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Panama . . . Manipulative Genius

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In my last piece on this subject I postulated that this particular leak seemed different to other major leaks, like the Snowden revelations, because it somehow lacked focus.

Since the leak hit the global media we have been treated to a wide ranging variety of stories as to its purpose. These include the desire to blackmail world leaders and corporations, with the seeming exception of those from the US. Credible, if the almost immediate resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister was anything to go by.

Then there was the assault on both Russia and China by the Guardian, along with revelations which have also affected the remaining members of the BRICS group – India, Brazil and South Africa – seen by the US as a serious threat to its global dominance, particularly now they are launching their own banking system.

It was then suggested that these leaks are part of a long term strategy to assist the Rothschild’s and the US to implement a single world currency. Only a few short years ago this would have been labelled ‘conspiracy theory’ but today less so, as more comes into the open about how the world is being run.

A new revelation has since come from Ellen Brown, someone who has fought the corner for Public Banking for years and for whom I have enormous respect. The Panama Papers, she argues, are another front in the move to eradicate cash and turn all currencies and money digital.

This will then give the Neoliberal cause complete control over a Society no longer able to preserve its financial independence and privacy and therefore subjected to absolute control over access to personal finance.

Ellen’s suggestion has a ring of truth to it. By leaking the dastardly tax havens and the people using them there is now a political momentum to score much needed brownie points by closing them down and taking us one step closer to the abolition of cash.

That is, all of them except those now operating in Nevada in the US, to which the Rothschild’s are but one financial manager secretly moving their clients’ money from elsewhere in the world to this new tax haven!

Given the trillions of dollars involved, this vast influx of funds would certainly boost the dollar’s value and concentrate the single biggest hoard of cash in one place . . . the US. It would then be an easy job to trap and eradicate a sizeable chunk of cash in one simple enactment of legislation.

However, we must not overlook the reason these tax havens came into being. It was John D Rockefeller who first used Panama, in the 1920’s, specifically to benefit his vast oil business. It had nothing to do with money laundering per se but rather to do with ‘profit laundering’.

He would buy oil from Saudi Arabia or elsewhere and sell it to his own tanker company, (whose fleet was registered in Panama), at a very low price.  With such a low price, little profit is made on this first transaction and therefore little or no tax is payable to government.

The tanker company then sell the oil (out of their tankers) to distributors in the US or Europe at a very very high price. With the ships being registered in Panama no tax is payable on the vast profit realised from this financial jiggery pokery.

So in essence, Panama was set up to register oil tankers and mineral ships in order to make the ships themselves ‘tax free profit centres’ for the oil and minerals they transported from third world countries and the like, to the US and Europe.

(That the IMF have just come out and stated “the world’s financial regulators had long been “alarmed” about Panama’s lax approach to taxation and corruption but failed to take action” I think we can all take with a HUGE pinch of salt!)

Closing this loophole would upset a very powerful lobby indeed and so one wonders, in amongst all of the seeming contradictory stories, what the hell is going on and who is telling the truth?


It is a stroke of sheer genius by the CIA (who are credited with the leak, according to another report). In one fell swoop they have achieved several mighty objectives for the Neoliberal cause.

Firstly, they have scared the hell out of the wealthy and powerful around the world by attacking the heart of their wealth. Secondly, they have created the need for those wealthy to move their money to the US.

Third, they have diverted global attention with propaganda at its most sophisticated which, like Terrorism, holds our attention for a while by the sheer enormity of its outrageous behaviour.

In the meantime, the Neoliberal cause is furthered by slipping in legislation (TTIP) and ‘Austerity’ measures that can only benefit the rich, whilst tightening control over Society by constantly removing their democratic rights.

I cannot for one minute believe the end result of this attack on tax evasion will come to any good. Once our attention has been again diverted by some equally headline grabbing disclosure, the tanker companies, in particular, will remain ‘profit centres’ and the dismantling of cash will continue.

The only fly in the ointment at present is our own Prime Minister, ‘Dodgy’ Dave Cameron, who has become embroiled in the tax avoidance scandal and this could harm his efforts to coerce us to remaining in the EU, with his equally dodgy referendum.

That his mate, Barak Obama, is coming to his aid with a personal appearance in the UK to make an impassioned plea for us to ‘Remain’, speaks volumes about just how worried the financiers are.

Let us not forget, this is the same Barak Obama who, for the whole of his two terms in office, has been negotiating and pushing through, in secret, the most evil of trade agreements that will take the unprecedented step of handing the democratic rights of the people over to the corporate world.

The sheer manipulative genius with which our attention is being diverted and confusion manifested, whilst the Neoliberal agenda is furthered demands respect, if it were not so loathsome in its attack upon the hard working people of the world.

They are already paying more than their fair share towards Society’s infrastructures of Health and Education etc., something the rich are able to constantly avoid.

The 99% don’t have any options when it comes to paying their taxes. It is stolen out of their pay packets and then used to subsidise the rich, supported by an eroding democracy which gives them less and less say in the matter.

Awareness breeds understanding and understanding breeds change.

Until the next time.

Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

‘Panama’ is Getting Weird!

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In my last piece some of you expressed cynicism at my suggestion that ‘Openness’ is the New World Order and from which we can only benefit. If I have got it wrong, I will hold my hand up. Certainly I got it wrong with my rather romantic view of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ). It was shoddy research on my part for which I apologise.

Far from the ‘Panama Papers’ being a first for them, it was a repeat of what they carried out (believe it or not, in April of 2013) and have continued ever since. In fact, tax havens exposure seems to be all this organisation does, if their website is anything to go by.

So, an obvious but perhaps misguided choice for a whistle-blower with this sort of information. Sadly, through the ICIJ, these revelations lack the focus achieved when the Guardian published the Edward Snowden leaks. What dominated then was the content of the leaks and an embarrassed US direct assault on Snowden for showing integrity, moral fibre and courage.

This week we have been treated to a plethora of claims, all of which seem designed to divert attention from the odious behaviour of those taking money out of the system and hiding it, at a time when the gap between rich and poor is at its widest historically and with no signs of change.

The claim that it has been done to blackmail many world leaders and people of influence, who do not have the interests of the US at heart, seems credible. There are few, if any US corporations or leaders brought to light and so, either they are particularly incorruptible and a credit to the rest of the world, or there is a dirty tricks campaign going on . . . You decide.

If, as is suggested, this blackmail alludes to the resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, after the revelations of his offshore activities, with the inference that this could happen to anyone else who is on the list and fails to support American foreign policy, it is crude beyond belief.

Firstly, we are now told by his party that this Icelandic sleaze ball has not resigned but merely stepped down temporarily. Second, if this is a credible threat, how come it is directed at David Cameron at a time when he is fighting for his very survival, in trying to coerce the British people into voting the way he wants over our membership of the EU?

Here we have a supposed ‘best mate’ of the US fighting to support US policy on Europe and getting a canning by them for his efforts. I’m not the brightest but this really doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

Then we have the assault on Russia and China by the Guardian. Fair enough they are hot targets for the US but the papers’ attempt to smear President Putin, when no one can find any legitimate evidence he is an offshore fund user, is pathetic and not in keeping with the high standards of reporting conducted by the paper over the Snowden revelations.

By contrast, their ‘gang banging’ of China was way over the top, compared to other countries leaders and begs the question whether they are in the pay of the US. However, it must not be forgotten that China banned the Guardian two years ago when it reported on the country’s top officials who were making use of offshore companies in the Caribbean. The paper has bided its time and now appears to be wreaking retribution . . . Nice one!

Then we have the fact that much of the information has been selectively culled to direct attention to the biggest cause for US concern over its current status as the global superpower . . . the BRICs countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

There is no doubt they now pose an increasing threat to American dominance, particularly as they will shortly be opening their own bank for business in direct competition to the present Rothschild run system. This is a serious threat to the current world order and given the state of the global financial system it could be very well received.

(Perhaps this is another reason Cameron is included in these revelations, because his mate George has put money with the bank and is currently cosying up to China at the cost of our Steel industry.)

Whilst I am no political strategist, if the other reports, which suggest these revelations and the ICIJ are a tool of the US/Rothschild plan to take over the world and introduce a single world government and currency, I would have assumed you need friends to carry out this herculean task.

The net result of their current endeavours appears to be alienating everyone, making them entirely dependent upon global debt and US military might to carry out the task . . . Hmmmmm.

Whatever is actually going on, I remain with my belief that none of what I have described above would we be aware of if it were not for the New World Order of ‘Openness’. You can’t fight what you cannot see.

The Old World Order is having its veils of stealth and secrecy torn down and they can do nothing to stop it. That alone is providing people with more power than they have ever before had in the history of our species.

Something to ponder over this weekend . . . Have a good one my friends.

Until the next time

Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes