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EU . . . The 51st State

As we know, when Churchill sought America’s help in the last World War, Roosevelt agreed to come in on the understanding that after it was all over American corporations would have unrestricted access to Britain.

Churchill agreed and slowly we have seen the replacement of British standards with American Neoliberalism. This has taken the shape of unrestricted credit, the quality of our lives assessed by financial yardsticks, the privatisation of social services and the gradual erosion of sovereignty, including an unrelenting smear campaign against our monarchy which, in some quarters is succeeding.

I have witnessed this over my lifetime but never before realised that this invasion of our way of living was also being carried out across Europe. Fast food, obesity and the destruction of the middle classes has been occurring in America and now being replicated across Europe.

With the advent of whistleblowers it is clear that there has been a concerted effort to ‘merge’ Europe within a growing global Neoliberal state. The days of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are fast disappearing as we awake to the global forces at work in our lives today.

We are gradually progressing from a ‘trading partnership’ to a political and economic union that will result eventually in a Federal States of Europe, with its own military/industrial complex, also mirroring America.

This complex, we know, is a vital part of the American economy and responsible for vast employment as well as profit. It costs serious money to kit out the armed forces and the destruction they cause then costs serious money to rebuild. A simple but very effective formula for profit . . . if you ignore the elephantine loss of human life involved.

The US has waged non-stop war since the last world war and in now setting its sights on Russia and China, as it uses its influence and resources to place a military ring around both countries, as well as from the edges of space.

Obviously Europe is important to the US in its ongoing battle with Russia and China for global supremacy and strategically critical in the same way that the island of Malta was to the Allies in the last war.

It is for all of these reasons we have seen an acceleration in the development of the EU over the last decade or so, with the introduction of the single currency and then the Lisbon Treaty bringing about political unification. Now Brussels is seeking the establishment of an EU army and I sense this is only a year or two away at the most, as tension with Russia and China escalates.

When the idea was first muted, at the end of WWII, for a united Europe the reason given was to ensure that there would be no more wars within the continent. A reasonable presumption which was then veiled in a political mist publicly touted as the aforesaid ‘trading partnership’.

If the slow and steady ‘organic’ development of Europe had been allowed to continue, I have no doubt that the introduction of the Euro, political unification and even the eventual introduction of a European army would have been accepted with a minimum of fuss by the people. Here I am talking the next 50 or 100 years, not in less than the last 20 years, which is the reality.

What has caused this sudden escalation in the consolidation of power in Europe over its nation states? I am now convinced the emerging power of the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is happening faster than was originally anticipated.

China’s rise in economic power has been meteoric and is a serious threat to US global dominance. To me there is a correlation between these events and the escalation of the power grab in Europe in recent years. US financial interests cannot afford Europe the luxury of independence, which would make it a powerful player on the world scene, with the ability to ‘play’ America, Russia and China.

American foreign policy is running scared and hence the cascade of threats and insinuations by both the political and financial elite upon the British people. The global financial system is in a precarious state and the introduction of a competing system by China, aided and abetted by Russia and backed by gold, along with the restlessness of the people at the status quo in Europe is forcing America’s hand.

Europe needs to be neatly tucked under the US wing and solely accountable to the Pentagon, as are the American people. Taking sovereign power away from nation states is the way to achieve this and is not original thinking. It was this very move in 1933, with the ‘Enabling Act’, that gave Hitler absolute power over the German people . . . and looked what then followed!

To support this power grab, we have seen stagnating wages for over 20 years now, which only the rich have benefitted from and the neutering of worker power to weaken any resistance to the Neoliberal agenda.

Look at what is happening in France as I write with the personal intervention of Brussels senior player Juncker, to support the further neutering of worker rights there. This will not change and can only intensify if Brussels is allowed to consolidate its power base.

Left alone the people get on fine together and could build a unity of purpose that would be both powerful and gratifying to all. Accountable politics, re-introduction of democracy and minimal regulation to free up cross border trade and the encouragement of the growth of small businesses, are but a starting point.

We have this one opportunity to break the authoritarian fist that is now tightening around us, or it will eventually result in bloody revolution and the loss of millions of lives, which could be avoided by simply putting the cross in the appropriate box on Thursday, if you haven’t already done so.

I love my country and I love Europe. I want neither to become the 51st State of America.


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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

The EU and Neoliberalism

“Control the oil, and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

The following headline caught my eye and hits at the core of the problems we are now facing with the monolith that is the EU:

Osborne: We should think of EU as a “single market of free trade”

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Chancellor George Osborne said, “I prefer to talk about it as a single market of free trade. It’s free trade with the rules that enable the free trade to be a real success. That’s the way I think we should think about it.”

Putting ‘Free Trade’ and ‘rules’ in the same sentence stretches my imagination to breaking point! Our global marketplace is dominated by vast corporations whose most important activity, after profit making, is deregulation!

The EU has been in existence, in one format or another, since 1951 and therefore witnessed and been a party to the growth of the present global ‘free trade’ abuse that is destroying democracy.

The more you take in his words the more you can see how focussed the EU has become on trade and how little it is concerned with the welfare of its citizens. The Brussels bureaucracy invades our lives with increasing numbers of unelected people in positions of power. Their influence is paralysing our ‘free’dom with expanding regulations, whilst at the same time deregulating business in the name of ‘free’ trade.

Democracy it is about how people run their lives. In a small village it can work as near perfect as we can get it because we have an easily defined group of people and an easily defined area that these people interact within.

Decisions made by the village council come from an understanding of the needs and requests of the people and the village. Those decisions, once implemented, can be effectively measured by the only yardstick of any value . . . how they affect and improve the quality of life of the villagers.

As the democratic area grows, from a village to a town and then on to city, county, state and country so the ‘distance’ between the villagers and those decision makers increases. It is within this enlarging space that we see accountability diminishing, as political and financial considerations become the criteria for how our lives are lived.

The expansion of the EU into the present 28 countries, with more new members being sought, has demonstrated how the last point is now playing out. I am not alone in feeling disconnected from the democratic process of running the EU. This feeling is further exacerbated by the continued exodus of national power to Brussels and greater feelings of helplessness over running my life.

Once we were ‘citizens’ but are now rebranded as ‘consumers’, whose only rights can be exercised in deciding which products to buy from the global monopolies. Osborne makes no reference to our quality of life as citizens and seems only concerned with us as consumers. Proof positive that our Society in being turned into an Economy.

As the ‘conspiracy theory’ veil is lifted on such groups as Bilderberg, their influence is becoming more apparent. They may be powerful men ‘just getting together for a chat about world affairs’ but their interest is primarily commerce. It doesn’t take rocket science to work out that the agenda for such meetings therefore, is how to improve their business interests.

To further the interests of Capitalism, Bilderberg was created and became the birthplace of neoliberalism. Without such an organisation it would never have been possible to develop the thinking and influence capable of birthing and developing such a vast trading arena as the EU (or indeed the emerging international trade agreements like TTIP and TPP etc.)

A central political hub like the EU, overseeing so many individual countries, is the perfect means of expanding global control. Add a central bank and that control expands to include not only the people but their money as well. It is obvious from this premise that it becomes necessary to suppress democracy or it will interfere with this control. Which is precisely what is now happening.

The EU can only function for the benefit of the people if it is returned to a simple trading arrangement between member countries and without the vast political bureaucracy that has been allowed to develop. Returning powers to individual countries automatically returns democracy to those countries that is now being successfully usurped.

Reversing the current development of the EU would result in a mighty international Chamber of Commerce devoted to improving trade relations, whilst allowing international relations to remain the province of individual countries.

If Bilderberg is so successful for neoliberalism, then Socialism needs a similarly powerful group to fight its corner and re-establish democracy. If there is already such an animal it needs revitalising, because its presence on the international scene is not currently being felt. If there isn’t . . . There should be.

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Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes