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Greece . . . The Faintest Glimmer

@GMagnaCarta Sorry, but this is a population that dodged taxes for many yrs, retired early and lived well beyond means. Accountability needed”

This was a response to a posting and reflects a popular consensus that prevailed right up to the beginning of this year, based upon our ignorance of so much that has been withheld from us by the power of media propaganda.

There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a sea change in attitude since January, as we become increasingly aware of the part the banks have played in creating this Modern Greek Tragedy. More and more views are being expressed on Social Media about the strength and courage of the Greek people, led by Alex Tsipras as the equally modern ‘David’.

That the main media are now printing the comments of supporters of what Greece is doing is, in my opinion, very significant in moving opinion to a more balanced perspective than that which has prevailed.

Indeed the Sunday Times this weekend not only published standard pro Europe/Troika messages but also included in their supplement, News Review, a front page story by John Humphries, (no less!), on his experiences of Greece and his defence of their actions now.

What I found particularly illuminating was his potted history of just what the Greek people have experienced since World War 2. They endured the unspeakable savagery of Nazi occupation, which was then closely followed by a civil war that tore the country apart. Their living hell continued with a brutal military dictatorship, which finally collapsed in 1974, only to be replaced by two irresponsible and inept political parties.

These parties kept the people quiet with equally inept bribery whilst they practised a level of corruption so great that it was their eventual undoing and that of the country as a whole. All of which was latterly aided and abetted by the banks, as we now know. Given this background is it any wonder that people took anything on offer, including generous pensions on pretty poor wages. Would you not do the same? I certainly would . . . because I’m human!

His personal experience is also poignant as he describes the almost unbearable pathos of old men with stiff backs and white moustaches rummaging in bins, dressed in their best suits. Or the old lady shading her face with one hand as she begs with the other.

This is the reality of Greece, which such respected journalists as Mr Humphries are now commenting on. This is what Alex Tsipras means when he talks about “returning their dignity to the Greek people”. I am indebted to my friend Weiss  for @w_nicht assing me this article by Joseph Stilglitz who also comes out in support of the coming Greek Referendum and infers how he might vote if eligible.

Here again support for the actions of the Greek government is manifesting from respected people such as this Nobel Laureate in economics. This is unbiased truth about the reality of what is going on and not some fabricated hogwash designed to cover up the appalling tactics of the politicians and bankers.

For me we are now seeing a glimmer of light, as the internet works its magic in the job it does so well . . . supporting the people as they share with each other the pieces of truth and reality they have discovered about the abusive world in which we live. In retaliation the elected representatives of the Greek people are being labelled as ‘Marxists’, the ‘traditional enemy’ of Capitalism and Profit.

Marxists they may be but what comes out loud and clear by their actions, as well as their words, is that they have integrity and care about the people who voted them in. When the previous government tried holding a Referendum and was told by the EU and Troika to “pack it in” they ran a mile. Such a different and defiant story is occurring now, whilst also making it very clear about the attitude of Brussels to democracy and its total lack of respect for the people it is supposed to represent!

This defiance was mirrored here in Lancashire yesterday as David Cameron came wonderfully unstuck in his endeavours to force a Fracking industry upon this country. It is a mighty precedent that both Cameron and Brussels should take note of.

This growing mood of defiance has been accelerated by the actions of the Greek people, who have identified a loss of dignity we are ALL now both experiencing and recognising, caused by an increasingly abusive global regime who continue to try and ignore us.

It may just be a glimmer at present but having created that light it will be hard, I think impossible, to extinguish.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Austerity . . . That Hidden Charge!

Austerity is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. The robust empires of Mesopotamia, Rome, Bourbon and Britain failed under crushing debt that drowned economic output, destroying a healthy financial environment. If we go beyond the surface we can better understand the endemic cancer within debt that guarantees this constant failure.

97% of the world’s currencies are provided by private banks who charge us for using their money, rather than governments doing the job for free. They argue that it is ‘unhealthy’ for politicians to be involved in the supply of money and therefore the job of the banks.

There is however an equally ‘unhealthy’ aspect to the present arrangement, as banks charge compound interest on the money we use. This has been a bone of moral contention for centuries as religion decries the immorality of interest earning interest because compound interest quickly escalates debt.

If we borrow £20,000 at just 5% and compound it monthly, the amount repaid over 10 years would be £32,940.18 and a staggering £54,252.80 after 20 years! (Source

When you consider the trillions of dollars printed into the global system since 2008 is it any wonder we are now suffocating in debt! Currently this money is at low, or zero interest but the Federal Reserve are now talking about raising interest rates. Given these astronomical amounts the effects of compound interest on the economies of many countries will be crippling.

Here we get to the source of the immense power the monopoly of global banking has achieved. With debt comes obligation, guaranteeing them the ability to impose whatever terms they wish, of which compound interest is just one facet. ‘Austerity’ is another, as banks argue that when a borrower gets into difficulties they must “cut their coat”, irrespective of the banks contribution to those difficulties.

Armed with this logic they insist that borrowers forgo the expense of ‘non-essentials’, to meet the interest repayments on the money owed. Here lies the growing antagonism between lender and borrower, as it is banks and governments who define what constitutes ‘non-essentials’.

Government’s sign up to ‘Austerity’ in order to get the money, knowing full well that banks have little time for the social needs of Society. Whether it is healthcare, education, social benefits, water and energy supplies or state owned assets, they can be drastically reduced or sold off (at seriously discounted prices) as a condition of the debt agreement.

The most public example of ‘Austerity’, as a hidden charge within sovereign debt, was when the UK gold supply was disposed of by Gordon Brown between 1999 and 2002. This was the result of pressure placed upon him by Goldman Sachs, who were significantly short on gold and in danger of going bust. Brown was obligated to come their aid, (because of our indebtedness), which he did spectacularly by firstly advertising his intention to sell our total gold holding and secondly, offering it for sale by auction.

These were two unprecedented actions, deliberately calculated to drive down the gold price by making the markets aware of government intention to sell. The net result was that our gold was sold at between $256 and $296 an ounce, subsequently soaring to an astounding $1,615 by 2012.

Goldman Sachs were saved by the sale of one of our state owned assets at a derisory price, providing a nice little earner to boot! Added to which an unsuspecting public were totally unaware of a subterfuge that just six years later would be perpetrated upon them again in an even more abusive fashion by ALL the banks!

This hidden charge of ‘Austerity’ is an ongoing abuse, as demonstrated only a couple of weeks ago, when our government publicly announced its intention to sell its stake in RBS at a loss, tipping off the markets yet again to bring down the price, reportedly, with the full approval of Rothschild’s.

As both governments and bankers continue to conspire to keep the reality of their dealings out of the public eye it is becoming increasingly apparent that the true cost of private banks supplying our money is now becoming prohibitive. We are not only expected to pay compound interest for its use but also hand over our national assets and quality of Life as well, in the name of ‘Austerity’.

The severe treatment being forced upon the Greek people now is reminiscent of the loss of dignity suffered by the German people, forced into unconditional surrender at the end of WWI. This barbaric treatment resulted in a horrendous backlash, meted out to an unsuspecting nation by a maniac whose power came from the robbed dignity of the people.

To ensure history does not repeat itself this time, is it not right for all of us to stand with the Greek people and shout at our governments “ENOUGH. FOLLOW THE GREEK LEAD” . . . that we may once again live our lives with dignity.

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes