New World Order . . . Which One?

There is no doubt we are now looking at several ‘New World Orders’, of which the first is unprecedented in shape, size and power. The internet has changed forever how we interact as a species, undermining the old power bases that controlled Society.

In the past that power was wielded by keeping us in ignorance and separated by Race, Colour, Creed and Gender, causing constant conflict with the use of these ‘labels’. The internet is lifting the veils on how the world is run and uniting us against the real adversaries this unveiling has produced.

However, this new technology carries a double edged sword, as the very means by which we are becoming empowered is also the tool by which the minority now seek to contain that empowerment.

Global communications have become so sophisticated now that our thinking is being manipulated by spin, creating fear and uncertainty in minutes.

(The Greek crisis saw the media hold the Greek people accountable for the country’s financial problems. And we believed it until the internet showed us how American banks and Greek politicians had brought the people to their knees by contemptuous deception.)

When America became the global super power, it consolidated its position through the inauguration of such bodies as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. Whilst both appear to be ‘international’, they are supporting and promoting the political and financial power of America.

We have seen the IMF at work in its ferocious subjugation of the Greek people, also providing a subtle message to the rest of us to back off. There is always spin when these bodies make a power grab and with the Greek people ‘Austerity’ was promoted as making the people more responsible in manging their money, whilst stripping the country of its national assets.

The UN have now embarked upon a truly scary programme, hidden in a vast spin ‘to aid humanity’, as they make a grab for world government.

In September they launched a new ‘Universal Agenda for Humanity’. They did not ask our permission but rather issued a command that we all sign up to 17 sustainable development goals to radically transform the world by 2030.

To widen its remit the UN also called on the services of the Pope, who went to America to put his organisations support behind what is effectively Agenda 21 – World domination – on steroids! (Read the Guardians coverage of Agenda 21 here:

To give you a flavour, Goal 16.9 intends that biometric information, stored at a central database in Geneva, be held on every man, women and child on the Planet by 2030. (What’s with 2030?!) The spin is that it is being done on humanitarian grounds, because of the growing population of homeless refugees who need credible identities to find new homes.

OK, but the rest of us (the vast majority) are not homeless and so why do we need one?!

Then we move from political control to financial control, as cash is removed from our day to day lives and replaced with digitised money, which can be controlled, (and allow ongoing negative interest rates), whereas paper currency cannot. This will ‘make our money safer, fighting crime and money laundering’ is the spin given here.

Money has been converted into debt and Austerity is spun as the means by which we control our sovereign finances to pay back that debt, whilst our public utilities are sold off at a fraction of their worth and governments are brought under the control of an unelected IMF.

TTIP, spun as a Trade Deal, will further erode the power of our elected governments with its insidious ISDS clause, allowing corporations to sue governments if legislation threatens their profits. (Any attempt at regulation goes out the window here!)

Then there is ‘Surveillance’, the extent of which Edward Snowden and others have made us frighteningly aware of. Rather than cutting back however, it is being ramped up and spun as effectively ‘fighting Terrorism’.

Except it was the CIA who supported the birthing of these terror groups in the first place, to keep us fighting amongst ourselves whilst it pursues its own power grabbing agenda. All of which is fronted by the global media propaganda machine spinning our attention away from these realities by creating fear through constant crises.

This diversity of strategies, to usurp sovereign power, points to a growing potential ‘New World Orders’ that is seeking the abusive type of global governance George Orwell alluded to in his famous book 1984.

Worrying as it looks, I have my doubts about possibility of performance. If we look at the EU, here is a project that has been slowly nurtured over decades to control Europe. Political and financial power has stealthily been acquired by gradually usurping national powers, spun as ‘European Unity’.

However, this is being done with great secrecy, thereby distancing the 500 million of us that pay for it all. For this, or any project, to be a success there has to be inclusion, leadership and management.

Instead we have political concession, dictatorship, financial belligerence and abuse, creating a widening gap between the powerful and the people. There is certainly no clear agenda with which to deal with unemployment, financial mismanagement and now immigration, showing the EU up for what it truly is . . . another power grab.

If the deputy to the President has just admitted that people have lost all respect for the credibility of the politicians and their system and that the “unimaginable is now becoming imaginable” in the collapse of the EU, then this speaks volumes in where Society has now got to.

We are not the Society we were when this project began in 1957. We have become more aware of the lies and political shenanigans that have been going on for 60 years. It has cost us untold freedoms and money that we could have used for our own sovereign benefit.

What is spreading across Europe and other parts of the world is the demand for the return of our power, which we can exercise in a more closely controlled and beneficial environment, because we again have a say over what goes on.

And here I get to the third of the ‘New World Orders’, as our growing awareness begins to empower us in a manner we have never experienced before. I see “the imaginable” with the EU as just the beginning, calling a halt to the manipulations of the powerful and their impossible dream of world governance.

Where it will take us I do not know but we are no longer the illiterate serfs that global power was previously built upon. What I do know is that if we put our energies into developing our own independent media, something the internet was born for and stop being engineered into fighting amongst ourselves, we will increase our own power exponentially as the first step to creating our own ‘New World Order’.


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes