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Remembrance Day: A Time to Remember . . . and Learn!

As I once again watched the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph, for the first time in six and a half decades a part of me felt a violent sense of anger that truly shocked me. As I sought answers to why this emotion had emerged with such force it became clear that, whilst the very act of remembering pays an essential tribute to the many, often young men and women who gave up their lives for our future . . . little has changed.

We have remembered but not learned!

As I look back over my own life, on many occasions I am reminded of the mistakes I have made and the pain and suffering I have caused to those I have loved, as well as to acquaintances and even complete strangers. I am sure I, like many, am not proud of these episodes. Whilst the guilt is sometimes difficult to deal with, I take reassurance and courage from the fact that I have learned from these lessons and consciously try hard not to repeat them again, often with success.

It is here that I recognise the source of the anger I experienced today. In the last two world wars some 70 million people have given their lives, either voluntarily or as victims of the aggression (Encyclopaedia of Death & Dying). That’s more people than the entire population of Britain in 2013! The entire population wiped out . . . for what? What have we learned? Or, more importantly what have our leaders learned?!

All I hear to that last question is a deafening silence, made more obscene by the words of the hymn always sung before the march past:

Oh God our help in ages past

Our hope for years to come”

It was only a few years ago that our brave men and women were sent to put their lives at risk, yet again, but this time for political reasons that we were subsequently told were backed up by misinformation designed to boost the careers of those in charge.

Not only has this elephantine loss of life taught nothing to those in charge but has demonstrated unequivocally that human life has been relegated to a tool of war which can provide hundreds of billions in profits to those who not only aid its enactment but also the rebuilding works carried out as a result of that death and destruction.

Remembrance Day, to me, should certainly be a time when we show great respect for those who have fallen and which we do superbly. It should also be a time of joy and relief that we have learned from their sacrifice by what we have achieved since they laid down their lives.

Sadly I cannot see any trace of effective and growing global bodies of governance and education that are uniting us as a species and relegating uncontrolled human aggression to a thing of the past. We know that in managing our fallibilities we grow as human beings. It is obvious however that our growth as a species is being held back by outdated thinking, driven by personal gain.

Perhaps Remembrance Day 2014 should be reflected upon, as we move into an election year, helping us to bring focus to the need for New VISIONARY Leaders capable of the changes so essential now to our future survival.

We deserve better and we should expect better, for the sake of those who thought they were fighting for a brighter future!

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power To The 99% . . . If They Want It!           By J T Coombes

Profit is a Killer

Like all addictions profit can become an obsession that eventually destroys. In the case of large companies it becomes increasingly difficult to continue the growth of profits demanded by shareholders and stock markets without abuse occurring, no matter how well established the organisation.

This was evident with Enron some years ago where the manipulation of statistics over a number of years, not company performance, maintained its published profit growth. The net result of this deception was the eventual bankruptcy of this vast company, the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and the dissolution of its complicit accounting advisers Arthur Andersen, one of the then largest accounting consultancies in the world . . . death by deception!

If profit is buying cheaply and selling at a higher price then it doesn’t get much easier than taking the natural resources our Planet has to offer freely and selling them on. This abuse becomes unacceptable however when stock market and shareholder greed fuels over fishing of our oceans and devastation of our forests, instead of sustainable farming. We are even further abusing Nature for profit with bio genetics and will no experience the horrors this activity will reward us with in the years to come . . . death by stealth!

There comes a time in the profit cycle when increasing market share and sales volume becomes more difficult, and it is then that serious danger can manifest, as running costs are reviewed to maintain profits and counter this levelling of sales and markets.

I am not suggesting for one minute that companies set out to knowingly create life threatening situations but these can occur when issues of regular maintenance are seen as an expense rather than a necessity. And when this happens in global corporations, where the stress of maintaining profit growth and market expansion is high on the agenda mistakes become disastrous, as in the case of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here the damage to the sea life and underwater terrain, with its subsequent effect upon the livelihoods of local industry, has yet to be fully understood but is continuing to have horrendous repercussions as its effect permeates across the oceans . . . death supported by Natural forces!

If we move nearer to home we can find the privatisation of social services such as healthcare, transport and mail delivery has turned them into profit centres. The original ‘service’ to Society has been replaced by an emphasis on profit. If there are areas of these services that are not profitable they are discontinued or reduced to a level that makes them ineffective but no longer loss making, that cost being born by Society in the reduction of the original services. We have seen this social abuse in healthcare where efforts to cut costs have resulted in increases in patient deaths and infection whilst in care . . . death by stalking!

Of all our endeavours to generate profit, warfare provides the most lucrative. Not only do we profit from the vast production of armaments but also the rebuilding of the environments and countries that those armaments have devastated! Sadly this endless circle of death by profit has been going on for millennia . . . death by circulation!

Put simply, when you decide profit is the primary goal you are undertaking to override integrity and moral welfare as the examples here illustrate. There are many considerations to how we interact with each other and this beautiful Planet which can never be conducted safely within narrow or single minded beliefs. We have killed enough of our species over the millennia through single minded beliefs about religion, adding dominance of profit to this already lethal cocktail can only accelerate our demise . . . Profit is a killer!