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Nobody Listens . . . Nobody Cares!

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With the election only 60 odd days away the BBC’s flagship programme, Panorama, is running four weekly reports on whether our traditional aspirations about having a good job, owning a home and feeling a part of the community are now possible in modern Britain. What comes over loud and clear, in only the first programme, is the strong sentiment from people that “nobody listens and nobody cares”.

This resonates with me in taking just two issues that will have a fundamental impact upon this country and its people. In spite of ongoing public outcries, demonstrations and countless petitions, both Fracking and TTIP will be going ahead, destroying our countryside, our health and our democratic rights with a totality we have never experienced in our history.

How did we get into such an unpleasant state of affairs and with people we have elected to ‘lead’ us but who have, by general consensus, turned their backs on us. For me the answer is in these words I have paraphrased from the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, one of Americas Founding Fathers and 3rd President:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

What he feared for Americans and something now playing out for them, is also happening over here.

Countries become easier to control when they are not self-sufficient and so that self-sufficiency has to be taken away. The simple way to do that is to have outside competition from cheaper producing countries slowly strangle national businesses, like steel and manufacturing, causing them to go bust or be sold off.

Government income is then challenged because of lower tax revenue from those lost companies and the now unemployed taxpayers that were. The situation is created where government needs money to continue running the country and this is where the banks step in to help with loans.

Obviously as more money is required so the lending terms become tougher. Control of the country comes from ‘austerity’, demanded as reasonable by banks because the country now has to cut its cloth to meet the repayments on its growing debts. All of this is kept from the people because it would show up the incompetence of government, as well as its inability to take the country forward. (Greece ring any bells?)

Now we get to where I think we are as a country. In order to stay in power government becomes the broker for the corporations, selling off State assets at a fraction of their value. They also introduce legislation, or bend current laws to make corporate profit growth much easier, whilst turning a blind eye to tax income that is funnelled abroad.

Unemployment statistics are ‘massaged’ to distort the reality of lowering wage rates and zero hours contracts. For all of this to happen the people are increasingly ignored and they themselves become further demotivated by a corrupted process they once believed in.

For this ‘engineered’ set up to continue the media come to the fore and like the Games in Ancient Rome, distract the attention of the masses. Constant bad news stimulates fear and uncertainty, with Terrorism, Surveillance and human and ‘celebrity’ tragedy rife across this controlled synthetic news system. People begin to wonder where it will all end and despair sets in . . . “nobody listens and nobody cares”.

The democratic process is further insulted by politicians who publicly declare they “deplore the sad state of voter turnouts” and that “something must be done about it”, whilst finding no solutions because their financial and corporate masters will not allow it.

This cancerous environment thrives when there is no strong leadership. Career politicians are good at politicking which, like a bad general, wins all the battles whilst losing the war!

Leadership is all about vision, involvement and motivation. I will vote for the person and party who stand up and state that we are in a mess and it will require ‘both the people and parliament’ to resolve it. Firstly they will institute People Referendums to immediately bring us back into the decision making process and remotivate us.

Secondly they will look to the issue and management of our own money, by providing a Public Banking service to run alongside our current banking system. This will allow us to kick start the economy and eventually provide social services the world will be envious of, as happened in Switzerland.

With those two priorities underway we can then collectively look at and decide upon our place in the EU, plus everything else.

What a difference when a leader is listening . . . and they care!

Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes.

The Horror of TTIP

Caution: This piece contains explicit imagery.

Many years ago I watched an interview with a psychiatrist who counselled the rich and famous in Hollywood. Treating addiction was his speciality and he stated how important and difficult it is for the addict to recognise they have a problem, the very first step to recovery. In his own case he became aware he had a serious problem when he came out of a drug induced coma one morning lying face down in the gutter with a dog urinating on his face!

I have alluded before to the addictive qualities of ‘profit’ within Capitalism http://tinyurl.com/khy6nr8 . I see the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as a serious symptom of this quality, with its complete disregard for people, democracy and the Law of the Land in the attainment of its profit goals/fix.

Corporations have been allowed to become global whilst governments, whose job it is to restrain them, remain national and increasingly ineffective. Hence the now threatening possibility for corporations to sue governments if legislation they introduce could have an adverse effect upon future profits.

Of greater concern is a recently leaked EU document showing quite clearly that corporations will become more directly involved in policy making through a new institution, the Regulatory Cooperation Body (RCB). Its purpose is to coordinate the process of ‘regulatory coherence’ between the US and the EU, effectively side-lining, if not neutering, the public and civil organisations. (Source: Centre for Research on Globalization – http://tinyurl.com/m9vxl6t)

Aided by the RCB, this abusive agreement would work against all food, health and safety legislation designed to safeguard us, as the costs would affect profits. It can also be easily seen that it would allow the continuing devastation of our Planet. Be in no doubt about the seriousness of this agreement upon us, as a Society and a country.

Let’s just look at Fracking and the US experience in only a few short years. It tells of increasing earthquakes and growing health problems attributable to the use of chemicals, the type of which nobody is prepared to disclose and of particular danger to those living near the ever mushrooming Fracking sites. As a final insult, residents are left to clear up the considerable mess out of public funds, when the well has been exhausted, as there is no profit to be had from this part of the process.

Now the scary bit! If government in the UK suddenly saw the light from the US experience and reversed all decisions made so far to allow this odious process, with TTIP in force they would be sued. Doesn’t sound that sinister until you realise that this is an infant industry and if a quarter of what Cameron tells us is true, there are obscene amounts of money to be made here. After all, we are told that Fracking would resolve all of our current financial problems and see our balance of payments in good order for many decades to come!

THAT is a lot of money which, under the terms of TTIP, corporations would then be able to seek recompense for, if we reneged on current agreements. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the elephantine sums involved would bankrupt this country once and for all!

We are entering an Orwellian world where Big Brother will cease to regulate any corporate activity and presumably be unable to seek taxes from these monoliths because it would have repercussions upon their bottom line!

Am I being ridiculous . . . could things really get this bad? WHO KNOWS! Perhaps this is the reason it has been shrouded in so much secrecy for so many years. And how could we find out, because we don’t trust what we are told by those in authority?

Given the growing abuse of the 99% by the 1%, of which TTIP is an excess beyond belief, I see the hallmarks of addiction in its latter stages, as the demands for the unchecked profit growth ‘fix’  become more excessive and menacing with a corporate world in denial at the destructive repercussions of its actions. (Another banking collapse is already on the cards we are arrogantly told and with monotonous regularity!)

We have ravaged our Planet to a point where one of our major sources of food, the oceans, is now becoming toxic and GM crops are in question. The real nature of our problem is that we are the only species to poison its own food because of troubled addictive reasoning and belief about the profit fix!

I find myself looking, with increasing alarm, at the melting polar caps and considering the metaphor that perhaps our Planet is now readying itself to urinate on our collective faces. Sadly by then, I fear, it will be too late for any form of remedial treatment for our condition.

Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to The 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes