The Existence of the 1% Will Push Us into Global Warfare


By Stefan T. Possony, a specialist in the Directorate of Intelligence, Headquarters USAF [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Current estimates indicate that the time needed to repay global debt runs concurrently with the time it will take for water and food shortages to seriously affect our survival as a species, begging the question – Debt or Food/Water shortages – which gets priority . . . and who decides?

This desperate scenario is further aggravated by our traditional belief in the financial law of supply and demand – the greater the demand for something, the higher its price becomes.

The certain knowledge that global food demand alone could double by 2050 (David Tilman, Regents Professor of Ecology in the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences), because of a growing population, will cause an escalation in food prices and provide a financial arena in which there are vast profits to be made. Farmland is already becoming an institutional investment, and source of a 21st century gold rush, rather than the means to sustain people.

And the picture gets ever blacker when we recognise we have created a double whammy of self-destruction as we now begin to use our food resources as a source of fuel.

As ethanol production increases, so the price of food is increasing and becoming aligned with the price of oil, taking us into uncharted waters where the demand for what fuels our cars directly influences the price we pay for what feeds us.

Once again, we arrive at the same question we had for food/water versus debt – should grain be used for fuel instead of food, or the other way around . . . and who decides?

Add to this the pressure mentioned earlier, for governments to choose between feeding their own people and exporting to help pay off debts, and the situation becomes truly mind-numbing.

Our dominating belief in supply and demand can only accelerate the speed with which many are denied basic food and water, as shortages stimulate rising prices that result in only the wealthiest being able to feed and water themselves.

This raises a fundamental question as to whether we have now transformed Life on Earth into an exclusive business club – Earth Club – where only the financially capable can survive.

Would it be an act of responsibility on our part to post notices throughout the Planet in all maternity units, and have all affiliated staff carry badges declaring:

Welcome to Earth Club

If you can pay – Enjoy.

If you can’t – Goodbye!

There is no way we will be capable of overcoming the shortages of food and water that are now looming if we continue with the traditional thinking that has created this dire situation – particularly as we increasingly entrap ourselves in escalating global debt.

This debt, too, has come from troubled beliefs that have seen the 99% hand vast quantities of money over to the 1% to support their vested interests. The transfer of so much money from Society is depriving it of the wherewithal to maintain the traditional support systems and services necessary to its healthy running.

I have referred to these beliefs as troubled because I believe they are now threatening the most basic survival needs inherent within us as a species. These needs are the ability to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves and look after the old and sick in the present, and provide education and support for our young as future citizens.

The most dangerous aspect of what we are now facing . . .

The rate and extent by which we are now evolving as a species has meant we have suddenly (in my lifetime) outgrown our traditional codes of moral conduct, shaped by Religious beliefs evolved millennia before complex financial instruments, genetic engineering and global governance.

This gap between what we create, and a functioning moral code by which we manage what we create, means we no longer have adequate yardsticks to influence our judgement on what is, and is not, beneficial to our long-term well-being as a species. The currently self-serving values of the 1% can only lead to revolution, as our history is witness to with similar abuses in Russia and France. Except this time it will be on a global scale!

If we now hold beliefs and a mind-set that justify ‘terrorist’ warfare within the civilian population, and indeed target civilians to make a strategic point and bring balance to the conflict, then it is only a very, very short step to the introduction of small nuclear capabilities, as governments fight with each other over diminishing supplies of food and water.

Inherent within the human condition is a tit for tat compulsion when we become aggressive, and it is this fallibility that will take the inevitable step to escalating the size of this nuclear capability until all that remains is a Global landscape that resembles the surface of Mars.

How and why we discarded traditional moral values to shape the world we currently live in is immaterial. What is of vital importance is that there does not appear to be any mechanism capable of hauling us back from the edge of this frightening abyss.


Until the next time

Extract from: ‘Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If they want it!’ by J T Coombes