Why Magna Carta Works

Let me get a rant out of the way by condemning all TV and Radio for not a single independent coverage of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. Napoleon and other irrelevancies are given space but something we should be monumentally proud of as a nation has been ignored and it is a bloody disgrace!

Magna Carta works because it is at the very heart of how we function as a species and why it has been adopted, in one format or another, throughout the world. We create our world through what we believe in. Someone comes up with an idea that is adopted by many and becomes a belief.

If that belief is strong enough we write it down and use it to promote the values enshrined in that writing. The Bible, Koran, Torah and all the other religious teachings have been captured in this manner, as well as the very laws that govern us and shape the way we live our lives.

Magna Carta was the first such practice that declared our rights as human beings to a fair trial, freedoms of people and freed women from total slavery. Its common theme of human rights captured the imagination of people across the world over the following centuries, because of this fundamental message about our right to function as a species of individuals.

Power and greed have always been our greatest challenge, as ambitious but naïve individuals and groups have sought the impossible in world domination. Greed and power self-destruct because human fallibility can only use them to suppress and enslave. Enslavement can never be a permanent human condition as the oppressed eventually rise up and overthrow the oppressor. A pattern repeated with monotonous regularity throughout our history.

In the past that power was applied by armed force, with the likes of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan setting the template for human carnage across the centuries. Today power and greed is more subtly attained by financial instruments, rather that instruments of war. Debt has become the weapon of war as our money supply is created by financiers, rather than governments, gradually enslaving people and countries by debt repayment.

These debt repayments have become the single most important aspect of any country’s responsibilities, because of beliefs that have been imposed by the few on the many and which, like Magna Carta, have been written down to authenticate them. That these written beliefs can also cause human suffering shows how the shaping of Life by dominating beliefs can sometimes be disastrous to our wellbeing. (The TTIP secret trade agreement is the latest example, if allowed.)

This is where we find ourselves in this 21st century, as debt spurs the attainment of power and greed. We have had one financial collapse and another is not far off, because the powerful and greedy are continuing to commit the crimes that they should have been jailed for last time.

I read somewhere that worldwide debt is so great that there is not enough money in circulation to repay it. This careful strategy to enslave could be labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’ if it were not for what is now happening in Greece. Submerge a country in debt through improper banking practice and then take their national assets in repayment and as a means to control.

For me, this is power and greed entering its self-destructive phase, as the banks themselves will collapse under the mountain of debt they have issued and which can no longer be supported. When this happens they will close their doors and people will suddenly find access to their own money denied them, as has been the case with individual bank collapses in the past. Now however it will be on a global scale because the banks and the debt are now global.

It is at this point, hopefully, that people will find the abuse of the powerful no longer tolerable, as they did 800 years ago, demanding a new charter that will once again bring the abuses of absolute power back under control through the power of the written word. Instead of Barons, it makes sense that they should have a new political party fighting for them this time.

The government prattles on, as Cameron will today, about the need for Magna Carta and how his government will do its bit to ensure values are maintained. This is political spin at its most unreal. It was in the interest of the people that Magna Carta was created to hold the powerful to account and it is that same situation that must be addressed to day by the people, not the government!

Happy Birthday Magna Carta . . . Not long now!


Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes