equality of all Spiritual and Religious Beliefs: The equality and availability of all Spiritual and Religious understanding, without discrimination or prejudice, to support all people who seek this reassurance in their constant confrontations with Life’s challenges.
  6. Transparent Democracy: For Society to select, appoint and manage a few to administer its governance, services and other needs, with full oversight and direction of each administrationand its tax expenditure by means of a Transparent Democracy.
  7. From ‘Profitable’ Capitalism to ‘Charitable’ Capitalism: To repair the damage we are now causing our Planet and each other by adopting ‘Charitable’ human endeavour over ‘Profitable’ human endeavour. This means prioritising the broader values of charitable thinking and endeavour in how we live Life, ending our current profit driven path to self-destruction.
  8. A Complete Overhaul of Money Supply: Barter and trade are fundamental to our species and all money, or any of its derivatives shall, in future, be regulated in such a way as to never again enslave humanity in debt.
  9. The Integrity of the Internet: Any and all regulation of the internet will respect and support its independence, transparency and integrity, for the greater empowerment and liberation of humanity.

Once a final set of visions are accepted by people then I see this as a ‘Peoples Manifesto’ to be presented to governments and political parties of every colour, to adopt as the foundation of their own party manifestos. The message is very simple: “By adopting these visions and formally committing to their implementation you get my vote.”

People are then empowered to collectively form the driving force for a global political vision, something those in power know is supported by the electorate. If time shows that these visions are not being implemented it will be for the people to support the formation of new political parties who can show the necessary commitment, and elect them into power to truly achieve the ‘will of the people’.

I’m not saying it will be easy, and it will not happen overnight, but it is a positive vision of the future and something modern politics is desperately in need of.

Until the next time.

(A website is currently under construction to carry these 10 visions with sub categories that address individual issues such as Surveillance, The role of Public Banking, ‘Extremism’, Abuse of the Oceans and so much more.)

*Extract from: ‘Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If they want it!’ by J T Coombes http://www.globalmagnacarta.com