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Greece: The End? . . . NO, Just the Beginning!

As the news comes out that a ‘deal’ has now been reached with Greece it is interesting how far we have come in our perceptions of what is really going on here, signifying to me just how joined up we are becoming as a global Society.

I would suggest the following was the more popular perception of the situation just a few short months ago at the beginning of this year and based upon the propaganda of mainstream media:

“Sorry, but this is a population that dodged taxes for many yrs, retired early and lived well beyond means. Accountability needed”

And these are some of the comments I have seen this morning after the ‘deal’ was announced:

“if any of the other european politicians had any backbone, they would leave this farce of a summit. Ashamed of my German govt”.

Greeks face ‘Humiliating’ Demands As Twitter Says #ThisIsACoup

 “Greece hands over complete control of its economy and tax and spending decisions to unelected ESM managers. Try selling that to Greeks.”

#Troika‘s plan is to OWN #Greece as such -and all countries- in exchange for mere accounting entries”

“Max Keiser on The Goldman Sachs criminal cabal. Take them to the Hague they are CRIMINALS.”

Our mind-set has changed radically during this time, as we share with each other the pieces of truth we have found about what is going on, coupled with the reality of what the Greek people are actually experiencing. Like the illegal Iraq war, it is the difference between what the media fed us and what mobile phone images and texts, from the people actually experiencing the carnage, opened our eyes to.

Greece has opened our eyes once again, to the reality that ‘Austerity’ is nothing more than a manufactured financial tool with which to incarcerate a people and then steal their country . . . and it is happening across the globe!

What I find truly horrendous about the present situation is that more debt is being foisted upon a people who are already on their knees and are now being made to prostrate themselves face down in the dirt.

Secondly and even more tasteless, is that it is being done by the same bankers who continue to commit criminal acts, the most public of which was the manipulation of the global benchmark interest rate know as LIBOR. Banks, like Deutsche Bank, have not been prosecuted because this criminality is condoned by the political establishment to save itself from the collapse of the present unworkable and undemocratic edifice it has created around 28 European states.

The supposed agreement with Greece does nothing to resolve these fundamental issues. Indeed it once again kicks the can down the road. Greece will soon be in the headlines again, joined by an increasing number of countries who have been engineered into the same impossible ‘pit of debt’.

I am looking for some sort of political leadership to tackle these fundamental issues. There is however, a wall of silence that lacks even the remotest whiff of integrity and so we lurch from one crisis to the next, with the growing humiliation and impoverishment of the people.

The brutality of what is happening in Greece demonstrates that we are tipping over the edge into a war, where a ‘financial armoury’ is deftly being used with far more devastation than any tanks or guns.

There is a wisdom that says that 99% of the solution lies in identifying the problem correctly. Our growing awareness that the tiny country of Greece is just a pawn in a global power play, is changing thinking and attitudes. We are nowhere near as tolerant as we have been with this global power. Our intolerance and greater awareness make it impossible to return to earlier thinking of even six months ago. Indeed, this is how we evolve!

Alex Tsipras has fought valiantly in an extremely lonely fight and against impossible odds. His attitude has opened our eyes to not only our financial losses but the loss of dignity we are all experiencing with this financial usurping of our power and our countries wealth.

He may have reached the end of his current play but his leadership is something we should all be looking for . . . politicians who care about the people. With a growing new mind-set and new leadership we can continue what Greece has started (and Iceland have taken to a successful conclusion!).

From their valiant efforts we know there is as better way forward, turning us away from an Economy and back into a Society again. It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy but we have now identified the problem. Being aware of it we can no longer ignore it. Nor, I would suggest, do we want to.

Greece is a beginning . . . Not an ending!


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes