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Core Belief 8: From ‘Profitable’ to ‘Charitable’ – To repair the damage we are now causing our Planet and each other by adopting ‘Charitable’ human endeavour over ‘Profitable’ human endeavour, prioritising the broader values of charitable thinking and endeavour in how we live Life, ending our current profit driven path to self-destruction.

A ‘MacDonald’s World’

Authors note: The following are my observations on how Society has changed during my lifetime. I make no judgements as to right and wrong but simply ask a question about the direction in which we are now headed.
As a kid growing up in South London in the 50’s, Society was getting over the war but was also fairly settled. As I look back it described the nature of our Britishness as a people, with a monarchy at the helm of that identity.

We left our keys in the few cars that were available then and homes were rarely locked and bolted. Even our criminals had a code of ethics that ostracised anyone convicted of taking a gun, or worse using it, whilst committing a crime.

Napoleon once described us as a “nation of shopkeepers” with the proliferation of family businesses that competed for our individual needs. To them we were ‘Customers’.

In the 60’s foreign businesses, particularly from America, brought their methods of trading to our shores. ‘Super’ markets and ‘Warehouse’ traders selling everything in volume, from toys to carpets appeared and slowly replaced our intimate family businesses.

(Churchill struck a deal with Roosevelt in which, in exchange for US intervention in WWII, American business would be allowed free access to our people.)

These changes saw the demise of the customer as the new businesses, with their endless aisles of goods sold purely on price, slowly but surely changed our identity into consumers and ‘units of profit’. Napoleon, I’m sure, is grinning down at us now!

These new business methods demanded cheap labour and so, over the ensuing decades governments encouraged many immigrants to travel, sometimes thousands of miles, to enter an alien Society in the hope of improving the quality of life for them and their families. Naturally they had a different culture to ours and so they gathered together and formed their own communities to find a sense of identity and belonging.

As the numbers increased so tensions grew, as British values were challenged by these different cultural beliefs and values that our governments had ill prepared us for. Their priority was to meet the demands of employers for more workers, particularly to do the mundane jobs we did not want to do. Their reactive solution to this growing problem was endless ‘anti-racial’ legislation, which sought to insulate the differing cultures and which, sadly, challenged Social integration and cohesion.

Knife crime grew, as did gun violence and our values were again moved from a ‘Bobby with a whistle and a truncheon’ to fully armed and protected squads on constant call and alert. The settled Society that I knew as a kid had disappeared, replaced by an environment that breeds stress, rather than contentment.

Even the flagship of our British values, our monarchy, is under attack from foreign owned media. The purpose is to remove this global icon as the bedrock of our identity. It is a part of a strategy to take away an important aspect of our self-sufficiency as a nation, making us easier to control, a subject I have touched upon before. If this critical institution goes the same way as our shopkeepers it will be like stripping a Rolls Royce of its iconic Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. Our iconic global Trade Mark would be gone and an important part of our Britishness with it, with nothing to fill the void.

Our way of life has undergone a vast change in a relatively short space of time, caused by the demands of an increasingly dominant business culture. This culture seeks to destroy national values and replace them with a global sameness that will bend to the demands of their market place. It requires not only consumers and cheap labour but also vast quantities of cheap natural resources.

It is here that I come to the nub of my concerns about life in this 21st century. Britain is not the only country being stripped of its identity, as debt and migration become the norm and MacDonald’s appears on every high street and back street across the globe. In losing our national identities we lose our uniqueness and the ability to teach and learn from each other.

The very differences that were misused to create endless wars in our past are also the means by which we can come together, as the internet now shows us the inherent qualities each nation has to offer.

As I write TTIP is being bulldozed into legality and will see the final destruction of our sovereign democracies and identities. It will create a ‘MacDonald’s World’ where everywhere you go on this Planet you will find the same burger, same retail outlets, same consumer culture and same abuses. We are now in serious danger of allowing the Global Village we are headed towards to be shaped and destroyed by the corporate world, as they pursue their own narrow goals.

Life is too precious and so are we, for abuses of that scale to become a reality. We need new leadership that will again fight for the people.

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Is Greece the Catalyst?


Syriza photo

Whilst I am not a supporter of any extreme beliefs, be they religious, political, financial or corporate, I think it took this type of thinking to begin a reaction to the abuses the Greek people have been enduring for the past 5 years. Even just a superficial understanding of finance shows that ‘Austerity’ is not a solution to their problems but merely a means by which the troika could support the plunder and control of Society.

What I find repugnant is the origins to the problem and the subsequent abuse which simply added insult to injury. In the beginning it was irresponsible politicians who sought to stay in power by borrowing more money. They were supported with even greater irresponsibility by Goldman Sachs who, we are told, used some ‘creative accounting’ to ensure the new funds, on which they earned obscene fees, were hidden from the gaze of the Greek people and EU application forms!

The actions of both parties was premeditated abuse, as they were all fully aware of the consequences of this joint irresponsibility upon the people. It mirrored the same consequences that irresponsible lending achieved with the US sub-prime mortgage fiasco, resulting in the same pain and misery. Whilst the troika were quick to impose severe penalties on the Greek people, no such penalties were imposed upon Goldman Sachs for irresponsible lending. More irresponsibility? . . . You decide!

The sinister human cost of ‘Austerity’ can be measured by the escalation in levels of suicide, the degradation of people who previously held responsible jobs and now search the garbage for sustenance and the country’s youth, half of whom see no chance of getting a job in their lifetime. Let’s just stay with that last point. Can you remember your youth and the knowing that all you had to decide was which type of job or career you wanted to pursue.

How would you have felt after 5 years of despair of ever finding ANY employment and then hearing the MD of the IMF telling you it would be something you might have to get used to! If ever there is a breeding ground for young terrorists it has to be here. Watching ISIS and the others striking blows against the Capitalist system must look increasingly more attractive as your time without a job, or any purpose to your life just continues seemingly endlessly, fuelling a growing anger.

People are not stupid and particularly not the young. As a species we are designed to reach a point where the powerful forces within each of us push us to find a mate, build a home and bring up a family. The greed of the political and corporate world has overlooked this fundamental aspect of what we are all about, resulting in frustration, resentment and anger building up like a global pressure cooker, until a backlash occurs.

Believe you me it will be no damp squib when it comes, because we are abusing primal forces here and the energy this generates will do whatever is necessary to return balance to all that is so much out of balance now on this beautiful Planet. The reactions of the Greek people, after Sunday’s election results, endorse the desperate need to end the abusive slavery of ‘Austerity’.

People are not sure how Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza party will improve matters but the very fact that he is prepared to defiantly stand up to abusive methods that are not yielding any results after 5 years has touched a nerve, not only in Greece but elsewhere.

In Spain the Podemos Party Secretary General, Pablo Iglesias, is now suggesting Syriza’s victory could be repeated there, as levels of discontent at ‘Austerity’ also continue to grow. Given similar climates in Portugal and Italy, will we see a groundswell from the political backlash in Greece, as other old political orders, seen as condoning and supporting the abuse, come under attack?

Possibly but what I do sense very strongly is that we are reaching a global tipping point. Like every bad general, those in power are spending all their time concentrating upon winning every battle, not aware that they are losing the war. Surveillance and debt to suppress, QE to keep a bankrupt financial system afloat and secret trade deals to support unlimited profit growth and castrate democracy will all eventually implode from their own abuses.

In the meantime, whatever it takes to ignite and unite people globally will bring matters to a head and Mr Tsipras and Syriza could well be that spark. This time however, unlike the Occupy ‘movement’ who fought valiantly outside the corridors of power, we have a political party with defined leadership fighting within those same corridors . . . Interesting!

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes