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TTIP . . . Our Dilemma

As the cigarette giant Philip Morris jets their lawyers around the planet to sue Uruguay, Australia and also prepare to sue the UK for legislation that threatens profits, even before TTIP is a signed deal, it begs the question as to whether they know something we don’t and are honing their skills for the new era of corporate domination.

If so, will we see cigarette packets stripped of Government health warnings, leaving Society with the bill for the resultant increased health care costs? Will education be censored from making our young aware of the dangers, undoing the good work that has gradually stigmatised this unhealthy habit?

Fracking is no different, as stories from the US tell of corporations pumping chemicals, they are not prepared to disclose, under people’s homes and leaving communities with the expense of clearing up after them. This includes the cost of healthcare for people and workers affected by the process and polluted water systems, both caused by these secret chemicals.

When you get right down to it, since they got away with the 2007 financial bail outs for the banks the whole corporate world is now jumping on the bandwagon, by introducing trade agreements that will have taxpayers picking up the bill for all the unprofitable parts of their operations. In so doing the protection we have always relied upon (eventually) from our governments, through laws safeguarding our best interests as a Society, will be swept aside.

Will all of our public services be turned over to the private sector, because they are competing with privately run businesses and therefore harming profits? Will our refuse and sewage works be compromised, as they are ‘streamlined’ to accommodate the bottom line, again threatening our health and safety?

All of this is possible because democracy is being neutered. Politicians will be able to coast along in ‘Club Westminster’, turning away our protests and concerns over irresponsible corporate activity by throwing their hands in the air and declaring they can do nothing because of TTIP!

As the thick blanket of secrecy clothes another step in the corporate bid for global domination, for me, the penny has suddenly dropped!

We are seeing a repeat, albeit now globally, of what happened 800 years ago in England. Only then it was perpetrated by a King who was driven by his belief in his ‘Divine Right’ to do as he pleased. In those days Medieval Society accepted that the country was ruled by the King in conjunction with the next tier of rulers, the Barons and whose vested interests the King had to negotiate with – Medieval ‘democracy’!

The problem came when King John saw himself as sufficiently powerful that he could simply ignore the law and protocol and ‘over’ rule everything. Today we have global corporations flouting laws and even national constitutions as they too seek to do as they please.

Eventually a tipping point was reached in 1215 when the Barons had had enough and said so, bringing the unruly King back under control with the power of the written word . . . Magna Carta.

Today the only way to fight a trade agreement is with another more powerful agreement that counter sues each corporation for the increased tax burden their actions inflict upon Society. (Should our governements find the balls to fight back!) History is now repeating itself with the abuse and there is no reason why it should not also repeat itself with the solution. QED! See more here: http://tinyurl.com/pyvgsqn

The dilemma modern Society faces is not so much the global nature of the problem but one of time. Can we wait for our governments to reach that ‘Enough’ tipping point, as corporate abuse wreaks havoc upon our planet and scientists warn that climate change is reaching its own natural tipping point, which no amount of agreements will reverse?

We are in completely different and unprecedented times to those that birthed Magna Carta and the Occupy movement has taught us two things about these new times. The speed with which a movement can become global, (so many are now) and that if it is going to make a lasting impact it must have the political power with which to fight.

Greece and Spain are showing political grass roots of discontent but I fear we are seeing extreme Left views fighting extreme Right views and history has taught us that extremism never works. We now need political movements that tread the middle ground of human values and powerful people to support those movements.

This is my stab at those values, as a starting point to looking at a new world order that people are quite capable of achieving . . . If they want to! http://www.globalmagnacarta.net/

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

For Sale: 1 Magna Carta (Used)

Authors note: I write a weekly newsletter for my website (details to the right of this piece) and the following is something I wrote that seems to link up with Thursday’s blog about TTIP. Hope you find it to be on interest . . . We are in fascinating times my friends!

What an interesting revelation, that our government was going to offer our best copy of Magna Carta to America in 1941, in an effort to build stronger relations and induce the US to enter the War.

The reasoning behind this was the knowing that the American people had a greater respect for the Charter than we British. Our history is lost in the mists of time, whereas the Americans (enviably) can easily trace their beginnings back just a few hundred years.

That Magna Carta spawned the American Constitution and Bill of Rights is also pertinent, as here we find the very core of how we function as a species. Our reality and the world we live in is created by us and how we think at any given point in time.

During the Stone Age we first began to use tools made of stone and this was a huge evolutionary step for mankind. When we evolved from hunting to farming for our food and on from that into the Industrial Age and up to the present day, we didn’t run out of stones which then forced the changes but simply thought our way into new methods and means of living Life.

What we think and come to believe in shapes the manner in which we live our lives. It is here that the relevance of Magna Carta and the other documents can be seen, because our thinking and words are recorded for all to see and work from. That thinking and those words are then given very real power by encapsulating them in time in a written document, as they then remind us of our desire and commitment to live our lives in this fashion.

Nothing is more so than in our laws and statutes. Here we find detailed and carefully thought out pages of words that record the strategies we have evolved to manage how Society interacts. Indeed that was what Magna Carta was all about. A written decree that nobody was above the law, including the highest office of State, which was then the Monarchy. Magna Carta effectively ended the ‘Divine Right of Kings’, not by wars and violence but by the power of written words that captured the thinking of that time and which has changed little over the centuries.

This power is again in evidence, in a perverse fashion, as the clauses in Magna Carta have been steadily repealed over the last 150 years until just 3 remain. I believe that the rise of the 1% is as a direct consequence of this ‘watering down’ of the values of not only Magna Carta but also the American Constitution.

The thinking of vested interests, with Citizens United, propelled the passing of new words of law that freed corporations to provide unlimited support to political parties. Here we can see perfectly that with this ‘watering down’ people are made and feel powerless! The previous words that kept law and order no longer have influence and we are uncertain as to where to go from here.

At election time our party’s create manifestoes which set out how they will run the country and we have trusted these words sufficiently to vote for one party’s words over another’s to govern us. For me this is more evidence of how we create our world from our thinking and words. When the words fail Society is thrown into disarray and distrust grows.

If our current situation, with the growing gap between the 1% and 99%, demonstrates the true power that is still inherent in Magna Carta, surely it has to be ‘revitalised’ to return that power to the people. Only then can we restore our world to a greater level of responsible activity and turn us away from the course we are now upon that will lead to our certain destruction.

That we were considering gifting our best copy of this iconic document at such a critical time in our history speaks volumes of our respect for its real power in dictating how we should live and manage our lives. It is something we should think long and hard about now, as it provides the means, as it did in 1215, to again redress the imbalances in Society and make positive changes to how we live Life on Planet Earth.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes