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TTIP Ran Election 2015

I know there are many reading this who formed their political allegiances many years ago and have remained loyal to the present day. I respect that loyalty, I really do and don’t question it. What I do question is whether the political environment in which those allegiances were first committed is the same as that which exists today? Or is that loyalty now being abused, with the growing evidence of how the corporate world has forced itself between the voter and their chosen party?

I have never ever experienced a General Election so devoid of substance or meaning as this one. Nor have I seen such a closely run election fought out by political parties with so little to say about the real issues now facing Society.

People are not idiots. They see and are speaking out about the real challenges we now face: TTIP, Fracking, Debt, Financial instability, Technology that is allowed to steal more of their jobs and a social infrastructure that is being deliberately collapsed to increase privatisation, all in the pursuit of profit.

As the parties continue to avoid these issues that avoidance is now seen as intentional. Debate is crushed because of the fear of being held publicly accountable. The introduction of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014, or to you and me “The Gagging Act”, simply verifies this.

The act was designed, we are told, to solve the problems of paid lobbyists directing our government for the benefit of vested interest. Instead of gagging lobbyist however, it has gagged civil society! NGO’s and Charities, with our wellbeing at the heart of their work, are now restricted from voicing their concerns about abuses to Society because it could be interpreted as ‘favouring or disadvantaging’ any major party. What a blatant corrosion of the democratic process and more worryingly, something that aligns closely with the ethos of TTIP!

The deep concern about this dreaded trade deal grows, as it now nears completion in continued secrecy. Not only will it sound the death knell of democracy but neuter the power of our elected representatives, thereby effectively neutering the power of the electorate . . . hence the secrecy!

All of this has created an environment in which we are no longer seeing purposeful leadership but people with deft political skills slipping, sliding and dodging all manner of popular concerns, widening the gap between the electors and the elected and increasing their pent up worry, frustration and anger.

This was made abundantly clear when people had their only chance to confront the main leaders on BBC Question Time. The audience was branded the ‘Stars’ of the show and rightly so. Their anger was palpable and directed at ALL the leaders, demonstrating a collective vehemence at the social irresponsibility and lack of future direction coming out of Westminster.

The atmosphere at the centre of this election and the level of elector frustration can, I believe, be laid squarely at the feet of TTIP, even before it has come into force, with its prioritising profit over social cohesion and wellbeing.

Political leaders are kow-towing to their corporate masters in their irresponsible support of the bailout of the banks and their lack of commitment in what they say they can achieve for the people. It demonstrates they no longer have the power that they had at the last election, just 5 short years ago, to rule this country in the best interests of the people.

People sense this, as their elected representatives consult their corporate lords and masters, the banks and Brussels before legislating, or not, on Society’s needs. Is this what ‘career politicians’ are all about? Have they willingly hobbled their power and ours, because a ‘career’ in politics is now about social networking the corridors of Westminster, in a ‘5 year CV building apprenticeship’ that will take them into lucrative jobs in the corporate world?

Our democracy has been sold down the river and the future is bleak for everyone, other than the very rich. The only way to reverse this trend must come from a government who is strong enough to make a stand, knowing it has the full support of the people and fortified by party members who know their subject and are passionate about change.

If we cannot find such people the last 5 years will pale into insignificance compared with the democratic abuse we can expect with a fully functioning TTIP.

We must break the tightening grip of Neoliberalism and bring people back to the ballot boxes by involving them. That can only be achieved by a party that speaks to them, listens to them and can demonstrate that, above all else, IT CARES ABOUT THEM!

This election and the anger it has unleashed, is a warning bell that we can no longer remain complacent, or the children now entering education will have even less of a future than those now coming out of that same corrupted process.

Whatever the results of this nebulous election, we owe them and ourselves so much more!

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Election 2015 . . . Making Money Respectable

A political commentator has observed that the election manifestoes are not so much about the management of this country but purely its finances. An insightful observation about the real power that is now shaping our lives. No longer is it our politicians, or the democratic process but international financiers deciding how we manage their money.

I have alluded before to how producing money is like watering a garden. Whoever controls the supply of water and manages the tap has absolute control over what grows and what dies. All of the money that is in circulation on this Planet comes from just two ‘taps’. 5% comes from governments printing their own money and 95% comes from private banks printing and lending it to governments and the rest of us!

95% of every Pound, Dollar, Euro, Peseta etc. in circulation is a bank IOU. How it works is best illustrated by our credit cards. You get your first credit card and go out and buy a bottle of wine to celebrate. You give the shop your card, which they process and your credit card account has its first debit of, say £10.

That transaction has just created £10 of ‘money’ that the bank has printed on your statement out of thin air. Yes, that’s all there is to it. No cash is taken out of their account to do this, they have simply created a ‘loan’ on a computer out of your transaction to buy the wine and on which you now have to pay them interest.

When you clear your card statement at the end of the month that money disappears and comes back again when you buy something else OR get some cash. Yes, when you take cash out of your account no money leaves the banks account, they simply print some notes, again out of thin air and lend them to you.

“Ah, wait a minute”, you are saying, “My account is in credit so it’s my money”. Sadly not! That money came from somewhere else to start with in exactly the same way as your credit card ‘cash’, as a computerised interest bearing loan. Whether you are an individual, a government or corporation, whenever you need money, 95% of it has to be borrowed from private banks who simply print it into existence and earn from it, giving a ‘promise’ that its value will be OK!

Banks are private companies and in business to make profits. They have now become so powerful, as sole guardians of the global ‘tap’, they are no longer accountable to governments and can make as many loans as they like and to whomever they choose.

The bias here and what we are now facing with this election, is that banks lend their money solely upon the profits they can generate and their confidence in who they are lending to, not the needs of Society or the economy.

Greece is a perfect example. Here, as elsewhere, the banks are holding back the money they could print to stimulate that economy because they are unsure they will get it back. The fact that it was their scurrilous moneylending and gambling that created the problem in the first place is submerged in media propaganda.

Worse, in order to maintain their control over global currencies, they must make an example of Greece to stop others from doing the responsible thing and reneging on their ‘Odious’ debt. (See earlier article: http://tinyurl.com/lus7zrb)

Returning now to our garden analogy and the emphasis upon finance in this year’s manifestoes. As the majority of money is produced by the banks it becomes clear that they have now virtually shut off the tap, using their ‘austerity measures’ to slowly steal public resources from governments obligated to them through debt.

It is here that I despair of all the political parties currently smiling and spouting any nonsense to get into power. Without exception they are ignoring the one issue that would resolve all the problems we now face, by simply taking back the right of government to print and produce its own money.

In so doing they could charge interest but unlike the banks who keep it, they could recirculate that interest back into the community as jobs, healthcare and a plethora of social services, which would see that government returned to office for decades to come.

Why? Because the electorate will have found a government who truly cares about the people. That care would be regularly demonstrated in the arguments about where the new wealth is spent, rather than where we have to cut back in order to prioritise interest payments to the banks. Money would again be our servant, rather than enslaving us as our master!

That, my friends, is making money respectable!


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes