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Revolution . . . When?

“If you want to shrink something,
You must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something,
You must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to take something,
You must first allow it to be given.
This is called the subtle perception
Of the way things are.” 

Tao Te Ching

Noam Chomsky, someone I revere and respect, spoke a couple of years ago on student debt as the means by which to indenture the young and discipline them into our controlled Society. Suitably conditioned they are then too busy to revolt. I am really not sure about this one.

18 months after he spoke we had the riots in Greece, where the young played a key role. Debt was not the issue so much as finding the ability to repay it, with little opportunity for meaningful employment over the next several decades.  That anger and unrest is still very much alive and will flare up again but the rest of the world is kept in ignorance by corporate media.

The Cultural Revolution in China, just 65 years ago, was driven by the Red Army whose members were the youth of China, intoxicated by Mao’s Red Book on how to rid the country of abusive Capitalism. (That its success led to a regime that competed with the Third Reich for atrocity and inhuman behaviour is for another time.)

On a wider front, the surveillance of demonstrators and website activity in Brazil is frightening. The people are also suffering the worst recession and multiple complex political scandals. Adding insult to injury, the politicos themselves are only concerned with preserving their own careers and ‘plugging holes’.

The repression of public protest is ignored by the media, as is the threat to Civil Liberties, ensuring they hardly register in the public consciousness. In addition to the country’s security services, there is now a burgeoning private security sector, all of whom are cracking down on protestors.

(None of the above is contained to just Brazil, these are worrying global trends ringing bells with all of us.)

As a species we demand purpose to our lives. It is an intrinsic part of who and what we are and the majority get it from their work, no matter how unsatisfactory that work might be. It is that lack of purpose that ignites revolt, as we seek some form of involvement and satisfaction from the simple act of living Life.

‘Revolutionary change’ comes from two sources. Either it is evolutionary, as in the case when we began managing our food supply by farming and then moved off the land with the call of the Industrial Revolution. Here the only revolt came from the few who felt threatened by the fencing off of land in the former case and by the new machinery which threatened livelihoods in the latter. The Sexual Revolution of the 60’s was an equally significant example.

The second comes from social unrest, as demonstrated in France, Russia, US, India, China and South Africa in recent history. Here the rule by the few over the many became so abusive as to warrant rebellion.

We are now in a Technological Revolution and the repercussions from this simply cannot be predicted. It is different to all the previous revolutions we have ever experienced as a species, be they evolutionary or through social injustice. The past revolutions still maintained the power of the few, albeit in a new order but continuing the dominant social order that has always prevailed.

This time around the nature of the power is different and making itself felt upon the majority rather than the few. I am talking about the greatest power available to our species . . . that of information. In the past the 99% have been controlled by their ignorance, through the careful suppression of information – TTIP Anyone!

New technology is now rapidly lifting the veils of that secrecy and educating the masses on how society is actually controlled. From rule by out moded doctrines, to the growing influence of the corporate world and their determined destruction of democracy, nothing can any longer be hidden.

Technology may increase their powers of surveillance but the young are equally adept at using this new means of communication. Hacking groups like Anonymous and lone individuals like Edward Snowden demanding moral integrity, are changing our social landscape forever and shifting the balance of power.

From the abuses of the Catholic Church to phone tapping, be it journalists or the Pentagon, nothing is sacred and beyond this technological spotlight. It is uniting and empowering the masses globally, allowing them to throw off their traditional shackles of oppression.

In response, those wielding power are becoming increasingly frightened by this new revolution. They are reacting in the only way they know how, by conflict, threat of conflict and repression, seemingly unaware that their actions are now fuelling unified global unrest . . . something that has never happened before.

The genie is now very much out of the bottle. Having experienced the new power and freedoms the internet has opened up to us, it will be impossible to put it back. Like the Farming and Industrial Revolutions, there can never be a reversal of evolution and any attempts to restore the old order will fail, by force if necessary.

Revolution, like a volcano, is a cycle not an event. The growing tensions under the surface can be felt and eventually erupt in an uncontrollable fury of awesome proportions. The eruption is always unpredictable but occur it certainly does.

Just consider how the internet is designed to enable us, globally, to launch massive boycotts of goods, services and institutions, as Gandhi did when he took India away from the British . . . A new and powerful Democracy is being given to the people to resist global corporations and institutions!

I am utterly convinced we are in the death throes of the old world order, brought about by the Information Revolution and nothing will ever be the same again, once we get the hang of it!


Until the next time.


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes

The 99% And Revolution

There is no doubt the level of unrest across the globe is escalating, as unregulated Capitalism becomes more abusive of people and this planet in its ceaseless quest for power and profit.

Greed and corruption have instigated uprisings in the Arab world that have overthrown a succession of governments. In Europe massive street protests have unsettled the ruling classes in Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Ukraine and let’s not forget that supposed doyen of democracy, The United States of America.

Indeed, a recent poll by Real Clear Politics found that 63% of Americans are seriously dissatisfied with how their country is being governed for a third consecutive year, placing government credibility at an 8-year low.

This 8-year deterioration has been covered up with government propaganda, no more no less, as the abuses of the people continues and a watershed is fast approaching, in my opinion. The support for corporations over electors is becoming more obvious, enslaving people in vast tranches of debt and no signs of increasing employment opportunities with which to repay that increasing debt – a situation reflected around the world.

Global levels of discontent are high as this common abuse grows and anger is mounting. Here we get to the nuts and bolts of revolution, as people feel increasingly abused and frustrated by the lack of support provided by their elected representatives.

Whilst we are in a whole new technological era, that is rapidly bringing our species together for the first time in our history, the common denominator for this unrest remains what it has always been. The collapse of bankrupt ruling belief systems that rely on suppression and control rather than involvement and encouragement.

21st century suppression now takes the shape of increasingly invasive surveillance and the gradual arming of security and police forces in anticipation of revolt. Edward Snowden made us fully aware of the abusive nature of this surveillance and here we find an interesting spotlight on how frightened the ruling classes are now becoming.

He was able to show us that in America everyone in high office, from the President to the Director of National Intelligence, had lied to the peoples elected Congress and the people themselves about the surveillance of Americans. Governments around the world also reeled in shock and horror when they discovered their phones were being tapped! His was an act of the highest moral integrity, which put him in hiding from his own government as they sought to shut him up.

Here we see evidence of the State apparatus in all its grisly reality, as it tried to manipulate popular opinion and divided Americans on whether Snowden was a hero or a traitor. The sacrifices he made, to make us aware, were fudged by the corporate media and excitable prose used to incite hatred towards a man who had acted with the highest of moral integrity, on a par with Mandela, Luther King and Mother Teresa.

Over the ensuing years, as the truth has become clear, the weighting in favour of Snowdens actions has increased as the popularity of governments has reduced. The 99% are no longer an illiterate rabble. Indeed, many of the younger members have benefitted from an expensive education they cannot now repay! Their growing question is “What is the point of handing our power over to people we have elected to manage our Society, when that Society is no longer of concern to them?”

In this dire situation government thinking (something just as outmoded as our traditional religious beliefs today), is to anticipate social insurrection and prepare for forceful suppression by martial law. This aggressive and undemocratic action follows the identical persecution of Edward Snowden. It’s reasoning is simple . . . the unaccountable power of government is under threat and that power must be preserved at all costs.

The arming of security forces is not in anticipation of conflict but rather a means by which to ensure conflict and justify repression! Ghandi showed how non-violent protest was able to take a whole sub-continent away from the British Empire. Nelson Mandela repeated this strategy, avoiding what was anticipated as a certain bloodbath in South Africa after decades of inhuman apartheid.

If you have peaceful protest, attention is not diverted from your demands and respect is earned by the security forces there to police your actions. If you resort to violence, respect is lost and retaliation and violence destroy the authenticity of the demonstration.

Isn’t it interesting how large demonstrations are quickly stifled when a few commit acts of violence and destruction. With Snowdens revelations still ringing in my ears I become more cynical about who sponsors those few hooded protagonists, whose actions bring a powerful demonstration quickly to a close through supposedly “necessary policing actions to preserve social order”.

Successful revolution has always been achieved when the men and women of the security forces can see that the revolution has values that are common to them as well and they throw in their lot with the abused. Government then loses its ultimate power over the people and change takes place.

But not all is plain sailing as history has shown us. If the revolutionary leaders are just after the power and using the people as the tool with which to get it, Society has come out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. Ask the Russians!

I am convinced we are moving ever closer to global insurrection because the abuses of the rich and powerful are becoming wholly intolerable. In the end we are an evolved Society with a higher self-esteem than even just 100 years ago. Our intelligence and vastly increased ability to share and compare our experiences across the globe is uniting us in a global contempt for the abuses of the rich and powerful.

New technology is changing forever how we live Life on Planet Earth. Corporate sponsored government uses it to support their outmoded ways of suppression and control, whilst it liberates and empowers the 99% to fight the clever fight of an enlightened species.

Awareness breeds understanding and understanding breeds change. QED!


Until the next time


Thinking from his Book: Global Magna Carta. Returning Power to the 99% . . . If They Want It! By J T Coombes