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23-6-2016 . . . About EU/TTIP/Banks

As the rhetoric and political soundbites escalate over ‘Brexit’ or ‘Bremain’ it seems to me that 23rd June 2016 is a key point for global democracy and not just a national issue.

In a previous piece I offered that huge diversionary tactics are at work to keep us occupied with emotive issues, such as immigration and benefits, whilst the real issues of the increasing unaccountable power now being wielded by Brussels and its constant lack of performance are kicked out of sight. http://www.globalmagnacarta.org/2016/lies-damn-lies-the-eu/.

History repeatedly shows us that once power has been accumulated it is then held onto with even more ferocity than was used to acquire it in the first place. Just look at Hitler’s rise to power, Mugabe’s grip on Zimbabwe (and he is now 92!) and the Assad regime in Syria.

Whilst not as aggressive as these examples, (if we ignore Greece), Brussels is intent upon holding on to its power and shows little sign of relinquishing any of it. (Cameron came back with a lot of temporary agreements designed to stall and no more.)

Indeed, the primary debate is about how badly off and impotent we will be if we leave. Twice disgraced Peter Mandelson is very much a leading advocate of this argument and given his track record I am persuaded to ignore it.

The real issue is about the demise of democracy as the EU has expanded, escalating the financial mess we are now in because of its support of the banks at the expense of the taxpayers who pay their wages. Added to which, whilst the European Commission, the European Bank and the IMF have insisted upon ‘Austerity’, they are now doing a U-turn, as it fails miserably to remedy the financial woes they have created . . . not terribly inspiring!

And if we stay with the financial failures for a moment, the European Bank is blindly copying America and Japan with Quantative Easing, lowering interest rates into negative ground that too is failing abysmally, as it has elsewhere. So much so that the banks now want to get rid of our cash, because they know from history that when negative interest prevails we, the people, do the only sensible thing and take our cash out of the banks and put it under the bed.

Global finance is now so bankrupt that they simply cannot afford for that to happen and so they seek more control over something their greed will simply not allow them to understand. All of this demonstrates the desperate measures being put in place to try and prop up a failing – centuries old – Establishment.

Why they have worked so hard on consolidating their power in Europe, when the now notorious TTIP/TPP trade agreements will take away that power and place it firmly in the hands of the corporate world, is beyond me. They have placed another huge nail in their own coffin by blatantly ignoring the largest petition in history, with over 3 million signatures across Europe, that shows in no uncertain terms the people do not want this odious agreement in any size, shape or form.

Surely this is the most important issue we should be confronting with the elected officials in Brussels now. It is ALL about democracy and our right to have our say in how we live our lives and protect ourselves from the onslaughts of greed and profiteering.  (Not the piddling amount of benefits money being sent abroad!) If the EU cannot protect us from this corruption, then it is not fit for purpose and must be replaced by a more democratic body who will willingly and ardently fight for the people.

If they had listened to those paying their wages and turned away from signing these agreements, they would have regained the support of european electors and rebuilt a lot of lost credibility. They would have secured a power base instead of weakening it, in my opinion and in so doing have lost what little credibility they once had.

The world is dramatically changing and what is becoming more and more evident is that the EU has grown into a political dinosaur that has robbed us of billions of taxpayer money to little effect and has few, if any, solutions to the challenges they and this changing world are now throwing at us.

All we are treated to these days are endless Summit meetings and Emergency meetings that cost us an ‘arm and a leg’ and which have an unbroken record of nil achievement on the desired goals of EACH meeting.

Do we honestly want more of the same or are we worth so much more? . . . You decide on 23rd June.


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

Lies, Damn Lies & The EU

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is

for good men (and women) to do nothing – Edmund Burke.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the little glass domes at Christmas with the lovely scene which, when shaken, becomes clouded by a snowstorm. When I watched Cameron on last Saturday nights news, supported by the full political circus – clever lighting, a rostrum strategically placed in front of No 10 and carefully worded speech (which he read VERY carefully from) – all I saw was a ‘snow storm of words’ spouting out of his mouth, like the snow machines used on ski slopes to make the dodgy bits perform better.

Like the Christmas toy, he was obliterating the real issues surrounding the EU and our vote on 23rd June. Immigration, Child benefits paid abroad, closer integration and the other emotive issues are designed to divert our attention from the real issue of the unregulated and unaccountable power Brussels has now amassed over our lives.

(E.G. The bureaucrat in charge of implementing TTIP has publicly declared “I do not take my mandate from the European people.” And neither do our ‘elected’ representative’s lady! . . . if ignoring 3 million European voters, who signed the largest petition in history against this odious agreement, is anything to go by!)

According to statistics this bloated bureaucracy is costing taxpayers £30 million A DAY to support. That’s £10.4 billion last year! It’s been in place for 60 years now and so, even at just half these amounts, it has cost us a staggering £312 billion . . . just for the UK and there are now 28 member states!!)

If we had all kept the money and ploughed it into our own social services we would have few health, education and welfare services problems today (and if we took out the compound interest we pay bankers for the use of our money and debt (currently £24,491 per person), those services would be the envy of the world).

Instead we have birthed a monster that grows ever more powerful and autocratic by the day as it erodes democracy and the ability of the people paying for it all to bring those abusers to account. What has evolved is a playground for the banks, where they can apply corrupt banking practices, enslaving us in odious debt that is sanctioned by this monolithic state.

Exaggerating? Look at Greece last year. It offers a spotlight on the reality of what the EU has become. Here odious banking practice and corrupt politicians brought the Greek people to their knees with the application of odious debt. Where was the EU to curb such appalling banking moneylending practice?

Instead of protecting the Greek people and the rest of us, with proper laws to stifle such activity the European Commission – charged with proposing legislation and implementing decisions – sided with the financiers to bring in unelected technocrats to do their bidding.

It was repeated in Italy, Sicily and elsewhere and does not have even the slightest vestige of democracy . . . And we are paying the wages of the people who got us into this mess and have no intention of getting us out. It truly beggar’s belief!

And whilst all of this is going on we are treated to our elected representative’s diversionary tactics, screaming about greater vulnerability to terrorism and crime if we leave, lower employment and the piddling amount to money being sent abroad in child benefits.

(Let’s not forget that the benefits fraud comes mainly from white UK nationals who are third generation benefits system benefactors and who think they are entitled to free money and don’t care who pays for it! Our benefits system needs a complete overhaul in which ALL who want to claim have to pay in for at least 4 years (say) before they can benefit. Those in dire need would have access because they are a part of a family who are paying in and are therefore entitled . . . but this is all for another day.)

There is only ONE question I will ask myself before I vote on 23rd of June and it will be this:

“How would I feel if I knew that Brussels was being dismantled and replaced with a much smaller body, charged with developing a European ‘Trading’ Union. Its task would be to weld together and support European businesses to go out into the global marketplace and develop trade for Europe. It and the businesses would be supported by taxpayer money and in return those businesses would undertake to pay their full taxes back into this EU Union.”

Just knowing that Brussels was being dismantled would not only get my vote but also make me feel better. A wrong (of many decades) has at last being righted. I don’t know about you but it would give me back my dignity and a sense of empowerment?

We have the power to do this as European voters but we need to become organised. Here again we have the wherewithal in the fabulous communications system now available to us, with Social media and independent news sources.

I am not an organiser, I am a writer and so I make a heartfelt plea now to those out there with the abilities to organise. I am thinking about the ex-finance minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, who has just launched a new Pan-European movement DiEM25 – http://www.diem25.org/  What about the much neutered European trade union movements – https://www.etuc.org/ the online petition experts like 38 degrees in the UK – https://home.38degrees.org.uk/ together with The Taxpayers Alliance – http://www.taxpayersalliance.com/ and the many other like-minded groups who could be brought together.

This unification would then play a decisive part in unifying electors into a powerful voting machine that, at last, can begin to call the shots and make our elected representatives accountable once more. How easy would it then be to create hung parliaments that would have to listen to what the people want before we then put any party into power.

Brexit is not the disaster that the bankers and bureaucrat’s media cry it will be but rather the wakeup call for a necessary and fundamental reform of Europe. And don’t for one minute think the UK is on its own here.

Our fellow taxpayers/voters in the other member states have also had enough of EU domination and will quickly follow our lead. Particularly if they see we have a replacement body that makes a lot more sense and which they would, I am convinced, readily support – something the bureaucrats are terrified about and hence the vague, wishy washy and temporary agreements Cameron came back with, ALL designed to buy them more time.

We now have a golden opportunity to make the most important decision about current political life and do what the majority want to do . . . and that is not to wreck the EU but replace it with a democratic union that is beneficial to the people and not just the elected (and unelected) few.

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes