Voters called the shots in 2014 . . . They can do it again!



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The success of UKIP last night has severely shaken the three main parties. THAT is what voter power is all about and now needs to be followed up. With only a 36% turnout, that the electorate (or a third of it) could achieve this type of impact . . . what could two thirds or even 90% do?!

With the 2105 election machinery now gearing up the main parties will all be very aware of what they have to do, not to resolve the horrendous problems of debt, employment, health and education, but to hold on to power. We are in an era of ‘professional’ politicians who seek power but lack any vision of what to do with it once they have it, and voters have to demand better.

This can be done in two ways. Firstly to prepare a voter mind-set that will seek out and only vote for minority parties in 2015. This does not show disloyalty to the party of their choice but rather sends a clear and powerful message to ALL parties that the time of vague party manifestos is over. We want defined action to return power to people and create a Society that has proper support for living life.

By voting for minority parties, if done effectively, there will be no clearly defined majority party going into power and another election will need to be called. In the meantime THE COUNTRY WILL NOT FALL INTO CHAOS – FACT! The Civil Service run all of Societies services, the government of the time simply points them in a direction. The only chaos will be within the political environment because for the first time voters have called the shots and demonstrated their lack of patience with the abuses of the past.

Fracking and the impending TPP are the most frightening examples of this new era of corporate sponsored government, with the impact they could have upon this Planet and its people. Too much power is being passed from voters to corporations, resulting in a world unsustainably driven by profit and the only means to stop it is by people power . . . there is nothing else!

Yesterday a few people demonstrated what can be achieved, in firing a warning shot across political bows of all colours and the impetus must not be lost now! If my thinking resonates tweet me and let me know what you think . . . I don’t think I am that alone in demanding more and fairer government.

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“In the final moments of our lives how will we justify our apathy to our children?” J T Coombes