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For Sale: 1 Magna Carta (Used)

Authors note: I write a weekly newsletter for my website (details to the right of this piece) and the following is something I wrote that seems to link up with Thursday’s blog about TTIP. Hope you find it to be on interest . . . We are in fascinating times my friends!

What an interesting revelation, that our government was going to offer our best copy of Magna Carta to America in 1941, in an effort to build stronger relations and induce the US to enter the War.

The reasoning behind this was the knowing that the American people had a greater respect for the Charter than we British. Our history is lost in the mists of time, whereas the Americans (enviably) can easily trace their beginnings back just a few hundred years.

That Magna Carta spawned the American Constitution and Bill of Rights is also pertinent, as here we find the very core of how we function as a species. Our reality and the world we live in is created by us and how we think at any given point in time.

During the Stone Age we first began to use tools made of stone and this was a huge evolutionary step for mankind. When we evolved from hunting to farming for our food and on from that into the Industrial Age and up to the present day, we didn’t run out of stones which then forced the changes but simply thought our way into new methods and means of living Life.

What we think and come to believe in shapes the manner in which we live our lives. It is here that the relevance of Magna Carta and the other documents can be seen, because our thinking and words are recorded for all to see and work from. That thinking and those words are then given very real power by encapsulating them in time in a written document, as they then remind us of our desire and commitment to live our lives in this fashion.

Nothing is more so than in our laws and statutes. Here we find detailed and carefully thought out pages of words that record the strategies we have evolved to manage how Society interacts. Indeed that was what Magna Carta was all about. A written decree that nobody was above the law, including the highest office of State, which was then the Monarchy. Magna Carta effectively ended the ‘Divine Right of Kings’, not by wars and violence but by the power of written words that captured the thinking of that time and which has changed little over the centuries.

This power is again in evidence, in a perverse fashion, as the clauses in Magna Carta have been steadily repealed over the last 150 years until just 3 remain. I believe that the rise of the 1% is as a direct consequence of this ‘watering down’ of the values of not only Magna Carta but also the American Constitution.

The thinking of vested interests, with Citizens United, propelled the passing of new words of law that freed corporations to provide unlimited support to political parties. Here we can see perfectly that with this ‘watering down’ people are made and feel powerless! The previous words that kept law and order no longer have influence and we are uncertain as to where to go from here.

At election time our party’s create manifestoes which set out how they will run the country and we have trusted these words sufficiently to vote for one party’s words over another’s to govern us. For me this is more evidence of how we create our world from our thinking and words. When the words fail Society is thrown into disarray and distrust grows.

If our current situation, with the growing gap between the 1% and 99%, demonstrates the true power that is still inherent in Magna Carta, surely it has to be ‘revitalised’ to return that power to the people. Only then can we restore our world to a greater level of responsible activity and turn us away from the course we are now upon that will lead to our certain destruction.

That we were considering gifting our best copy of this iconic document at such a critical time in our history speaks volumes of our respect for its real power in dictating how we should live and manage our lives. It is something we should think long and hard about now, as it provides the means, as it did in 1215, to again redress the imbalances in Society and make positive changes to how we live Life on Planet Earth.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

EU . . . Too Big To Fail!

EU photo

I have never been a fan of the EU. When Ted Heath took us into the ‘Common Market’ we were told it was to ‘make trading with each other much easier and to reduce the possibilities of future aggression”. At the time there were protests of the birthing of a ‘Super State’, which were immediately poo pooed by politicians and which history has subsequently proved to be the very object of their silent agenda.

These are the unfortunate/prophetic (you decide) words used in Wikipedia, as the organisation grew (My underlining) : “In 2009 the European Community’s institutions were absorbed into the EU’s wider framework and the community ceased to exist”. Profound or what!!!

When you look at the way Greece is now being ganged banged by the IMF, World Bank and ECB there is certainly no community spirit there, given that it was abusive moneylending practices that created the problem for them and the rest of us in the first place. Then there is my primary gripe with the whole set up. For each of the last 20 odd years the EU has not had its accounts signed off because not all the money can be accounted for.

‘Community’ doesn’t enter the equation for this elephantine bureaucracy, which was designed by the corporate world and politicians for the corporate world and politicians. What is happening to Greece demonstrates just how much the banks are in charge now and how little they care about community. Greece is being reprimanded in the most obscene manner, as its people are reduced to penury so that the moneylenders can extract their pound of flesh, whilst also providing a warning to the rest of us.

We must watch closely what is going on there, as it points to a repressive climate being prepared for us all if the troika are allowed their head. Slowly they are massaging the European countries into a single entity, where they will rob us of national identity and public assets in a quest to homogenise a Capitalist state and market place.

With the power of the unions reduced, people will be constantly migrating to survive on lower and lower wages. From these lowering wages they will also be expected to pay taxes that not only fund these bloated bureaucracies but also the interest on vast debts, plus bailing out equally bloated corporations when they come unstuck through their dubious business practices.

When you look at the EU, absolutely nothing is designed for the benefit of the people. Taking down national borders seems friendly enough until you come to recognise that immigration is a one way street and little has been done, by the thousands of people employed and justified by the Brussels ‘rice pudding’, to develop a growing multicultural society.

They can talk about fish quotas and design endless forms to ham string small businesses but any question of integration of the diverse cultures does not interest them. They are only capable of regulation and totally incapable of management. ‘Union’ should be struck from the title!

For me the latest and greatest sin is the deliberate and contrived years of secrecy they felt necessary to cloak their dealings with the US in, over the democracy crippling TTIP agreement. It demonstrates the leverage the banks have over the European political establishment, as it has politicians supporting a powerful agreement that effectively strips them of their powers to regulate for the protection of the people who have elected them.

Sentiment is growing against a power that, as it has grown in size, has become more and more detached from those who elect it. As a species we are obsessed with building vast empires which become too big for us to manage and subsequently fall away in ruins. Back in the 80’s Enron was a perfect example of this, where not only the company but its financial advisors, one of the world’s largest accounting firms, collapsed through fraudulent practices designed to convince everyone they were both successfully growing ever larger.

Their activity pales into insignificance however, compared to the 2008 financial tipping point that was the banking scandal. To stave of the inevitable ruination the biggest confidence trick in the history of our species was perpetrated with the cry “Too big to fail”. It may have bought them some time but we have a failing and bankrupt global financial system that others, including the Chinese and Latin American countries, or the internet, will eventually replace.

The EU is headed for its own tipping point as it’s failing financial policies and gross misuse of stolen national powers propels a growing resentment by a duped European electorate. When the crunch comes and maybe Greece will precipitate it, we will again be threatened by that familiar cry of “Too big to fail” and our only response this time must be, “You failed because you were too big!”

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes