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Tsipras, Corbyn, Blair . . . and Judas

The reaction to my support of Alex Tsipras last week resulted in strong accusations against his supposed U-turn, aligning him with Judas and an overwhelming sense of betrayal.

Only 7 months ago our perception of Greek people was as ‘lazy tax dodgers’ until we became aware of the part the banks played in their downfall. The same game is being played out now as Tsipras is painted as a loser and we must not be drawn in again.

Let’s just take a look at what is actually going on. Here is a man with just 6 months experience on the world political stage taking on the most powerful forces on this planet, who have been around for centuries and not just months.

The ferocity with which they finally subdued him is an indication of how frightened they have become at what he is stirring up. Now they are pursuing regime change to put back the political cronies originally responsible for the current financial problems. We owe a debt of gratitude to him, as his actions lift the veil on what has been successfully hidden for centuries and the true nature of what he is battling.

It is not just about debt repayment but the threat to the growth of neoliberalism that is the real cause of their concern. There are another 24 countries about to collapse financially because of neoliberalist ‘austerity’ measures and so the need to maintain control, no matter how abusive, is paramount.

For Tsipras to carry out what his critics expect of him would be suicidal for Greece and its people at this time. The holiday season is just beginning and to exit the euro would see all cash points and banks closed and holidaymakers (Greece’s largest source of income) turning away in droves because of the uncertainty and chaos this situation would cause.

Yanis Varoufakis recently alluded to a ‘waiting game’, as deep seated political beliefs are contained whilst they pick their own moment to react. And would Syriza be broadcasting Plan B whilst taking this essential money that will buy them more time? The battle continues!

In similar vein in the UK, Tony Blair has launched a scathing attack upon a popular contender for the Labour leadership, Jeremy Corbyn. Before becoming Labour leader he (Blair) attended a number of Bilderberg meetings, along with Peter Mandelson, at which they came to see how the powerful ‘regulars’ were planning the future development of neoliberalism.

From this they saw an opportunity to make their mark by repackaging the Labour party, ingratiating themselves on the world stage and forming the springboard for their future careers as global players.

Low and behold they exited Westminster the moment Blair handed over to Brown and then went on to make their fortunes. Their allegiance is still to the Bilderberg group and hence Blair’s scalding attack upon the left wing intentions of Corbyn.

If ever there was an endorsement that Corbyn is working for the good of the people and headed in the right direction it is this outlandish attack, as abusive as the Troika’s response to Alex Tsipras . . . Both, of course, are singing from the same hymn sheet!

What I read into all of this is that we are seeing the early death throes of right wing capitalism and left wing socialism. The abusive financial climate of constant ‘austerity’ is seeing to the former and the results of the recent ballot boxes are sufficient evidence of the latter.

If Corbyn is serious about revitalising the Labour Party and God knows we need socialist driven policies now, he must take note of what is happening in Greece and prepare for a stinging backlash, of which Blair is the warning shot!

He must also look to bringing together the old left and right if he is to succeed. It is the only way forward, in my opinion, for our new global Society to develop an adequately self-balancing and regulated establishment . . . both of which have been missing in bucket loads in the past!

It seems to me that we are now witnessing the birthing of a new socialism, coming not only from here in the UK and Greece but in Spain and other countries around the world. The old order can see this to and are already aggressively protecting their wholly abusive monopolies.

We live in an ‘instant gratification’ Society, nurtured by the internet and endless credit. Sadly this mind-set works against the longer term requirements of fighting for our freedom. Once we turn upon those who are standing up for us we are dancing to the tune of the Troika and they will unleash their media dogs on our champions by whipping up this shallow sentiment.

The coming battle will be a bloody one in which we will all be involved. Knee jerk finger pointing is no longer an option.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

My Admiration for Alex Tsipras Just Grows

After a landslide victory in January Alex Tsipras landed running on the world political stage and straight into the massed baseball bats of Brussels and the Troika. What a baptism of financial and political fire to be introduced to in your first days in power.

His intentions were honourable and with the best interests of the people at heart, except he was totally at odds with the policies of Greek creditors. Easing the financial position of the Greek people had never been a consideration, as poverty and suicide continued hand in glove.

However, the political dexterity of the Greek Prime Minister was admirable, as he ducked and dived around the conference tables of Europe. He successfully outflanked his creditors with a bewildering array of tactics, concluding with a referendum that showed the world just how determined he was to ignore intense pressure not to involve the support his people.

This has resulted in both Brussels and the Troika showing their hand to the world in just how opposed they are to such democratic involvement and support, a warning to all of us. Not only that but the subsequent ferocity of their unrelenting demands to hamstring the Greek people with more debt, as well as helping themselves to 50 billion euros worth of national assets, throws another spotlight upon the thinking and intentions of the new European Central Bank.

Its unelected representatives have been imbued with a power over the 28 member states banks that has all but removed any financial autonomy from those countries, illustrating their total commitment to neoliberalism. This newly declared power will now be directed at regime change in Greece, as they seek a ‘MacDonald’s’ government in each member state to acquiesce to their dictates.

This is NOT what Mr Tsipras has any intention of giving them! He has fought a very lonely battle, whilst undergoing an intense learning curve (haven’t we all!) on the new realities of European politics. What he is fighting is a bureaucracy with a contempt for the people whose countries they now have increasing power over. Democracy is being replaced by indebtedness and austerity that will also support the confiscation of national assets.

On this latter point Greece is a ‘magnetic’ tourist destination with much undeveloped land, both on the mainland and its beautiful islands. With austerity, land can now be bought up at a fraction of its true worth to be developed into attractive holiday accommodation. And the necessary cheap labour to look after those holiday makers will be readily available from an already indentured Greek population.

As the actions of Mr Tsipras lift the veil on the attempted birthing of a NWO I cannot go along with a consensus that is castigating him for a supposed U-turn. Here in the UK we are used to the “I-turn . . . U-turn . . . We all turn together” policies of Cameron’s government and so it is understandable to react when we see something similar elsewhere but I am not so sure. There is a difference between a U-turn and a tactical withdrawal.

I cannot believe that a man who has fought valiantly for his people against insurmountable odds is simply reneging on his deep felt political convictions, just to hold on to power.  Of course he was naïve about the intentions of Brussels and the Troika, weren’t we all!

Neither do I believe he is forfeiting his soul, as previous leaders have done, but simply doing whatever is necessary to refinance his country, albeit with more odious debt, in order to regroup and find more time in which to bring about the socialist changes he is seeking.

In identifying the ‘odious’ nature of much of Greece’s Public Debt, any new debt can only exacerbate this illegal situation and suggests a possible insight into thinking about a longer term plan for the good of his country. That takes courage and commitment, given that his opponents have now taken their gloves off in front of the whole world!

There is an election coming up in September and the Greek people are looking for leadership. Mr Tsipras has acted with integrity towards his people and held firm in his political beliefs, in spite of political colleagues leaving the ‘sinking ship’ and demonstrations opposing what he is doing.

What he is standing up for has touched a nerve in all of us. We know that what is happening to Greece is both unjust and wrong! We also know that we can expect the same treatment, if we too defy the abuse of austerity whilst watching our assets being stripped from us.

The time has come for a new breed of politician with the mettle of Alex Tsipras and entrenched socialist beliefs that can return us to a Society again and away from the Economy we are being forced into.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes