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Profit is an Addiction . . . and We Have to Face this Fact


Millennia ago, when we bartered firewood for meat we could see how much firewood we needed to cook the meat and how much meat we needed to feed ourselves, making it easy to trade with each other to satisfy our immediate needs.

When we created money, we introduced a whole new can of worms into the business of barter, without realising it. This money we had created was useless in directly feeding, clothing and sheltering us.

Because it was not an essential commodity it was difficult to work out what it was actually worth. This complication meant that an intangible value was placed upon a shell/coin, which could then be bartered for tangible items such as a cow/sheep/water/clothing etc.

It is here that human nature then took over. The individual with money sought to transfer as few useless coins as possible, in return for as many essential life-sustaining goods as possible. In that moment, profit was born. Continue reading